Payback Period for Offgrid Solar Power System's: How much $$$ do I actually save??

Parts List for this system (affiliate links):
LV6548 All in one Solar System:
Class T Fuse:
LiFePO4 batteries:
1-4/0 Gauge Welding Cable for DC side:
6 gauge SO Cord:
Bus bars:
Victron Shunt for SOC tracking:
Drywall anchors:
150A Circuit Breaker:
pre-charge resistor:

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  1. I "rounded up" a lot so that no one will complain about my assumptions in this video. And in my system, I am doing permit-free brick mounting of the solar panels in my backyard. The cost of mounting solar panels can vary greatly. If you need to pull permits, or build a structure, expect to pay a few grand more. If you use a hybrid inverter that is code compliant and require inspection, or use special rack/mount system for your panels, calculate accordingly. The largest cost by far, is the battery. Obviously.

    But as you can see, the payback period is minimal! For the cost of labor to install a typical grid tie, you can pay for a large battery. If you do a supplemental system mounted in your garage or a shed to power an EV for example, it is very DIY friendly and will save a ton of money. Or you can run crypto miners. I will have a gpu rig very soon. I have a bitcoin asic that is great for heating the shop. There is always a way to use the power you produce.

    If you need to hire a professional to install it, you can find licensed electricians that will work for cheap on craigslist. They have tools that you do not have, and may be a smart choice for some of you. I did not add the cost of the charging receptacle into the calculation, because you will need to pay for that whether you charge with the grid, or off the grid. I figure anything past the panel is on you.

    Update: I totally forgot to mention that connecting a new house to the grid can cost 10-30k!! That is why cabins and small dwellings benefit greatly with solar. Their systems pay for themselves on day one!

  2. Well when you got food and house bills and keep your pickup truck fixed and lawn tractor fixed it’s very expensive to go solar when you have to fix things in the home such as furnace,central air and plumbing goes bad it’s not easy to buy solar then for real

  3. I am hoping to research getting a wind turbine to add to solar panel options and battery so I can connect to, but not have to use it most of the time. I have a 2.5 ton A/C and s pump. Do you have a video or can you do one on your best setup? Would my electrician know how to set me up?

  4. Just got an estimate for 24kw grid tied with battery 30kw battery backup for $200,000. Why so much more than off grid system?

  5. Will, I watch a LOT of youtube and you and just one other guy (notarubicon) I watch religiously and to the end. Ive forwarded many videos of yours to others to check your channel out and I just think you do such a good job explaining everthing all around. Highly knowledgable and to the point. Keep up the great work and always look forward to your videos.

    (studying to build my first small system for a well house. With the surges they have i'm curious your thoughts might be with that. Maybe a video on something like that might be interesting to others as well)
    Dave Marriott

  6. I spend approximately $975 annually for a 2100 sq ft home in Los Angeles county SC Edison utility company. We live on the same grid with a fire station, 100 degree weather in the summer, run the AC, 4 kids and use lots of electricity.

  7. Awesome info, getting ready to put together a off grid system to power my AC & future EV Thanks bro!

  8. I am really interested in your background if you care to share in a video – it sounds like quite the story! I totally agree with you – off grid power is priceless. The world is getting crazier every year, set yourselves up people!

  9. You couldn't mine crypto with this system. I have a beginner mining operation that needs 6781 watts of continuous power. That's only 2.055 GHS on Ethereum. I would need a system that has 2.5 times the power of your system detailed here. At $30K-$40K DIY cost VS, my power bill of $700 a month it would be about 5 years to pay it off. The warranty on all of the equipment would be well over and even with a 5 year warranty on the batteries they would probably need to be replaced after all the discharging/charging at night/day.

  10. Is a very good solar system,we are installing it here in Nigeria, very nice but expensive it cost much,but am not seeing solar arestor, good job how I wish I can send pictures to see the ones we install

  11. Aloha Will,
    Love your videos. Appreciate your comprehensive approach to solar and the demographic spectrum your videos reach. Would you consider tackling wind turbines? Where I live in Hawai'i, we have an exhaustive flow of wind. We do have a great deal of sun but periods where we are shrouded in clouds. Looking forward to a positive response 👍🏼.

