Solar Panels for Home – Still Worth it 2 Years Later?

Exploring Solar Panels for Home – Still Worth it 2 Years Later Review. Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code MATTFERRELL. It’s been two years since I installed solar panels on my home in the Boston area. How’s it been going? Let’s take a look at how much it cost, how much it’s saved, how it’s been holding up and what type of maintenance it’s taken.

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  1. My concern is about roof debris and pest control. My bare roof has seasonal cleaning expenses for Maple Tree seeds and a host of leaves and other debris. Plus every inch of our home seems to attract birds, bees and small mammals to nest on, in or around. The gap behind and around the panels looks like a massively attractive place for birds, rodents and squirrels as well as rotting leaves and seed debris. Has this been true for anyone else?

  2. I went solar in Austin Texas (Austin Energy) in January of 2013 with a 15 panels on a condo unit. I have had two panels go bad and one replaced under warranty. Another panel or microinverter is an issue now. (Aug of '21). Another issue was created when I changed my computer 7/12/21 and the data from the microinverters stopped being sent to Enphase. That's being addressed now. Another issue is my original installer went out of business. There are other installers I have used and are available. Over the period Jan '13 to June '21 I have produced 37,762 KWhrs. I have practically zero electricity bill in total each year. I have no battery storage and am grid connected with net metering.

  3. So one can expect to save at least $2877 free and clear on the last 10 years, provided there are no defects, damage to the panels/roof, and no service calls for only a $20,727 investment?

    What about when you have to replace the system and the ITC has dropped to 10%, won't that be 20% more costly?

  4. So, without ANY incentives when would it pay for itself? I'm not a fan of incentives as I see such gimmicks as a transfer of wealth from poor to rich (e.g. gov't subsidies for a Tesla)

  5. These videos always have 2 problems.
    1. He always references the production percentage guarantee but never mentions the fact that panels are only about 20% efficient.
    2. He always assumes his total lifetime energy output at maximum efficiency and never accounts for diminished efficiency.

    Oh and 3 losing 17-20% of efficiency when your panels are only 20% efficient to begin with is still pretty bad.

    All this not to mention the environmental impact it requires to produce these panels AND dispose of them once they have reached end of life.

    “It’s okay to damage the planet as long as it is MY preferred energy source.”

  6. Beware of Solaredge inverter. I have had two fail since 2019 and have been down for close to two months waiting on Tesla to replace the failed 2nd.

  7. You’re from MA?! My husband and I are look of into building a house and I want it as energy efficient as I can hopefully get it. I haven’t been able to find anyone from MA to really see what will work with our weather. I can’t tell you how excited I am lol

  8. After watching this video for the third time with zero replies to my previous comments, I guess there is zero reason to comment again!

  9. did you ever think that if you put solar panels on a windmill , that way when the wind is not isn't blowing the solar panels are

  10. Geez, how much electricity do you need? Replace your insulation, redo your roof, and get rid of your electric hogging devices.

  11. I had Tesla install our system. It's a 5.1kwh 17 panel system with ONE powerwall. My main problem with it is I intended to install another 12 panels and another battery a year or two after and now Tesla thinks the job is too small and won't come out to do it. I can't get anyone else to do it either because we haven't paid the system off. So they want to put up a 2nd system (microgrid). I don't want to two systems. So I wish I'd just have installed the full meal deal from the get go. Even so we are 85% off-set and LOVE LOVE the system.

  12. If you're a partner, then tell the web team to get with it. I tried to sign up and just got an error and wouldn't let me proceed.

  13. Ive had a system for 11 years in California. They’re terrible and the companies that get the government grants and funding are paper thin. AC switch problems, inverter problems, lack of customer service. It’s a nightmare in this state.

  14. Much better vid than your previous summary vid.

    NREL PVWATTS shows your location should produce 12,37 kWh with a 9.49 kW array. Why is your system only in the 7000 kWh range per year? That seems like a lot less than you should be able to generate based on the available sunlight in your area.

  15. What about the life of an asphalt roof? The cost to replace and repair, I’m sure they put all kinds of penetrations holding things down. Asphalt shingles may come with 20-30 yr warranty or guarantee but it’s very location and circumstance specific, we’ve replaced many asphalt roofs on average from 8-13 years old with some being younger than that, cheap and quick installation only means more costs down the road either having to completely replace or constantly repair! Sorry I typed this after watching the first “after 9 months video and not watching this one completely thru

  16. What is the usable life time of your system? What is your exposure to maintenance costs during the usable life of this system?

  17. Can you add content about how you are addressing your home's power consumption? That is the "other side of the coin" to reduce your family's energy cost structure.

  18. Why didn't you design mounting for the solar panels to be separate from (that is, out from) your home's roofing? If you require any roof maintenance, you must uninstall your panels. Not a good design.

  19. Our energy usage is about 600kwh per month aside from the months I run my pool pump. 4 months in the year it bumps up an immense 600kwh just because of my pump running pretty much 24 7. Reason for that is because if I switched my pump off, the pool chemistry seems to get worse and the water doesn’t filter, costing me more in chemicals and time not using the pool. I have an r60 of fiberglass insulation in the attic and live in Ontario Canada. Am going to look for these solar panel options. If I were to install it though I would want to install a permanent metal roof so I don’t have to worry about shingle wear and tear.

  20. I have an 8kW solar system with 30 kWh battery backup. System cost was $35,000 including installation. I am retired in Mexico, so no subsidies or rebates apply. The panels are on 10 foot tall stanchions and provide shade for my upper deck, so no concerns about removing them for roof repairs. Like Matt, I have full net metering. I chose the option of letting the power company "store" my excess production on a 12-month rollover, use it or lose it. I took the further step of changing all appliances in my house (cooking, heating, hot water, etc.) to electrical. I generate enough more over the course of the year (summer = excess, winter = apply my "storage" as needed) that my annual cost for electricity is zero, and I save enough money on my electric bill that my payback time is 8.9 years. After that, it will continue saving me $3,776 per year, and it gives me the security of having power even if (not an impossible scenario here in Mexico) the power grid suffers long-term failure. Of course, the payback period will be less and savings greater if electric rates go up, but we all know that could never happen. Right?

    Worth it? Absolutely.

  21. The tax credit needed to be expanded for poor people.All that tax credit is is giving you back some of the taxes you pay in, but what brings poor people into more efficient green energy if they pay little to no taxes to get any back and they still use old dirty systems.

  22. Hello, have you consider wind turbines for home? There are some at 1000 USD that can made around 500W with nice wind like Iara Breeze 700 48v. Since you already have the system to generate electricity it can be a nice upgrade.

  23. My question is about the micro inverters.. Could the power not be carried to a main inverter
    in your house? Sorry I'm new to solar

  24. This project is a hard no bueno for me. The payback is too long. And you went into debt to buy a depreciating asset which makes this even worse. The solar will produce a lot less energy as time goes by and the newer panels your neighbors get later will be a lot better.

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