‘Solar Power’: How Lorde Grew Up, Embraced Guitars and Made a Summer Song | Diary of a Song

Lorde used to hate guitars. Then came “Solar Power.” What changed? In the latest Diary of a Song, the 24-year-old musician traces the personal and sonic evolutions that led to her new aesthetic.

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  1. What a duo! The criticism is expected but with results this exceptional, who cares? A great left-turn from her.

  2. So the BIG NEWS is since she works out
    She ditchs black goth baggy outfits
    To tiny tight clothing to show off more skin
    Not my Summer SONG unless it s for sleeping

  3. great song, but the album was such a snooze fest. disappointing after her last two albums being so amazing.

  4. at first i wasn't drawn to solar power when it was released. but now, 2 months later, after listening to the album and knowing the story behind it, i FREAKING LOVE IT. LOVE EVERY SONG ON THE ALBUM.

  5. Lorde takes another huge step backwards into irrelevance. Not one track that has anything remotely interesting or useful going for it.

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