SOLAR POWER 4×4 Overlander, tips advice

SOLAR POWER 4×4 Overlander , tips advice

0:01 intro
0:35 Battery Power (batt bank)
1:57 Mono/Poly/Amorphous SOLAR CELLS
4:57 Fixed Panels (pros cons)
6:55 Foldable Solar Panels
8:26 Solar Blankets
9:55 Clean Panels are key
11:27 The Shadow Factor
12:47 Do I need Cheap or High Quality??
18:37 Budget system

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  1. I've heard from an electrical engineer that PWM-regulators are good for lead-acid batteries since it provides a good "pulse-charge" that makes you change your batteries less often.

    For lithium however, MPPT is superior.

  2. Seriously mate, you really do put a lot of work into your videos and its so helpful. Everyone, subscribe to this legend and watch his other videos, they will give you first hand experience when going off road and may even save your life.

  3. My choice of solar depends on wattage rating and full sun wattage, if I buy a 100watt panel I want to see 100watt in full sun midday on a low battery, I can’t find evidence of this anywhere

  4. Terminology mate. Learn the subject if you are going to explain it on a YouTube vid.
    Lots of effort in this vid let down by some basic terminology errors which make the info you give incorrect.

  5. Hmm, 4 amps monocrystalline versus 3.1 amps amorphous for panels with the same price and area on a cloudy day? It doesn’t seem convincing that amorphous has an advantage here.

  6. Hi Ronny,
    I have a arkpak battery box to run my Bushman fridge in my 4wd although I can charge my fridge whilst driving i was looking at solar to charge the battery box while stationary for a few days . I go solo camping for 3 days at the most. I'm looking at getting a mppt regulator and folding solar panels what would your advice be for this set up.

  7. althrought i just wanna charge my 7ah battery for my cb rig this coverd every single point for me great vid budd 73 to u 🙂

  8. I've been yousing sola for 15 years and I liked what this bloke has learnt,and has helped me a bit more than a little bit,,,,thank you from brad the sale shade inventor,,,,, you did good fella

  9. Unmitigated nonsense! I've been living with solar power since 1980 with all sorts of variable configurations ~ and installed/helped-install over 1000 systems since then. The know-all pontifications of cowboys like this typical 4-wheeler are full of misconceptions and dud 'information'. The only 'rule' in any of this is that there ARE no 'rules' due to endless variations. The credo is 'suck it and see'…. and don't waste your money: there's generally an easier and cheaper way of doing it. NB… and when buying equipment DON'T pay for the product: ONLY pay for an enforceable WARRANTY. Remember: 'Ex – pert = has-been drip under pressure

  10. Hey mate I’m about to get a redarc 150w fixed panel and a 40amp redarc solar regulator For my rig I have a agm battery not sure on AH to run accessories and 68L myCOOLMAN fridge is that going to be enough to run my fridge 24/7 do u think mate any feedback at all would be appreciated

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