Solar Panels UK: Are they worth it?

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The specific system I mentioned in the video might or might not be available in your area, and prices do vary, so it’s best to get multiple quotes to get a feel for costs.

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– Solar ROI calculator: pvcalc

Installing solar panels seems like a great way to save money and be a bit more green. But with the Feed in Tarrif cut, and the UK not being the most sunny of places, there are a lot of questions about solar power in the UK.

How long do solar panels take to pay for themselves in the UK? How effective are they? How much electricity will I generate?

In this video I attempt to answer these questions, first look at if the UK actually gets enough sun. Then looking at how much solar panels cost in the UK and if it all makes sense from a financial point of view.


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  2. I would love to know why there are people who did not like this video and why. Amazing and very well explained video.

  3. An excellent video with some surprising information. Who new the UK is solar panel friendly. You could have gone a little deeper though but it’s difficult because technology is out of date as soon as you buy it so costing something is only for that day or days. But good stuff.

  4. I don't know, using calculations I'm getting ROI over 20y. I'm not entirely sure it is worth it. If you do DIY install – yes, but installation prices are rip off.

  5. You are not safe from power cuts as stated towards the end of the video, everything else correct, definitely worth it, what other system is going to give you free power

  6. Great video, thank you for making it!
    Would like to see a video on how to start your own solar panel farm here in uk….

  7. A recent comprehensive study of all the U.K.'s generating data shows that the average for solar is about 10% of capacity. Individual situations will vary but that is an average. I didn't see any reference to replacement costs of components, e.g. the inverter or the battery? This could well severely affect the profit after the pay back period.
    The panels also degrade and give less output with age.

    The amount of CO2 saving is also rather dubious, the generating plants reduce output as solar contribution to the grid or lack of demand on the grid due to solar but they keep running, at a lower level which is less efficient and the solar output drop as the day passes to evening and needs a corresponding increase in generation which can be problamatic (California has the same problem but significantly worse). We see on most sunny days that pumped storage generation is needed as the evening demand starts to pick up. My point here is that the grid is far more complex than is realised and renewables are not a simple solution, if in fact they are any solution at all?

    Mr Musk is wearing rose tinted glasses and his estimate of output in cloud or rain is two or three times too high. In the U.K. solar output is very low for four months of the year. Comparing solar panels to plants is patently ridiculous, their mechanisms are quite different.

  8. There's also replacement value, panels/batteries probably will not last 25 years (guarantees good for 10 years). Also ugliness on house, this could devalue a nice cottage. An alternative is invest money you'd pay and then buy green energy from the grid (extra cost of green energy comes out of investment). You are then being green without the hassle

  9. Hey! It was a really beneficial video I must say. I knew about some data that i never imagined, you did a great job! I'd like to ask you to do an update of this video post Brexit and stuff so that a clearer vision is available for everyone . Thanks in advance! And keep up with this great work 🙂

  10. Hi interesting and concise, a lot of these types of video just churn out data you summed it up better. I want to get rid of gas in my house even though its a much cheaper fuel than electricity so that means going solar, this has helped. I am thinking that electricity can do it all, there are some very nice "glass panel" radiators on the market and I can get rid of all the pipes from my current central heating system. I have never really understood why electric from the grid costs more than gas which has to be brought up from under the sea and that has been my main obstacle, day to day costs. I will also be looking towards an ev but thats not top of my list as I'm a very low milage driver whereas my heating goes on most days. I have long suspected that the interests of fossil fuel suppliers have a lot of political influence in pricing and incentives but that's another tale!

  11. Wonder what the system cost is and what the labour cost is? If your already doing roof work with scaffolding it should be more cost effective to do whilst having roof work done. Suppose its a bit cheaper to fit up north. There must be DIY systems a lot cheaper, you can certainly buy mobile fold up panels for when your camping.

  12. I think the jury is still out on green energy initiatives in northern europe. Wind is clearly the winner, if you look at the figures. The rest, not so good in terms of returns on the amount of money invested. If you can provide a 20KW panel set-up for the same price as a 5KW (and the same roofspace used), then it becomes more viable in the UK.

  13. Great video.. really good quality! I'd love to see more on this!!.. Specifically around consumer implementations, and things like the different types of panels within the UK climate and seasons, which is better, how battery size and panel array sizes are at the most efficient for the amount you are using (is it always bigger is better?). Also how panels work best between south facing, and east and west facing roofs.

  14. Very high quality and informative video thanks. It's not somthing I've considered or know much about but currently looking at getting a new roof and thinking of adding solar

  15. High quality video production wow. Very Informative, well narrated and an excellent video. Please keep up the good work.

  16. cool video. but you have no dislikes. I kind of want to dislike. It will be like dipping into an unopened jar of peanut butter. I won't though.

  17. This is a very quality video. I'm actually surprised that this rather new channe delivers at this level. Good job, keep it up!

  18. In my place solar panel might work only without involve battery. Because here where i live electric price is hell cheap, only cost 4sen per kilowatt. If compare to battery that only sustain for 25 years, it not worth it to store solar power at night.

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