1. Yeah that SURE looks environmentally friendly

    >reduce by 20,000 tonnes annually.
    In 2019 China put out over 14 gigatonnes. That's 14000000000 tonnes

  2. Hopefully these idiots some day will realize, they can put these panels on the sides of their buildings or build solar panel buildings right in the cities. But first they will destroy nature environment with this shit. It will become dead land soon, when there is no place for flora to grow.

  3. If ony there were buildings over a huge area where these could be placed on the roof tops… Imagin a place like that… but we only have hilltops full of this green stuff…

  4. So a horror show, the dystopian future of a glass world where nothing lives, truly you have saved the village by destroying it

  5. “It can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20,000 tons annually replacing 7,500 tons of coal each year. “

    Since China consumes 4,319,921,826 tons of coal each year, you'd need 575,145 more of these solar farms to replace all of China's coal burning power.
    This solar farm covers roughly 1100 hectares. Therefore, you'd need to use a total land area of 651, 639, 285 hectares. That would mean covering 2/3rds of China in panels.
    The usual idiocy from the solar farm promoters.

  6. Nothing says "green energy" like covering entire mountain sides with unrecyclable solar panels. This is the environment the world climate alarmists want? No thank you, Nuclear is the future.

  7. Why ruin a mountain? Why don't they put these in the city where the power is needed instead of ruining the plant and wildlife habitat?

  8. This is what the world looks like in far-future post-apocalyptic dystopian movies…Matrix series etc.

  9. Gee, I can't wait until our landscapes in the US look like this. Looks like a disaster.

  10. all these people crying about deforestation are praising this, cmon now idiots

  11. Interesting the fact that on a esthetic level it seems quite integrated to the lanscape . I do assume it's a rare case and the fact that it is unique participates from its esthetic. It looks like some kind of dragon scales …Reminds me of my courses of perspective years ago. One was called Dragon's tail ondulation.

  12. I can make it myself. Just got instructions from Avasva website and I'm ready for do it 😀

  13. Please don't do it like this.The soil or grass also need air,sunlight and water!Don't cover it with all these solar panels.Maybe putting it a meter or two higher,give the soil and grass some sunlight……………You have heart,but you also need a brain.

  14. There was a better way to do this rather then cover the mountains with THOSE type of solar cells,
    But well done anyway.

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