Simple Solar Power System for an off grid Cabin

Here is a VERY simple solar power set-up for your remote off grid cabin. By using a single car battery, a single 100 watt solar panel and an inexpensive charge controller, we can be ready to run a computer, or a few lights, or charge our hand held devices. And in the summer at a small cabin….tats about all you’ll need. Dave Whipple


  1. Excellent video, my guy. Clear explanation and camera shots. Funny too to keep your explanations interesting.

    Looking forward to digging into your other videos🤙

  2. Thank you!! I didn't think a basic solar system needed to be very complicated! You've confirmed it and even I can do this…

  3. Great video. I am building a cabin in Talkeetna. Do you think that I would get enough sunlight during the winter to power my phone? Thank you for sharing

  4. ありがとうございます。日本の災害時に使えそうなシステム構成ですね。ワンパッケージにして販売出来そうな感じです。

  5. Battery efficiency will decline radically in below zero temps, of course there will not be much sun either. LED makes life easier. If you have a truck with enough room under the hood a second battery is always a good idea. Charges to full in only 30 min. DEEP CYCLE battery at Walmart is a best buy, the largest one is about $100, will last 5 years.

  6. There are loads of 12v products for cars and boats you could also use such as LED lighting, Small refrigerators, heaters, vacuum cleaners etc.

  7. This video should be subtitled "Wiring For Dummies Using A Hatchet and a Box Cutter." But hey, it ain't wrong if it works! There is no one else like this guy, folks! He is a hoot. If you found this video amusing, check out the one of him piling objects on his cat while it sleeps. You will die laughing. Oh yeah, a warning before I go. Don't try any of the stuff you see him do at home. LOL.

  8. I'm new to solar and want to use a power bank to store the energy. Is there a good book that you can recommend for a newbie to read. I have the panel, the battery, the controller, the converter and a bank, but not sure how to connect them all together.

  9. David years ago I had a French teacher who’s name was Ms. Whipple she has past away within the last few year but for some reason you remind me of her are you related she was a teacher at hazel park high school

  10. ) are you going to clean all that rubbish you have thrown around the garden ? Do you consider the creatures who will end up getting hurt with that loose copper wire and plastic? Better to setup a work area and clean it afterwards.

  11. dump down from me, because i ve solution for E-power without buying something new produced, with enough waste around, i use old waste for my technic….hihi

  12. Please explain to folks the difference between batteries. (No)a auto battery, will not last long using as a off grid battery. A auto battery needs to stay charged, very close to 100% all the time. There were built for quick and small amounts of discharge. A auto battery will not last, discharging below 70%. A car started will use a small amount of quick, energy and the alternator, charges it back to 100%. The battery very rarely discharges even as low as 90%. The led plates on a auto battery, are built thin, compared to a deep cycle or marine battery. The deep cycle battery is far better to handle the discharge, and they aren’t immune from discharge destruction. So discharging to even 50% can be harmful in time, this is called cycles.

  13. Great video and straight forward basic tutorial for anyone who wants to have a back up in case of a power cut.. In these times who knows when that's going to be now!!?
    Thanks from London England 👍😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
    Ps. You definitely could be a presenter with your great explanation, ability to get the point across in layman's terms and obviously tone of voice helps mate, so many people I hear on YouTube, and I just cannot listen to their voice! lol 😅🤦🏻

  14. I was expecting links to the parts used so I could buy them as I have need for this since 2019 when all the talk about something bad coming and needing to prep really took off on youtube. I have been buying 12 LED gu10 light bulbs for my fancy halogen lighting to be converted to 12vdc in case of grid down situation. Where can I buy the solar panels, and charger? Here in South Western PA in the USA, it is not easy to find. Any clues?

  15. I love this episode Wish I could memorize it because someday I want to do this. Please don’t take this down because I will refer to it a lot. My off grid cabin burnt in the Duck Lake Fire of 2012 north of Newberry. It ran by propane generator, glass batteries, inverter and 12 v kicker. I don’t have that land now but I dream of a one room cabin and think this idea would make it possible for me. I

  16. New subscriber. Thanks for this great video. I didn’t know much about solar before this but now I know the basics.

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