Portable Solar Panel Comparison, 11 Different Models! Sunpower, Baldr, Rockpals, Bluetti, and More!

Looking for a portable solar panel to charge your gadgets while camping? Jeff and I have combined all of our portable folding solar panels into one video and we compared their performance and features against each other. We have 11 solar panels total we discuss in this video! Check out the video time stamps to jump to where you want to watch! You’ll see Baldr, Rockpals, Sunpower, Bluetti, Newpowa, and more!

You can read more about and purchase the solar panels in the links below:

1) Newpowa 60 Watt Panel:

2) Sunpower 50 Watt Panel: (JEFF’S FAVORITE)

3) Rockpals RP082 100 Watt Panel: (JASON’S FAVORITE)

4) ECOworthy 80 Watt Panel:
Available on Ebay occasionally
5) Baldr 120 Watt Panel: (JEFF’S FAVORITE)

6) Bluetti SP200 200 Watt Panel:

7) PowerECO 100 Watt Panel:

8) Allpowers 100 Watt Panel:

9) Lensun 80 Watt Panel:

10) RockPals SP003 100 Watt Panel:

11) Newpowa 100 Watt Glass Panel:

The use of Amazon affiliate links provide a small commission for me when you use them. Thanks for supporting my channel content and allowing me to do future comparison videos! More videos coming soon!

Video Time Stamps:
Introduction: (0:00)
Testing Method: (0:25)
1) Newpowa 60 watt: (1:55)
2) Sunpower 50 watt flexible: (3:48)
3) Rockpals 100 watt RP082: (6:04)
4) ECOworthy 80 watt: (8:43)
5) Baldr 120 watt: (10:08)
6) Bluetti SP200 watt: (12:15)
7) PowerECO 100 watt: (13:34)
8) Allpowers 100 watt: (15:21)
9) Lensun 80 watt: 16:15: (16:15)
10) Rockpals 100 watt SP003: (17:51)
11) Newpowa 100 watt: (20:14)
Our Recommended Best Panels: (21:08)
Types of Portable Power Stations: (22:50)
Charging Portable Batteries with Solar: (28:17)
Final Thoughts: (31:13)

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  1. Thanks, gentlemen, for the fantastic comparative reviews!

    Couldn't help myself; did some arithmetic. Here's actual/rated W%; $/W; & W/lb (per your measurements.).

    There are other factors, of course, but the numbers do support Jeff's favorites!

    1) Newpowa 60 (52) watt (87%): $2.48/W; 8.5W/lb

    2) Sunpower 50 (49.4) watt (99%): $1.62/W; 14.5W/lb

    3) Rockpals 100 (94.7) watt (95%) RP082: $2.21/W; 10.0W/lb

    4) ECOworthy 80 (79.1) watt (99%): $2.38/W; 4.0W/lb

    5) Baldr 120 (112) watt (93%): $1.60/W; 11.7W/lb

    6) Bluetti SP200 200 (170) watt (85%): $2.94/W; 11.6W/lb

    7) PowerECO 100 (86.1) watt (86%): $2.64/W; 7.1W/lb

    8) Allpowers 100 (84.2) watt (84%): $2.25/W; 16.2W/lb

    9) Lensun 80 (67.3) watt (84%): 16:15: $2.51/W; 10.4W/lb

    10) Rockpals 100 (105.7) watt (100.5%) SP003: $1.88/W; 10.8W/lb

    11) Newpowa 100 (96.2) watt (96%): $0.50/W; 6.17W/lb

  2. Great video!!! Question:
    If I buy three 200 watts Blueeti solar panels. which one is the best affordable charge controller for that setting ?? Thank you again.

  3. Jeff, love the clean designs of the items you made. Would love to see you start your own channel on you making these fabulous toys.

  4. I'll be on a boat where space is a concern. So I'm torn between the Lensun 100W and Bluetti 100W. Both are smaller than most folded but quality wise, which is better? Using the Energizer Portable Power Station 320Wh/300W Solar Generator.

  5. Sharp 445W 24V Mono 144half Cells NU-JD445 or Sunpower 410W 24V Mono PERC P3-410-COM???

    Please answer me if you want….

  6. I am a new subscriber. Would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for the consumer review on the panels. I am ready to experience the efficiency and economical values attached to investing in the panels. Again thank you guys for your hardwork and for sharing.

  7. I contacted 4 big name solar panel sellers recently for some advice on which panel to buy for my needs. I called & emailed each of them. NOT ONE of them responded. NONE OF THEM ARE ON YOUR LIST so I'll leave it at that. I did talk to Signature Solar. They were very helpful. Before I buy anything I will also review your suggestions. Thanks for the video.

  8. Thank you so much! I learned so much. I wish I could make one like that white one. It's scary for me, I don't understand most of it. I got one of those little 4 patriots one, have you tested it?

  9. Great review guys and you have me on the verge of purchasing those Bldr 120 units, current best price is togo website at 119.95 but with 10% discount ( boy I wish 179). My question is that I'm in need of MC4 and not Andersen connection, do these come with an adapter to make them MC4 so that I can hook in series to for my bluetti solar gen? I was wanting to purchase their panels but they just want too much.

