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Steve reviews the Arlo Solar Panel which is compatible with the Arlo Pro, Arlo Go, and the Arlo Security Light System. Steve dives into optimal positioning for solar panels and tests charging while the panel is in the sun VS in the shade.


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  1. I actually asked the Arlo customer support. He said the solar panel designed to KEEP battery level only, not charging it to 100%.. is this the case??

  2. Hi Steve I love your videos.. I'm currently working on a proposal for my homeowners association to install all of cameras at our entry Gates. I currently use them on my two homes and love them and their features. I'm in the process of writing a report to counter a critical report from a fellow homeowner saying that the quality of resolution is poor… And he's also questioning me about the weather conditions that the cameras can withstand. He's big on pushing a commercial system that's way over the top and price. Can you give me any details about the housing of the cameras and how good they would be under certain weather conditions ?? We are currently in Southwest Florida and our main weather here is sunny hot humid rainy in the Summers and an occasional hurricane…
    Thank you for making the videos. I will be scouring them over the next couple days.

  3. For me the solar panels work great on warm days or any day where it is above freezing.
    If it is below freezing, the cameras will never charge due to limitations of the batteries in cold temps.
    So in the winter I need to bring my camera in to charger it every week or so until it warms up again outside.
    With this, the solar panels are not real useful in the winter months.

  4. Regarding the 2 specific features couldn't you just disconnect the solar from the base and just make use of the battery to get the other two features…?

  5. I wipe my solar panels once a month with a slightly damp cloth, then dry! All three have cracks in the glass really bad after 2 years! These are over priced and they used junk or recycled stuff-no uv protection! Not sure what to do…I'm still waiting for the refund for the camera charger plug that burned down houses and was a recall! Yep, that's why I bought the solar chargers! The customer service is like trying to talk to an ai machine that sends you into circles! It's like a game, but if you get to level 3 tech…you have scored!!!! Better yet ask to speak to a US upper level tech…ahhhhhhh….played this customer service game for over 100 hrs….They should pay me to talk to them! I've taught them!!!!!

  6. Did it require a power cord to be plugged in? I see one is included but where my cameras are, there is not an outlet close to ANY of them so that would deter me from purchasing from jump street. 🤔

  7. I’m having a lot of problems with the Arlo 2 camera and the Wasserstein they say update the firm ware
    Also some other up dates possibly needs done
    How is this done . How do I do it. My camera is charged all day till the next morning then dead
    What’s the sense of having a solar panel if it’s
    Like this

  8. I have 3 Arlo Pro 3 cameras outside & all on Arlo solar panels. Have had for quite some time. All 3 are running activity zones & stay fully charged. As usual, Arlo tech support was wrong I’m afraid.

  9. Nice video. But in my area when it storms and rains hard, with your gutter installation, your solar panel would be GONE!!

  10. I have Arlo camera for the past 3 years. I can honestly say it is cheaper to get a Lorex NVR system. You get 4-4Kcameras, constant recording and no battery issues for about 1100 bucks. Oh, and no monthly fees.

  11. It all comes down to "What is your time worth". I got tired of seeing my BIL (Brother-in-Law) getting up on a ladder to charge the two cameras I bought him, so I used my solar panels I had from my other house. I live here now, so I just bought two more for the back of the house to power my two Arlo Pro 3's. Haven't had any issues other than the front of the house only gets sun for about 6-8 hours depending on the time of year, but that is enough to charge them. These might be pricey, but if you buy a knock-off and they don't last as long, you end up buying replacement panels. I've had my first set for over three years, so the $79 USD I paid has paid for itself.

  12. Has anyone snipped off the magnetic connector and and wired on a micro USB for the Arlo Pro 2? I picked up 2 of these panels for $20 each and would like to make these work!

  13. I have mine up…it shows it charging but with an orange triangle with the lightning bolt… but my charge keeps dropping. Is there a certain setup required?

  14. Just hooked mine up (solar panel) 1/23/21 it’s 25 deg with a feels like 17 deg. Not sure if anyone mentioned but won’t charge if it’s too cold out. I’m in NY and it gets cold here just saying. I still love my Arlo system tho. I have Utra with 5 cameras and just purchased the Pro 3 lighted camera to add on.

  15. Don’t by this product if you don’t plan on paying the monthly subscription because it will only work in live mode with no recording and by the time you get it to load it’s probably to late. I didn’t do my research before buying this product. It really sucks!

  16. For this price, you could buy a 100 watt solar panel!! However, that would be huge and you wouldn't have the right connectors or voltage regulation. With a 100 watt panel, you could run MANY of these cameras and get all the features. Problem is BULK and you would need weatherproof buck converters, proprietary charging connectors…. it just sucks to spend the same on that tiny solar panel….

  17. sad to see arlo not providing any POE capabilities to their existing camera.. if they do, then i think they will get more mileage..

  18. You mention the solar panel will not supply enough power to enable some features like activity zones. That seems like a big loss of functionality. What is required to get activity zones enabled, a 120 volt outlet with a charger attached to each camera?

  19. You asked for situations for the camera mount which solar panels would be better. First your reviews are the reason I went with Arlo. I am going to get 1 solar panel as I have 1,camera in a driveway and mounted at top of garage.I dontclike ladders so solar panel will be great. I've only had my cameras since Oct 19th but the activity around my place is so much i have had to charge each one every few weeks, not every few months. I plan on doing a full review including an amazing feature i found, including the 360 playback once a video is downloaded. I also appreciate your tip about just setting the panel in the gutter with the heavy mount so i don't have to drill or be on the ladder more than needed.

  20. I look at it as a money vs risk since my Arlo cameras are mounted on the second level of the house. Being a retired military veteran. I want to mitigate my risk when economically possible, which outweighs the risk of falling from a ladder. The solar panel is not that much money, but that is relative to each person’s financial situation. Overall, if you can afford it get the solar panels, especially if your cameras are mounted high.

  21. I'm somewhat confused as I have two Arlo Pro 3 cameras running on battery power and both have allowed me to set a Activity Zone that seems to function well.  Am I living an illusion…..?

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