Solar Panels UK: Are they worth it?

Try my solar panel cost calculator:

The specific system I mentioned in the video might or might not be available in your area, and prices do vary, so it’s best to get multiple quotes to get a feel for costs.

Other tools mentioned in the video:
– Solar ROI calculator: pvcalc

Installing solar panels seems like a great way to save money and be a bit more green. But with the Feed in Tarrif cut, and the UK not being the most sunny of places, there are a lot of questions about solar power in the UK.

How long do solar panels take to pay for themselves in the UK? How effective are they? How much electricity will I generate?

In this video I attempt to answer these questions, first look at if the UK actually gets enough sun. Then looking at how much solar panels cost in the UK and if it all makes sense from a financial point of view.