Perovskite Solar Cells Could Be the Future of Energy

The perovskite solar cell could be the future of energy. Get Surfshark VPN at  and enter promo code UNDECIDED for 83% off and 3 extra months for free! What if we could build solar panels using materials that aren’t supply-limited and with a lower carbon process? As well as achieving higher efficiencies at the same time? Perovskite solar panels have been promising that future for some time now, but where are they? And are they the future of solar panel technology? Let’s explore Perovskite solar panels and how they might energize our future.

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  1. the best perovskite solar cells contain toxic lead, which poses a hazard to the environment. … And this rapid "aging" is their main disadvantage: the tin cations in the perovskite structure react very quickly with oxygen from the environment so that their efficiency drops

  2. Fossil fuel companies and the nuclear power industry own Washington's best. This will all ways make it hard to bring new things into the energy markets. The good old regulatory capture will more often then not make it all most impossible. Good luck to those who give it their best effort.

  3. Hi Matt ! Love your videos and the work you do !! Question: Has there been any serious advancements on wind turbines for the consumer / residential market? I live in the northern US (Michigan's Upper Peninsula on the shores of Lake Superior). While the sun does shine, there is more of an abundance of wind for the better part (many many months) of the year. Having a wind turbine that the neighbors won't complain about would be a boon for the generation of electricity and … more importantly … HEAT ! Any insight you have into a residential sized wind generation of electricity would be greatly appreciated!!

  4. Wind is much better. It can produce electricity independent whether it is day or night. Solar panels produce direct current which as a rule must be transferred into alternating current to be used. In contrast wind produces alternating current directly.

  5. I don't give a shit about carbon emissions. I care about our power grid, having been slapped together with duct tape over the last 150 years, not getting absolutely destroyed by the absurd electrical loads we would be placing on it if everyone bought all these EVs and tried to charge them.

  6. If silicon lasts 25 yrs at $10sf and perovskite lasts 2 years at $1sf (10x cheaper), assuming no price increase over the same period, that equates to $12.5sf. Add to that the cost to physically replace the panels every 2 years assures perovskite has no future. If its efficiency was 100%, 5x silicon, its payback would improve but, not its cost. If its life increased 5x, to 10 years, you might have a case. The labor and disposal costs to physically replace the panels are the limiting factor.

  7. Why does anything have to last 900 yrs to be accepted? It's all cost-related. Once the substructure is installed to handle the DC input and inverted, etc., swapping out panels should be a lot cheaper. If a panel fails, just replace it. It's not a complete redo of the initial job.

  8. Making cheaper cells is great and all, but they have already came down in cost so much that they are similar cost to the power inverters, possibly even cheaper. Need to figure out cheaper inverters, or do away with the AC grid.

  9. Oo new Technology after talk bla bla bla. , nothing new,your strategy good for new subscribers….👍👍👍

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