Panasonic Solar Panels: 2021 Expert Review

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Here is SolarReviews expert review on Panasonic Solar Panels for 2021. In this video, we will break down every score Panasonic received in our expert ranking system. This will give you the information to help decide if Panasonic Solar Panels are the right option for you.

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  1. Been doing some research on this it appears that Panasonic is NOT getting out of the solar industry at all and their move to stop producing solar panels in house was not due to financial failure but reducing overhead so they can compete price wise with all these cheap Chinese panels hitting the market.

    Panasonic is using an OEM to manufacture their panels, Panasonic gives them the design specifications and the QC requirements and the OEM makes the panel.

    Before you say "this is terrible", keep in mind INTEL makes all of their CPU's in house, and its costing them a fortune, yet AMD uses TSMC to make their CPU's. Why would I talk about CPU's in a solar discussion? Because both are made using high quality SILICON wafers, just for different applications.

    Just because Panasonic is going to use an OEM to make their EverVolt panels from March of 2022 forward does not mean the quality will inherently decrease.

    To sum up, Panasonics move to use an OEM to fabricate their panels is to allow them to lower the cost while keeping the panel quality as high as its ever been, this gives them an edge in the rapidly growing solar market.

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