Solar Panel + DIY Light Reflectors = More Power? Renogy vs Rich Solar vs Flexible Panel

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  1. Excellent video! I'd heard Amorphous Solar Panels give better energy output overall, because they still output even when shaded.

  2. maybe reflector could be really usefull in winter. Basically with low temp, like 5°/0° or lower, they could heat less

  3. Has anyone done this at a higher latitude with mirrors installed at an angle that helps in the winter? Looking for a link…

  4. So the moral of the story is about a 10% increase when it is warm outside and you are using reflectors. Is the heat build up and power loss exponential or linear was sunlight decreases? How about a Fresnel Lens? What affect does magnifying the sunlight have?

  5. Man I keep thinking if you were able to send that head directly into thermoelectric generators – that way, you not only keep the power increase from the reflectors, but you can also gain power from the thermoelectric gen. How much power I have no idea – I'm not a DIYer, just a nerd, but I think it's an interesting question to think about – and maybe to answer!

  6. Aluminum sheet is not the best for reflecting.

    Secondly, you had to try it in the morning, when it's cooler outside and when we have a drop of production of electricity.

    But nice job.

  7. I wanted to do this 20 years ago when I opened a lot of thick books on solar panel research at a university library. I came away with the impression that polycrystalline was better at collecting none direct solar energy. I thought adding reflectors would be good only in the winter when there is less hours & power from the sun and lower ambient temperatures. I would expect a huge advantage in the winter. I tried a stainless steel backed polycrystalline flex panel in Turkey on my roof and it lasted only 1 year before the inter cell connections corroded. A traditional glass faced monocrystal panel from China on my car roof rack in the UK is now 10 years old and still produces full power.

  8. I was about to do the same thing (use reflectors), almost no useful information to be found on the net about this. your video (nice experiment btw) made it clear though. I would have wasted a lot of time and money for nothing. thx for sharing your experiment!

  9. I just had a thought along these lines. If you used flexible panels at a curvature similar to the earth (57.3 deg), would you get more than the average 5 hours of decent energy conversion?

  10. I have a 3kw system that isn't quite enough. I'm in India and the monsoon can get very cloudy for days on end. On such days there isnt enough power to run our water pump (the motor surge is too much). Can I just add a couple of panels to the system without increasing the batteries, or upgrading the control unit?

  11. Can a aluminum heat sink be used to cool the panel? also what about heating a liquid for stored energy some how?

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