Setting Up Solar Power At Our Off Grid Cabin

Cierra and I finally hooked up the solar at our off grid cabin. Game changer.


  1. Some one told me if I watch the commercials that you get paid more so I've been making sure. At least watch one or two every episode or more hopefully I'm not wasting my time LOL

  2. I'm happy I found your Channel a lot of the stuff I already know but it's always good to see somebody else's point of view on things I'm going to be moving up by Superior on my mom and dad's property going to build me something off grid I have got a lot of the stuff already cuz I was doing van life for a little while I think I'm going to build a hobbit hole I'm 50 years old been divorced for two and a half years now kid just turned 18 not too long ago thinking I'm going to go up there and halfway retire

  3. What's your background, are you an electrician? Trying to figure out how to learn to do this myself without falling off a roof building the cabin or electrocuting myself installing power 😂

    I don't suppose there are homesteading schools? Lol

  4. Hey Kyle. You need to do another video showing the components you bought and how to hook it up. Call it "easy solar hook up for remote sheds and barns". I think you will get alot of views on some simple solar hook up videos.

  5. nice job bud im fixing to do this in a cpl months might need some advice i can build anything but dont know nothin about elec.

  6. Hey Kyle thanks for sharing your experience with us. Can you possibly post the costs and a breakdown down of equipment used for your solar setup ?

  7. You might want to vent them batteries outside or something if you have a propane hot water heater in there

  8. You must like to mow. You've cleared so much of your property. But maybe with solar u had to clear some, but I would keep as much forest as I could.


  10. Yeah felt paper helps keep moisture out. Hey Kyle I see alot of comments about you and your girl being a great team but what I wanna know is what does she do? I would expect my girl to being doing her part like keeping the house organized especially if I built the cabin. No harm but I haven't seen her do anything,since yall are in there already. Sorry I just call it like I see it.

  11. In one of the videos, you mentioned having to go to a laundromat to wash your clothes. That can be expensive and also time consuming, and a pain in the winter. If you log onto RV world, they have small 6-9 gallons portable clothes washers , (yes they do run on electricity, but not much)…if you REALLY want a non- powered washer, you can buy the one that looks like a tiny cement mixer (can’t remember the brand, bought one for power outages…washes 3-4 shirts with socks and underwear or 2-3 pairs of jeans)
    The RV model is about the size of a 5 gallon paint can. The new model has 2 speeds for delicate and heavy duty. Does 4-5 shirts and 1-2 pairs of jeans in one load, and the newer version also spins them after wash and rinse. My model for my vacation house only did the wash and rinse( I had to buy a separate high speed laundry spinning dryer the size of a “diaper genie”). Both TOTALED about $220. It won’t fit large blankets or comforters, but it will also wash sheets and pillowcases. They shouldn’t drain too much solar, and I have mine stored outside the shower for quick use

    Also when you get around to that well, make sure you install an expansion tank (15-20 gallons). You can turn the well pump on, then let the expansion tank fill, then shut your pump off to save electric/solar. You’ll have pressurized water for shower/dishes etc with minimal well pump draw on your battery

    You guys really ROCK!

  12. Right on Kyle, another great and informative video. We are using a goal zero 400watt portable battery solar system with the renogy 200watt solar suitcase for charging with the MC4/12volt adapter for our build now, and a few months away from upgrading and installing our actual house system. I will definitely watch some of these videos back prior to that install…. electrical is my least proficient trade, and solar is a necessity for sure to achieve that desired freedom

  13. Be sure your panels are mounted above the highest snow depth. In Upper Michigan we have 48" of snow accumulation normally. The bottom of my panels are 5' above the ground surface on 6" steel pipe posts. I have a 2.5 kW grid-tied system with 10 panels.

  14. You could leave that keurig on all the time so the water stays warm all the time and you wouldn’t have to deal with the surge on startup. Just a suggestion. Love watching you guys!!!

  15. Hi. Like your channel. What model controller is that? That’s exactly what I’m looking for. What solar panels are you using? Where is a good place to buy?

  16. I don’t like being a bearer of bad news, but you should have put felt (preferably 30 lb) down before that metal roofing, so that the warm air in the cabin doesn’t condensate on the bottom of your roofing, during the ice cold winter months, and rain down on you. In 1982, I built a 30’x40’ log house in Northern Canada, and put vertical felt under each row of metal roofing. I never had trouble with condensation raining down. But my cousins built a house across the road from mine, and thought they were smart to go cheap, and put no felt under their metal roof. Condensation rained down on them, until they had enough of “go cheap”, took off the roof, and applied felt, and reroofed with the same roofing.’

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