Solar Power In Our Greenhouse | An Off Grid Winter Garden Greenhouse in Canada For Year Round Food

This is a huge step for step us towards our self sufficient goals. A four season, year round greenhouse heated with wood and using solar power to run fans, lights and more. The solar powered greenhouse ventilation and circulation fans with thermostat are key to moving air inside, and removing hot air from the greenhouse if it gets too hot. A winter garden in the north might be considered impossible by some folks. We have several months of the year that we see very little sun. Being able to run just a couple of solar powered LED grow lights off of solar power in our greenhouse may just give us the extra bump we need to keep growing fresh produce year round. We are currently running two 100 watt solar panels to charge two 60 amp hour deep cycle marine batteries in the greenhouse.

Heating a greenhouse is not a simple task. There are many options to explore. We’ve experimented with how to heat a greenhouse in the past. Heating our greenhouse with compost. Thermal mass using large barrels and bins full of water. We’re now moving on to heating our winter greenhouse with wood. In the future we’ll add both compost heat and thermal mass heat back into the mix, but now that we have a woodstove installed in the greenhouse, we can get to work on some early crops, growing food in the winter in a greenhouse. The wood stove is rated for about 10 times the size of our greenhouse.

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  1. Man all your videos are so hard to watch. It’s like blue balls in YouTube video format. So much build up to a whole bunch of wasted time. Very useless in the three videos I’ve watched.

  2. I would have loved to see the wiring and hookup details, since I wouldn't know how to set something like this up and do not have help. Also, agree with other commenter the music is distracting. I know it's too late now of course but maybe in future videos go with no music for informative videos are set very very low. Thanks, nice setup!

  3. What's the price for your solar system. .how can I get one?
    I need to heat my green house 20 by 12 greenhouse in winter

  4. Hmmmm I spotted uncovered osb wood 🤣🤣 that is a total fail. At least put Lowe's wrap over any temporarily exposed osb.

  5. Have you tried those little 45w tube heaters in there during the winter? I've seen on a few gardening sites that they use them over here (UK).

  6. Nice job, Canadian content is difficult to find, especially Northern content, I have a 6'x9' DIY greenhouse, trying for an all solar heat solution, thanks

  7. Your charge controller is 12 volt. Don’t you need a 24 volt? Maybe. A dumb question I’m new to the solar game. Thanks.

  8. Nice! I would suggest getting a 12v thermal switch and fan though. You lose a % of power when inverting and 12v components are pretty cheap.

  9. awesome Brother ! thank you so much- iam looking for a 5000" high S..N..O..W….I..NG…..PLACE..THANK YOU

  10. I really like how you described the solar set up in steps and explained each one to us. You definitely gave me a bit more courage to try this in my greenhouse… Thank you for taking the time to share this info.

  11. Awesome video
    Please check out my heated greenhouse
    Not as cold of a area as you but still a challenge to grow tropical fruit

  12. If you put blue outdoor styofoam underneath your floor, you can minimize ground cooling of your green house. If your growing in bench beds rather than in the ground, of course.

  13. I think it’s just awesome you have the extra money for all this. We barely make our bills on social security disabilities. I guess I’m just jealous.

  14. I now live in a three story A frame home! The snow melts off my roof also! That's a huge problem! They didn't insulate the roof so all the heat, which naturally rises anyway, goes right out of the house through the ceiling! You have gone to the expense of a solar system and fireplace. Do youself a hugh favor and insulate that ceiling. You will save wood, battery and happy plants!

  15. I'm gona set one up to help run led grow lights in the winter. I'll use terracotta pots to heat it. But I do live in the south, so heating won't be too much of an issue.

  16. Lmao at radio noise cancelling device. Enjoyed our visit. We were already subscribed but were reminded by your new to be neighbors "tomorrowaday farms " to check your vlog👍🇨🇦

  17. Been pondering over solar for awhile now on my greenhouses. You made this look pretty simple. So it will take 4-100 watt panels to have enough juice to operate this greenhouse? From the pricing I have done over the last couple years has shown me it was much cheaper to just run mine on the grid. I was hoping one panel would do the job but now seeing it will take 4 of them has made my mind up. Thanks for the info!

  18. Fantastic vid! I'm curious.. I'm sure I know the answer already but with that system can you program it to open vents in the summer when it gets too hot?

  19. Awesome way to get Solar Power for your Greenhouse. Very innovative way of growing your greens. Like 54. Watched till the end. New here

  20. Great set up buddy, seems to be all working well. Looking forward to you folks getting some plants going:)))

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