Off Grid Solar Power – How to Calculate Your Needs

Are you trying to figure out how much power you’ll need from an off-grid solar power system? This video shows you how to calculate your energy needs to figure out exactly how many watts you need from your panels, what size of inverter and battery you should buy.

Solar Sizing Calculator Link:

You can also check out how we installed our 300 Watt system in this video:
and this blog post:

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  1. Stop and watch this one, folks! If you're like me and you've watched literally hundreds of solar how-to videos you're probably confused and frustrated. The buck stops here. This was the most helpful video on the subject that I have seen and the ONLY one that shows you where to find the info you need from your various devices. Bravo!

  2. Man, you are very good!!! Perfect explanation, many thanks! I am researching a few bits to setup my system at the farm. Perfect start!

  3. So wrong! you are calculating the DC output wattages on all those chargers! You need to know the AC input wattage.

  4. I have a solar panel of 250 watts and my inverter is 450 . Can you tell me what's is the highest amount I can plug in. ?

  5. Slightly off topic question, I live in the uk so have many heavy cloudy days. My idea is to have a massive single slant southerly facing roof over a very large detached house. I understand that even on a cloudy day a solar panel will still generate 10-20 % of its capacity so will size the panels accordingly (I intend to use the actual panels as the roof itself, put some kind of liquid heatsink circuit on the underside to reclaim heat on hot days to my hot water supply, then insulted the roof, probably with micro inverters on each panel) I intend to size the number of panels so that they provide 10x or 1000+% of my energy requirements, have a massive battery store equivalent to 1 months use. On the rare sunny days I will charge my batteries then export the rest (I’m looking into small scale hydrogen fuel cell to create hydrogen to sell or as long term energy storage). I know this will probably never make economical sense but its more about being self sufficient and carbon negative and there may be planning problem with domestic creation of storage of hydrogen. But fundamentally could this work? Glad to hear other thoughts on how to improve this concept 👍

  6. yes, but you didn't explain what does it mean 'takas' exactly, for someone who is el amateur is very difficult to understand, lost right there. takes is meant per sec?- one-second -.great video anyway thanks

  7. Am planning to install stand alone Solar panel stand to run a one and half kilowatt water pump. My mail ID
    mr.dontharaju@yahoo. com
    I am in Roseville, Junction west

  8. Very well explained, thank you very much. I sincerely appreciate your time and experience.
    Johnnie Lawson

  9. Excellent very very helpful. Few things i did not knew now i know. Thanks a lot …!! 🙏👍👍👍

  10. Oh thank goodness you made this .. your foot pump for the sink actually explains it in such a way that even the least handy person can completely get it ! I knew EXACTLY where to look for a solar set up thank you!!

  11. The inverter explanation at the end was especially useful. Thanks for another great video.

  12. I'd be interested to hear you explain why your solar panel is so dirty and hasn't been cleaned yet.

  13. Thanks for speaking slowly and not bouncing the camera around all over the place! I learned a lot and it has lessened some of the confusion!

  14. I wished he had turned the video sound up when he made this video. I guess my speakers are bad But I'm not junking a 1500 dollar computer. I found when making my videos 75 sound was good. I don't know what any body else uses I just know that's what worked for me. Thanks for the information that I really want to learn about. Because I believe S will HTF. With all United States protesting and such. The 4 horseman are coming. Read Revelations all the way through.

  15. Great video. Answered my questions with ease after spending ages looking at options for my T4 and living in Portugal. Thank you

  16. The wattage of the power supply is often not representative of the actual power consumption. e.g. my macbook, which has a 60W power supply, consumes an average of 15Wh

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