  10. lol so much useless info, missing info… try to charge your LiFePO4 battery with a car cigarette lighter type connection! LOL… wait a month or 500 miles and you may be near charged LOL

  11. Hello! I live in Minnesota, US. Summer is close to end and winter will come soon! Winter here is very cold, lots of snow, temperatures under 0, not so much day-light at least 4 months! What kind of generator(battery) and solar panels would be good for me? I am interested that my frizer doesn't stop! I rent a room in a second floor in a house! And I am a latino lady that do not know much about electricity! But I know that dangerous days come for US. Thanks and blessings!

  12. Lets say your battery messures input 900 watts for solar charging . Lets say i have 1400 watts of pannels . Do they make a voltage regulater to regulate the voltage down to 900 watts ? So when 8ts cloudy you can still maintain 900 whats . I think this w9uld be agreat thing if it also was ajustable

  13. You note the Bluetti SP200 are good. You also mentioned they may be overkill in another video. Have you any experience with the smaller Bluetti SP120?

  14. Hi , do you have any knowledge of the (SUNSUL 20 Watt 12V Solar Panel Kit Battery Maintainer Trickle Charger, with Waterproof 5A 12V/24V PWM Solar Charge Controller and Adjustable Solar Panels Mount Rack Bracket (20 Watt with Accessories)

  15. I purchased the RockPals SP003 100w foldable solar panels based on your review. This is my first time using solar panels. After a couple of hours charging my 280wh portable power station (Bawaut) which recommends a 60-100w solar panel, I noticed that the wires from the RockPals were very warm, the interior of the pocket was also very warm. It did fully charge my power station, but the heat doesn't seem right. Any advice?

  16. What are your thoughts on Goal Zero's products? I've been interested in their solar generator kits for a while.

  17. Thank you for doing this excellent video!i have no knowledge of solar power harvesting. Your video is by far the best that I have watched! 🙏

  18. Question about charge controllers:

    When a panel system is putting out 12 volts is the charge controller is producing the required voltage for the 12v batteries?

    Is the charge controller's job to supply the 12 volts even if the panel voltage drops to 11 volts?

    Does it reduce the panel voltage from say 14 volts to 12?

    I don't expect current would be a problem but does it look at this too? IOW, if you hooked up 2000w of solar to the CC, would it limit all parameters so it doesn't kill the battery?

    Do you rely on the battery for temperature control?

    Well, you put out the video so don't expect me to be quiet 🙂

  19. I went with Jeff's favorite, two Baldrs! Great video gentleman, thank you. Question: What solar controler would you recommend that is user friendly / found on Amazon?

  20. Hi Is there any solar Panel manufacturer Who manufacture specifically for charging 48volt Ah from to 72volt Ah?
    There is no mention
    What are all various gadgets can be charged?
    I desperately searching approaching sellers none are able to give details nor IS THERE IN MARKET AVAILABLE ?
    Thanks I from India,Mumbai City
    God Bless all be safe
    #Covid19 variant is emerging many countries cases are increasingly a serious concern ALWAYS WEAR MASK SAVE OTHERS ITS OUR EACH ONE OF US HUMANITY DUTY

  21. Perfect! I just ordered the older version of the RockPals this afternoon, then saw this video tonight. Feel like I did the right thing. This is my first solar panel/battery I've ordered. Guess Amazon's clearing the old ones out as it was $179. 😊👍

  22. Great comparison. On the question about outside durability. Some of the competitors state (in the fine print) that they are not waterproof. They can only be “splashed “ with water. I just bought 2 140 watt Ecoflow panels which are going with my 1800 watt (it can handle up to 3 panels) Ecoflow Delta solar battery pack. The panels can be submerged in water for 30 mins and still functional afterwards. They fold in four sections, and come in a handled portfolio carrying case. Would be nice to see them reviewed in an updated video. thanks for all the time it took for this review (and the one on refrigerators

  23. The Poly- & Mono-crystalline panels & cells ARE better than they used to be, but I'm an Amorphous-cell/panel person, since the crystalline types usually DO have a little more efficiency at 100% sunlight on them, but if the available light drops from passing clouds or similar, the output typically drops to almost nothing (in my limited testing), while the Amorphous cells & panels may have a little less output at 100% light, but they have a much more, "almost linear" output drop which follows the decrease in available light, & as many people have said, "I'd rather have a little of something, than nothing of anything".
    Have you had any thoughts of doing comparisons on Poly- & Mono-crystalline vs. Amorphous cells & panels, in addition to protective materials?, since my panels are glass-faced & I'm usually in the upper-southwest area of the USA "Tornado Alley", and when there IS the very occasional hail pinging off of everything, it's nice to know your investment in panels is protected by a "least-loss" material.
    Also, any thoughts of comparing various protective after-market protective materials, such as "Lexan", ("Lexan" is a copyrighted brand-name, property of the respective holder of record), or other coatings, panels, or other protective materials?
    (BTW, hats off to the use of the same "load-bank", connectors, & watt-meter to measure the different panels; it gives us a good idea of "real-world conditions" load-handing.)
    Well done!

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