Pros and Cons of Solar Panels – Are they worth it?

People ask all the time about solar panels! Are they worth it? What do you need to look out for if you decide to get them for your home? Find out on this week’s Monday Mornings with Mark!

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  1. And there is no money up front out of pocket if the system is financed via a ownership loan. If someone pays out of pocket upfront for solar it’s because either they want to or they were lied to.

  2. But to some of your points, solar is great but customers should be careful about who they use. There’s nothing inherently evil with solar but there are bad companies.

  3. Sir I must say respectfully that you should refrain from giving solar advice. The pros are weak and the cons are not accurate.

  4. I also thought I would keep the panels after paying of PPA plan but I don't, that's why I said no to solar. I'm paying for them to give me solar power but they don't pay me to use my roof and some months I was going to pay more for solar than with utility company.

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