Solar Panel Wiring vs Volts and Amps

The amps and volts of a solar panel array can be affected by how the individual solar panels are wired together. This video is going to teach you how the wiring of a solar panel array affects it’s voltage and amperage. The key takeaway to know is that ‘Solar Panels in Series Adds their volts together’ and ‘Solar Panels wired in Parallel adds their amps together.’

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How to Wire Solar Panels in Series:

How to Wire Solar Panels in Parallel:

How to Wire Solar Panels in Series-Parallel:


  1. I have 36 250 wall panels with specs:
    Rated Power: 250W

    Open circuit voltage (VOC): 37.6 V

    Max power voltage (VMP): 30.3 V

    Short circuit current (ISC): 8.85 A

    Max power current: 8.27 A

    Power Tolerance 0/+3%

    Maximum system voltage: 600V (UL)

    Fuse Rating: 15 A

    Ideas on how to wire this to keep costs down? Area will have very little if any shading.

  2. This is easily the best explanation I’ve seen to date on amps and volts for connecting solar panels. Wish I watched this before I bought four 200 watt panels with each panel running 12 amps into a Ecoflow delta max that can only handle 10 amps. Thanks!

  3. I see you used all even numbers of panels. So is it possible to wire say 7 like panels with 5 in series and two together in parallel? If so, what would the result be using your 20V/5A example? If not, why not?

  4. Thanks a lot for all your videos . You have broken it down in a simple way that everyone can understand. One love

  5. What if I array is parallel and the other array is series …Then combined them is it possible..bec in series volts same amps added 1st array THEN 2nd array parallel volts same And amps added ..So the first array different volts and amps …Likewise the 2nd array different volts and amps .

  6. Just got a solar generator and some solar panels and started an education process beyond flipping on a light switch or jump-starting a car. Found your videos, and you have really brought me out of the shadows in using this system for emergency use. You have a very simple way of bringing a lesson that can be followed and understood. Keep up the good work…yes I did subscribe.

  7. Just a quick question the voltage on the solar panels those are AC or DC that's my question I appreciate it thank you

  8. Hello, I've got a victron 100/50 that I want to install to our caravan, the maximum watts is 700w.

    I've been looking at some panels and came across 160w panels ( 21.9V 8.75A )

    Would I be best to wire in series parrell 5 solar panels @ 21.9V and 43.75A

  9. I have 2 240w panels and 2 100w panels. I'm thinking of wiring them in series/parallel for my travel trailer. Should I wire the 240s with the 100s in series, and then each 240/100 string in parallel, or should I wire the 240s in series and the 100s in series, then those strings in parallel?

  10. I have 4 100 watt Renogy panels coming down to the Victron 100/50 MPPT wired in series/parallel for 48 volts. Only get around 170 watts during bulk charge.
    Should I wire them all in series to see if they improve?
    How do I test for a bad solar panel?
    If they are all in series, does one bad panel cut off the entire array?

  11. Hi Nate. What would be the outcome of this series parallel connection:

    String #1: 100w 16.77v 6.26Amp (2 panels)
    120W 18v 6.7Amp (1 panel)

    String #2: 100w 16.77v 6.26Amp (2panels)

    Would I see a slight benefit or decrease in performance by adding that 120w 18v 6.7A panel to the group of 4 100W panels?

  12. As solar engineer I tried to explain this series vs. parallel wiring concept to my kids, but they are much more interested in watching YouTube. So thanks for this awesome introduction! I’ll have my kids take your quiz now (^_^;

  13. Nate, question: noting the impact of # of system amps on wire gauge selection, if my system (3x90w para) runs at 15 amps, would 10 gauge wiring still be good enough to prevent loss? Also, my system would be around 25v. Am I wasting money getting an mppt (Victron 100/30) over PWM given the circumstances?

  14. Very informative i have a solar inverter with mppt range 120-450vdc and i also have 10 solar panels of 540watts with 46vdc. Please tell me what is the more efficient way to connect these panels 5+5 or 9 panels in series for higher mppt volatage.

  15. I understand that series is best when one has 100% sun…What about intermittent shade?…Is wiring in paralell the solution to partial shade? Does wiring in series+paralell solve shade problem?

  16. Thanks so much for spelling it out in a way I could get to grips with it… makes so much sense now.. cheers mate

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