Review Wednesday: Bluetti AC200P Portable Power Station and 200W Solar Panel

BLUETTI Portable Power Station AC200P 2000W 2000Wh
BLUETTI SP200 200w Monocrystalline Solar Panel

We travel towing a Winnebago Micro Minnie 1708FB

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  1. Once again thank you Robert you never let the little things get by. I say little for a reason because it is but if you never did something before these things cost alot of money you don't want to fry something,one thing I learned during my van life adventure is to take nothing for granted.
    One day it is my dream to have Winnebago micro Minnie, don't worry I'll change the name.

  2. The only thing I wanted to know was the real world power output of the panels and you didn't say what it was… I have seen 156 out of mine, wondering if anyone actually gets 200 out of them.

  3. Does one of the sp200 200w have enough voltage for the ac200p power station? , I read that it needs at least 35v to charge the ac200p unit or it will shut down due to under charging.

  4. 200w solar panel is not enough to charge the AC200P. Manufacturer recommended (3) of these 200w panels. We don ‘t think you get coming voltage with 1 panel.

  5. Smart charging? Dual charging? can you charge from Auto and solar at the same time? Seems NOT and this is the functionality everybody seems to ask for.

  6. I have a question. Your example of watching a video on your laptop for 100 W an hour that would be 20 hours. But if you had it connected to solar panels could you be watching a video and it continually charging through the solar panels would that change anything?

  7. Man I am so happy I watch this video. You've help me a lot. I'm 64 years old woman trying to get power in case the grid goes down. And you help me to clearly understand this better than most videos out there. I appreciate you for doing this

  8. Robert, you are the bomb!. Looked for you in Quartzsite but you were gone. Thanks for your videos. I've learned alot!

  9. How is the noise level when using dc- or ac? I will use in a van and
    don't want a lot of noise. Says in the manual between 45 and 55 decibels
    which seems loud.

  10. Robert eu amo seus vídeos você nos dat a oportunidade de viajar sem sair fr casa acho formidável mesmo não falando inglês nem entendo mas gosyo de tr escutar espero que dentro de un ano poder fazer estes comentários em inglês drmpre faço em francês poid moro aqui na França

  11. Bonjour Robert j'aime tes vidéos vous faites um travail magnifique je n'ai parle pas anglais mais j'écoute de tout façon, je pense qui um jour jy vais comprendre e apprendre la façon qui vous parlez je comprends le mot j'adore frank Sinatra pour apprendre anglais je pense qui dans un an je te ecrivarai en anglaos

  12. Robert you will need to purchase 2 additional solar panels and wire them in series as the onboard charge controller needs be at least 34 to 36 volts to activate and start charging. I ended up buying 3 120 watt solar panels and wired them in series and it works well.

  13. You need two panels. One panel does not fit the requirements of 35V. One panel is 19V, you need two. It won’t works. You need to plug twi 200w in series or two 120w in series minimum. Look at the sticker i think if i remember it is indicated 35v-150V or something like that. Look behind your panel you have the voltage . It won’t match the minimum voltage.

  14. Hey Robert I have a question for you about the Bluetti AC200p does yours come with a way to see the individual cell voltages or no? The reason why I ask is because I just received mine a couple days ago and mine doesn't have that optiom a prompt response would truly be appreciated thank you.

  15. Just got me 2 bluetti 1500 for less then 2k and one of them was a combo deal in which I got 2 120w bluetti solar panels and one was free for the price of one my pack is lot better and cheaper then what you payed for

  16. I was wondering if your ac200P came in one or two boxes. Only one box got here today with the 3 solar panels were in it. I am assuming the power station is in another box and it comes separately. Thank you. STEVE

  17. Robert where are you going to integrate this into the RV or are you just going to use floor space? Would love to see you do a video on a permanent mount somewhere inside the storage area or anywhere inside it might fit. I have the Kodak Apex with two add on batteries and six panels which works great. It would be awesome to see you find a way to use this and permanently upgrade the system. Another fantastic vid… Cheers!

  18. That Was A GREAT VIDEO We Had Never Heard Of The BLUE IT Before & That Thing Looks AWESOME
    & Were Going To Find Out The Price , I Like That We Can Easily Take it From One to Another Vehicle, Thats A Real Game Changer & I'm Looking Forward To MORE VIDEOS ABOUT It Thank You Robert

  19. Hey Robert what’s plans for old one? Ever come to California and want to sell older smaller one, reach out. I have small rig smaller older unit would work well. 👍🏻

  20. For Boondocking, I keep thinking these are a neat solution in search of a problem, ultimately, you still need a generator for bad weather and hot southwest summers, and still have coach batteries for the RV, so just use 1 or 2 AGMs or lithiums on the coach and a decent inverter does all of that. I skipped the power switching and just wired a couple of dedicated “inverter” power outlets and have a remote panel mounted to turn the battery system on/off. For practicality on battery, you are limited to “no” A/C or microwaves anyway – so for everything else, it is really pretty simple to reproduce the same function. 200 watts of solar would need all day to charge the thing, if you had 12 hours of sun – which you don’t – so it would really need much more than a single solar panel like that, or still need a generator. Bring a mountain bike and enjoy being outside, put the iPad down for a while.

  21. Robert, Thanks for the video on the Bluetti, very impressed on this one thinking of purchasing one of these and getting rid of the Honda 3000 & the gas containers👎🏻 I like the solar panels good way to go if your in a sunny area, but I think you still will get some charge on cloudy days. Thanks again😎😩

  22. The AC200P requires 35 volts minimum to start charging from solar. One panel does not supply that. So you are showing voltage but not enough to charge the unit. You need to order another solar panel. Please share when you do!

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