Solar Panels For Home – 1 Year Later Review

Solar panels for home – 1 year later! Ever since I published the video about my solar panel system on my home earlier in the year, and my experience with the installation and energy production I’ve been seeing, I’ve been asked for an update on how it’s going. Let’s take a look at how much energy my system has produced, how much I’ve saved, and if it met the estimate my solar installer predicted.

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  1. Quick comment about Moxie Solar. The company seems to to be going out of business as we speak but! Are the salesman still taking customers and there money. Check this out, I reached out and text my Moxie Solar salesman Chris, he responds back right away. Chris: Is everything working smoothly? Let me know if it's a service issue and I can expedite a request. Me: Not really, we’re still waiting for a build date to be scheduled for our solar. Chris: I Reached out to my project manager for an update on your project. Will keep you posted! That’s the last thing we heard from anyone from Moxie Solar. We signed in June 2021 it’s now February 2022. Moxie Solar review’s tanked in the last six months. Other customers have reached out to us and let us know a class action lawsuit is on the way. Some have retained attorney’s and are demanding there money back. The ground is frozen here in Wisconsin so I’m going to wait it out till spring and see if it gets rectified. Hope that’s not a mistake on my part?
    Update: a local electrician calls us out of no where and said, hi sorry about calling you like this but your on a list with us to get solar put in but, we won’t be doing the solar job for you because Moxie Solar has not paid us for the last 10 jobs we did. And even if they paid us in full we would not do business with them again. Sorry for this inconvenience.
    So Moxie Solar’s contract requires the first two payments before they even come out. We may be out a lot of money. Is it time for an attorney???

  2. STAY AWAY, these panels are a giant waste of money, Remember buying solar panels, electric cars, are just foolish electric cars & solar panels are NOT going to change the weather, You would have to have the mind of a 4yr old child that believes in almost anything is true Santa, tooth fairy, The Easter bunny, But grown adults should be able to tell truth from fiction. It seems Liberal Democrats just do not get it. Liberals are the children of our Nation!

  3. To right now I am looking at replacing two old central units, a old hot water heater, and going with solar panels to offset the 3800 plus kwh I average every month. This will cost me about 80000 over 25 or 30 years depending who and if I do this. I will not be able to use my tax credits because I'm on SS and do not have any tax commitments at this time. 351 to 369 over 35 to 30 years. It scares me. I'm 76 now.

  4. You are incredibly subsidized. First, you get a tax credit that directly reduces your federal tax bill. It's not a deduction that reduces your income. Second, taxpayers/ratepayers further subsidize you via SREC. Finally, households without children still pay taxes which fund schools for households with children. Your own numbers show that without massive transfers of wealth from us to you, solar is a zero. You are welcome.

  5. I live in Oklahoma and panels are south facing. two Tesla power walls, my electric bill was $259.00 July 2020 and July 2021 it was $59.62. very happy. Love our solar panels, I am wanting a power pod wind turbine because we are in a very continuous windy through out the year. everytime I go outside I see dollar bills blowing away. LOL I love green energy.

  6. do you have AC or inefficient electric heating or an electric stove ? cuz that's a lot of power, we just paid (the equivalent to) $25 for this month, for a family of 3, no AC and we use gas for heating and cooking, we paid around $20 for gas

  7. The noxious meteorology terminally hurry because balloon anaerobically reject behind a oceanic health. sudden, enthusiastic woman

  8. Based on your information in this video the 5.1KW solar system that I was just about ready to purchase and install myself for my home in NC I calculated it would have saved me $642 a year and that I would have a break even point after 14 yrs. I would only get the tax credit here in NC. At 61 yrs old I say nope. Probably would have done this if I was in my 30's. Thanks for the video, It helped with my decision !!

  9. Video Idea: having a Home battery for avoid peak Time-of-Use rates AND for natural disasters (this could included using your car as a battery)

  10. Your claim on taxes is extremely misleading. While the rest of us have to pay more in taxes, you don't because you decided to buy solar panels. Therefore the tax burden that you didn't pay, now has to be covered by the rest of us.

  11. In a place like Boston where ISONE is an expensive grid, yes even in a cold climate solar panels MIGHT be financially beneficial to you. If you live the suburbs that sit around Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or Austin Texas, solar panels might be a bad choice. What ever you do, don't listen to the sales person trying to pitch it to you. They will lie.

  12. In Australia we have recently installed a 6.66KW system (18x370W Mono PERC panels + 5KW Sungrow inverter) for $2399 – $1850 interest free loan = $549 up front

  13. if you want to know how to make it yourself , just go to Avasva webpage. There you'll find your answers 🙂

  14. Thank you so much for your in detail video, we are from Calgary Alberta Canada, our weather's are somewhat similar. We have been considering solar for a while now, we wouldn't need to get a loan, so our laughing should start right away, especially as our roof is in an ideal orientation, pure south, however, we live in an "oil & gas" city, and we have no incentives or rebates (wonder why) We were solicited whilst shopping in Lowe's one day, and so we signed up for an agent to contact us, sadly they didn't, so this kind of put us off, however, based on your video, we are going to call around again, and do a bunch of research into it all again. Thank you again, and good luck with your solar journey.
    p.s. I subscribed 🍁

  15. I haven't looked through all the comments yet, but does adding solar have any effect on your homeowner's insurance?

  16. Matt, as always, a great video! I have one question: homeowners who install a PV system, get a monthly incentive check from Massachusetts. How does Massachusetts know how many kWh's were generated by each system? Does the installer report it to them?

  17. Regardless of how you spin it, others are helping pay for your system. If there were no State/Federal solar tax credits, then (for the same level of other governmental expenditures) everyone's tax bill would be lower. The same goes for the SRECs – utility rates are higher because of them.

  18. Your home is a futuristic tech utopia. how are people surprised that you consume a lot of energy?

  19. Solar panels protect the shingles that they are over top of. If you need to reroof, only reroof around the solar panels, there will be no need to replace shingles that are completely fine. It will be a cheaper reroof for you anyways. This is why insurance companies will decrease your homeowners insurance rate if you tell them you go solar.

  20. Now that you have had it for another year (since the video was posted), is it still on track for you?

    We use a lot of energy, but much of that is because there is always someone home, so the AC/Heat is always on, etc. What is holding us back is honestly just that we don't know if we are likely to stay in this house for the length of the loan and are unsure how that would effect the resale value of the home (whether people want to pay extra for panels or not).

    We also live just outside of Boston, so this video is great. Although, if I am honest, I expected these things to basically cover my electric bill completely. We have had a few quotes that stated their panels would cover anywhere from 100-110% of our demand. I guess I assumed that was supposed to be a yearly average, but maybe that is during the best productive months?

  21. Lol I live in CT and we experience a %10 or so increase every year for electric. It's stupid. I've been trying to get panels the last year or so.

  22. Do you run all electrical appliances such as oven/stove, washer & dryer? Sounds like a hefty electrical bill. Why haven't more efficient appliances entered into our economic and ecological concerns? I've heard some high end Scandinavian products, such as freezers/refrigerators, have much higher efficiency standards.

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