Solar Panels – Do They Make Financial Sense in 2022?

I’ve used my Solar Array data and current prices to give you an idea on how much you may save, and the tools for you to figure it out for your situation! Because everyones situation is different!

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  1. If you wondering why it's late, I thought today was friday so forgot to click the button! 🙂

  2. Hi, thanks for the great video – do any of the big suppliers/installers integrate into refurbishments or extensions? First couple I checked only install after construction which isn't very helpful!

  3. I'm not turning stuff off to hinder my convenience, I'm just spending a bomb on solar and storage instead, 3 phase hybrid system, 15kW/pv array.

  4. Great video, thankyou. Power NI in Northern ireland have just confirmed to me today an export rate is £7.85 p per KwHr. And max size of domestic system is 4Kw. Can i ask who sets this? Is it OFGEM? and how do you get around that if i wanted to install an 8KW system?

  5. I've an e/w roof with 6.7kWp but I get regular peak of 5.7kW generation, and you're only a wee bit further north than me. Your drop seems significant, have you any shading on the roof?
    Important to remember that the capital cost of the solar roof isn't lost. energy efficient houses command 10-20% more in sell price here and the kit should last upwards of 20 years.
    And the best thing is the hedge against massive energy price hikes.

  6. In England? Solar Panels? I thought the Brits always say never a moment of Sun in England. Well accept those 3 days in July.

  7. My thinking (just had quote) is that since a battery doubles the price but with 2 EVs we could maximise solar consumption, the extra price for the battery isn't necessarily worth it.

  8. We’re in Australia have you ever thought to lower the wattage of the element in your hot water system and put a timer switch on it. It’s cheapest way to store your energy before considering batteries.Our solar panels are about the same numbers but in au$ our govt subsidises their installation. Our shop has them 5kw system laying flat. Max output high 4kwh. The feed in is about 7-8 cents I don’t worry cause as you say we try and use it. Our home roof faces north I think there about a 6kw array on the roof running through a 5 kw fronius inverter . Top speed is 5049 kw/hr just under 30kwh per day . That’s the system I’ve timed the hws to heat at the most productive time 300 litre. Our next door neighbour is on the same axis accept a little more to the west and produces about <10% more.
    If your thinking of putting them on your roof if one panel is shaded that will be the maximum output you will get for all of your panels.
    We are paying 23cents/kw.feed in at home is 15cents and line charge 1.20/day roughly. They’ve started charging a meter reading fee 10 cents a day. Given your costs I would definitely be looking ata battery. If you can’t afford a investment property this would give you a better return. Our average production is roughly 600 kWh/ month or that’s what we’ve exported to the grid we’ve obviously used some.2 500 litre refrigerators 300 litre hws (2400 watt)reduced from 3600watt for less production I would probably lower it to1800watt.

  9. This is helpful, thanks! One comment: the assumption about electricity prices always going to go up is not necessarily true. The current price hikes are tied to specific set of politico-economic circumstances that will change. Also, the wider picture of electricity generation is such that a gradual take up of solar panels and other non fossil methods of generating power could see a balance and gradual reduction in costs in the longer term.

  10. I really don't see why anyone would export anything with current FIT's have to be mad. Surely an emersion heater in a large water tank would consume virtually everything.
    Batteries will be the future or an EV car to soak up any excess in the summer.

  11. Thanks so much for the video and really really interesting. I’ve watch another video of yours about just getting some batteries as I too am on Octopus Go but I would be mega interested in any rough calculations on savings going down that route. 👍🏻

  12. You need to look at the big picture and add storage batteries, air source heat pump and feed in tariff. I have an East West facing house with an equal split of 10.5Kw. I have 14.5Kw storage batteries and a heat pump. East West facing is best, not south for us as we use 100% of our roof for generation. Not 50% like a south facing roof. Between 10 and 3 all 100%of our roof is in sun and we see over 8Kw generation for 8 months of the year regularly. With out the batteries we could not use all of what we generate. For 9 to 10 months a year we generate more than we use so feedback tariffs help pay for our winter use we have no gas, our solar powers the ASHPump. With this sort of East West setup it is possible to not have any electric bills. When we get an electric car with even greater storage and can feed-back to the grid we will be able to make money. I am holding back for solid state battery cars before getting the car

  13. hi.i have canceled my export contract with my energy supplier as i was only getting 3p per kwh.i am still exporting to the grid but using more than i energy supplier says this is normal.i dissagree.shouldnt i use all i generate and not export any of it if i havent generated enough?

