1. Great video my brother just subed and liked 👍🏽 if you manage to find time in your schedule I woupd like to see more detailed about solar vs grid in terms of long term invevestment

  2. Thanks for the info, solar geyser is by far the best gain to be made. How much will it cost to just power the poolpump, tv and frigde during solar hours

  3. How do i calculate the number of batteries and solar panels to install?
    Is heat pump better than solar geysers to heat water in Johannesburg?

  4. We really need South African Content regarding the DIY Solar Installation so I appreciate any knowledge you can provide for us. It's critical since Eskom are increasing Loadshedding. I will appreciate it if you could also show us how to build a small system that we can add to as finances allow as you mentioned , with pricing and the quality of components to be used, including their lifespan. Also how to integrate into our Eskom power grid as a backup. Thanks for video, looking forward to the next one, God Bless and stay save.

  5. Do we have the Tesla Powerwall 2 in South Africa ? If not do we have the lithium ion batteries readily available on the market?

  6. Hi. I’m in durban . How to do I know which direction to face solar panels and how I determine the direction using a compass .thnks

  7. I always wanted to know more about of solar panels in relation to the solar powering my house, this series will be highly beneficial.

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