Solar Panel Camping Setup – How to Install Solar Power Without Drilling

In this video I’m showing how to do Solar Panel Camping Setup on a truck, van, trailer, rv and so on without any drilling, using flexible solar panel, relatively cheap but good overland solar mppt controller and Eternabond rv leak repair tape.

I think this is ideal overland solar panels setup without much hustle. You could use for camping portable blankets or solar panel unfoldable cases but you have to store them somewhere and spend extra precious time to deploy or move.

This solution isn’t as efficient as movable solar panel setup but this makes up for it saving time.
When deploying for camping, usually there are many things that need to be moved around. And often times to make this enjoyable you optimize your setup to the point where you can just park somewhere with minimal amount of setup.

This solar panel camping kit setup without drilling I think is the easiest and comfortable, as well to outside world they can’t see that you have solar panels on the roof.

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  1. sweet rig! I thought about getting flexible solar panels on mine, but I went with aluminum frame panel because I used hinges so I can tilt the panel early AM or late PM. flat fixed panels need to be tilted for max efficiency.

  2. How are the solar panels holding up?? Want to buy some but reading the Amazon reviews made me step back a little( people complaining about them being cheap material and that some pieces fall from the panel).

  3. Don't forget the fuse rating is to protect your cables, not the charge controller. If your cables are rated at 15a then fit a 13a DC fuse. Take a length of your battery cable, put a 20a draw on it and see how warm they get…
    Better to be safe than sorry. Great vid by the way

  4. I thought u had a 2500…..daaaayum that is a big arse 1500!! SEXY truck! Good dang video, sometimes had hard time hearing u…9/10 happy trails!!!

  5. Please tel me name of the tape {sticking} that you have used for solar pannels.
    Also tell me about the durability of it along with = is it comes in black.

  6. How many watt inverter? Id like to see the fridge you use too.
    So wiring is solar panel->mppt controller->fuse->car battery
    Solar panel->mppt controller-> battery->inverter?

  7. Thats exactly that I'm planning to do on my car. One question though – I heard (I'm just getting into that whole solar thing, so pardon my ignorance) that panel efficiency drops as it heats up. Since it's mounted directly on the roof, is that causing any issues ?

  8. Thanks so much for the information 👍🏻👍🏻I have a similar setup on my rig you answered my question about expanding my system I really like the RV tape idea do you think that tape will stick to the top of my Harley trailer? Also with the solar control you answered about a 20 amp thanks check out my truck/rig at my YouTube channel, at camping russ great information I will subscribe 😎😎

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