  14. So it seems to me it’s not worth it. The pay back is too long if I invested the £5500 the interest it generated would be more than the savings and I still have the assets where as the solar will need some sort of maintenance at a cost and will depreciate in value.

  15. "No-one's ever going to use everything they generate"

    Aha – welcome to my 70-100kwh consumption house.

  16. So the energy company charges you approx 30p but buys it off you at only 4p? Why isn't there govt legislation to stop energy companies ripping off consumers like this?

  17. Good timing just looking for solar power to install on my roof, so will look at your recommendations

  18. We are in Australia our system installed in 2008 paid us back in about 4.5 years…..since then we have added a Solar Tube hot water system in 2012. With carefully consumption our annual power cost is in most years nearly zero ……. GO as big as you can,even to the point of borrowing some money… investment we ever made 🙂

  19. is it worth getting the zappi charger for an electric car? i have 13 panels south facing roof? how would it fair with household appliances in use

  20. What about the future vehicle to grid systems? Do you think that’s coming fairly soon? Imagine I could store all that energy to the car battery and release when needed. I wouldn’t need to invest in battery at home…

  21. hi mate, great video!! I thought i was a pretty smart dude, but. after watching this i have no clue what i am on about!!
    Basically plan was… for example.. lets say i use 5kwh per day in my house now, I planned to get a 7kwh solar system to cover my full house usage and future proof, or either store the rest in a battery or sell it back. But your saying thats the wrong thing to do? Have i completely misunderstood this whole solar thing??

  22. Actually given this video is about “only solar and using as much” your array is situated “right” given that your power consumption will be primarily in the morning and evening.. ☺️

  23. Your array is pretty much the same as mine in terms of generation capacity (E/W array, 12 x 365W panels split across both sides of the roof).
    I'm trying to keep my feed in below 10% as I really resent send power back to the grid at 4p per kWh.
    I've got 5.2kwh of storage, which is just a bit light. I will add another 2.6kwh soon. A battery is imperative in my opinion.
    My main issue with an E/W array is the poor generation output in winter months (compared to a S array). It really is quite poor.

  24. WHen the sun is shining all day, suely you should charge the car on the 3 pin plug, at 2.3KwH. Then you can charge exclusively on Solar, without drawing any from the grid at whatever the current eye-watering cost is.

  25. If you'reon a FIT, you get a 'deemed export' of 50%, no matter what you actually export. So the more you use yourself, the more direct savings you're getting PLUS the 50% at 5p per KwH.

  26. Here in Holland 0.66 euro cents for 1kw,zo here in 18 months you have all your money back I have 3000kw systeem last month 410 kw lol

  27. Are you at home in the day? Because if you aren't, then without batteries,solar makes no financial sense as background use is generally pretty low. Hence batteries. Though then, solar is competing with off peak electric. Overall this brought the time to break even down to about 8 years for me. And batteries alone 6 or 7

  28. Great video. But the issue of using all the electricity when it’s generated relies on you being at home as no Washing machines are smart, so you cannot fill them and switch them on remotely. Plus charging you car during the day relies on you being at home so the car can be plugged in. And if you don’t use your EV a lot, because your home most of the time, then you cannot charge it beyond 100%

  29. I think your basic maths is sound with one possible exception. You said you expect the amount utility companies pay you for electricity you generate will go up. I personally wouldn't trust a utility company or a government not to fiddle the figures to the detriment of the individual.

    I agree you want to ideally use as much of the power you generate. I believe we might be good candidates for solar as work from home and main roof south facing.

    I hope you are wrong about the price of solar panels too. They have halved in last decade. Yes transport costs have gone up but I'm hopeful advances in technology will result in even better and quicker payback in another few years.

    My main hesitation in installing now is that I'm not convinced I'll live in same house for next 10 years. Adding solar doesn't increase house value like it perhaps should.

  30. Rather than get 5p selling to the grid, perhaps could sell to neighbour for more than that. Both win?

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