Solar Panel Showdown: Sunpower VS Bifacial VS Used VS Renogy VS Rich Solar

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  1. Just for an interesting data point I wonder how the bi-facial panels would work if one was stacked on top of the other (with say a 1-1.5inch gap). How much energy (if any) would the bottom panel generate in that scenario..? Could be a fun test.

  2. Such an outstanding demo. I have four Eclipse on my 26’ RV with 300 amp battery bank. The Eclipse seem to make something out of almost nothing. Low angle performance so much better than my first system. During peak solar hours people did not believe my solar controller output numbers. Yep, they for sure outputted more than 100%.

  3. Hi Will, I've been a solar designer, installer for almost 20 years. New to your channel just this year. Thanks. Question; have you done a segment on grounding? Specifically, grounding when the system uses a mobile gen-set, and more specifically, on a boat/yacht with galvanic isolation and /or using shore power from a marina, or campsite. Hoping you have time to reply.

  4. to heat a koi pond a pv panel with water circulating the back of the panel cooling it down and adding heat to the pond while being heated with a dc element will work well.

  5. In my humble opinion
    Using a silver or gold reflective material will limit or target the reflective energy of the light source ( sun ) which is a small light source very far away.
    Try WHITE paint or a large pure WHITE surface.
    Refer to light science

  6. Is it an app or website you used to get your optimum angle? FYI, Customs recently seized a boatload of Jinko panels b/c they use slave labor to produce them…allegedly.

  7. I know this is a few months old but maybe you will still see the comment. Here in Thailand to cool our roofs we have a small pump connected to a sprinkler or to a pipe with holes along the ridge line. Perhaps something that can run water over the panels would help. Also we have a 3 phase supply to our property. How would you connect a solar setup?

  8. 6:34 The glass face may be acting as a reflector for sunshine hitting the cells making the glass-framed panel more productive than the flex panel (even with the 3 extra cells). It would be interesting to see the glass removed from the glass Sunpower/Renogy and how that affects output.

  9. SunPower is merging with a company called "Wall Box" they will be offering a complete package, for your home, and an EV charging station for your car.

  10. EXCELELENT work!! Thanks! I would LOVE for you to compare, give some info…. on small trickle charge type panels/systems to simply keep batteries topped off. For example a garden tractor, a small generator (that uses a small battery to start), motorcycle, snowmobile….. all items not used often, but need to keep the small 12v battery charged. I bought on Amazon a 20w panel w/mppt charger on it for this purpose, it worked for 3 weeks. Cheap JUNK! But we have no way of knowing what is garbage and what will last longer than 3 weeks. Thanks for your GRAET info!!

  11. I am new to solar and now so confused. Everywhere I have read, and I have read a LOT, monocrystalline is supposed to be more efficient than polycrystalline. This is the 1st and only time I have heard poly was better than mono. Help!

  12. I am a founding member of the Renewable Energy Industry of Nova Scotia In Canada I think the biracial panels would work very well in Canada !

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