  12. Does it make sense to keep all electricity collected from solar panels as DC in batteries until you charge your car with it… or do you have to convert it to AC power and then let your car's inverter turn it back into DC? Seems like a waste

  13. I have never spent more than ten Grand on a vehicle I never buy new. A few years back I bought a 7 year old car for about $600 that was back around 1980. Nowadays I bought a heavy duty pickup truck about 15 years old for about $7,600 with a snow plow.

  14. So I gather that those inverters are high frequency inverters based on their relatively low surge capacity and very lightweight shipping weight.

  15. I"ve dreamed of building my own off grid system since I started hearing about solar power tech. My problems is that I'm a dyslexic tech-retarded/mathematically-challenged DIYer type of guy so, I will most likely have to purchase a plug and play type of solar setup. Even then, all the different configurations for my specific needs are mind numbing.

  16. I want to put together a 8 KW MPPT Split Phase Battery Hybrid system, "Off Grid/Grid Tie".
    Around 56 KWh average per month in Utah.
    If you were to pick an inverter which would you pick?

  17. Definately disagree , Sorta….
    I don't use the figures the electric co. Gives per kWh … I go by the actual billing , seems they tack on $60 & then claim they ONLY charge $0.17/kWh …. Bull~hockey …. I throw in the $60 in extortion fees they tack on also , it counts to .

  18. Just burns me up that I'm being quoted $45K for a 8KW system with 20KW battery backup and then I see you talk about what you can do with $20K. Why can't I find someone that will put a system like this together for me?

  19. I can't go offgrid in Spain because it's (still) "illegal" on residence areas but not if you leave in the countryside. I'm waiting to install them because right now it doesn't stop raining so the technicians can't go up to my pitched roof. I'm so excited but It's a huge investment that I'm going to spend and I need a loan. Not too much because I spent my time looking for a good budget (6 months) and info and finally I found the right one with 3 X 540 W and 1.5 Kw Inverter. I don't need more because I spent less in summer… I installed them for winter time because It's too cold and I receive a great electricity bill (more 200 $_$) but we have tons of sun because my home is well oriented. I would like to put batteries because sometimes there is tons of blackouts where I live but the budget was more than 9.000 $ than I can't afford and also my bank rejected that budget. I hope in the future that I can update it.

  20. $0.10 per kWh 😱 i want to live in Nevada! ours here in the UK has just gone up, it’s now £0.30 ($0.3852) per kWh we also struggle to find server rack batteries here. Do you ship to the UK Will?

  21. Mpp solar come from taiwan for 1356 us $
    To split fase.
    China "pow Mr" for 651 us $ in 220v, plus one tranformador 220v/110v = 200 us $

    851 us $ or 1356 us $

  22. I hope you dont mind if I ask 2 questions. Why did you use 2 inverters instead of one 15kw inverter? why would I not want to go with 670 watt panels on a 48v system.

    Thank you… Happy Easter

  23. Will, what about ChemTrails and the generation effectiveness? How many hours/day are you figuring it can generate ?

  24. I have a question for you. I've been a long time subscriber. My YouTube channel is about a off grid cabin I Built-in the woods in Vermont. I am getting close to the step to add solar. Right now my cabin runs off a generator. I just got Star link internet because I'm way out in the sticks. I would love to run star link and maybe a Few security cameras when I'm not at the cabin. When I am at the cabin I mainly run some lights, a fan and in the future a small refrigerator. I have about $3000 saved up for this project.. A few of your videos have some easy set ups minus the solar panels for for about that price. All-in-one system with a big battery. But I really don't know anything about which panels would be best or what voltage ect, etc. Which one of your videos would you recommend for me to follow. To put solar at my cabin without breaking the bank. Thank you, any information would be appreciated. I need some direction before I spend!

  25. It's expensive because it's upfront cost I guess. Making payments that's equal to your monthly electric bill would be the only way I could do it.

  26. My monthly electric bill runs $110 on average, and I use 1000 kW per month on average. So I’ll pay $13,200 total for the next 10 years of power. Can’t get an off grid system for that and when you consider the time value of money, it makes no sense to even try. I love the idea, but the economics do not work out in my case.

  27. I have a 3000 watt pure sine inverter with a 24 volt system and 30 100w batterys why will it not charge my 2021 chevy bolt ev

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