Solar Panel Installation – Which? guide

0:00 Intro
0:36 How the system works
1:12 Arranging a survey
1:24 How long do they take to instal?
1:42 The installation process
2:55 Can the panels damage the roof?
3:14 The currents
3:40 Generation meter
3:45 When do they start working?

With the cost of solar panels coming down, you might be thinking of installing some at your home. Watch our video to find out how solar photovoltaic panels work and see how the panels are installed on a concrete tiled roof. For more information about solar panels, and a checklist of what to look out for if you’re considering getting solar PV, visit To find a trusted trader in your area, join Which? Local at


  1. Good introductory video, very basic, but gives the masses of people out there a good idea what solar is all about. Great work

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  3. There are a few components to this topic . One resource I found that successfully combines these is the Ewans energy roadmap (check it out on google) definately the most helpful guide that I've seen. look at the interesting info .

  4. if you want to know how to make some of your DIY kinds of stuff yourself, just go to an Avasva website. There you'll find your answers 🙂

  5. That roof will need new tiles within 10 years it's got the old 1f membrane with is not used any more the ridges look like they have been buttered up on the overs to stop water getting in, bad idea unless you don't mind paying a massive bill for removal/re fit when you roof is leaking unless you have a new roof of course
    Done buy roofers using correct equipment and defiantly not ones wearing trainers and joggers working for a solar panel company

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