SOLAR POWER made me smile so big and sob at the same time

This is my reaction to Lorde’s new album, Solar Power!
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00:00 intro
00:40 patreon
01:07 tracklist
01:36 the path
04:24 solar power
05:04 california
06:53 stoned at the nail salon
10:00 fallen fruit
13:06 secrets from a girl
15:33 the man with the axe
17:43 dominoes
18:59 big star
20:45 leader of a new regime
22:07 mood ring
24:32 oceanic feeling
27:39 final thoughts
29:09 ranking


  1. Just adding something a couple of months later. This album begins in beauty. It ends in beauty. And there's nothing but beauty in between. Your reaction is also beautiful. The good news is that it Ella's continued evolution from "Bravado" through "400 Lux" and "The Louvre" and into "Oceanic Feelings" There is a certain beauty that transcends pop commercialism. I am grateful for this era. I absolutely love how you deliver your relatable reaction. Keep this up.

  2. solar power and melodrama are so different tho. she seems so much happier now and some songs are really good (the path, secrets from a girl, mood ring, fallen fruit, etc). im really happy for her and proud of her for releasing this album and I LOVE IT.

  3. Actually, generation upon generation has cared seriously about climate change. There's a history of songs even regarding the matter. The problem is not with generations. It has to do with the confusion between the pursuit of happiness and the pursuit of property. And the generation born tomorrow morning is no different. What any of us do presently, regardless of our birthdates, about tomorrow will evolve from what we did and didn't do as recently as last night, last breath, last moment. That's the meaning, I think, in the last line of "Fallen Fruit." Don't make me choose.

  4. Great reaction. I want more. Anything. But I must say that anyone who doesn't get the beauty of this album is someone who needs to learn how to love better. When you know love, you will never ever be able to think of Solar Power as anything but love's gift. Thank you Caitlin Marie. You not only get it but you share it.

  5. I gotta say ive listened to the album a hundred times boy now but i was laughing and crying with you the whole time, i feel so seen omg

  6. ummm I’m so excited this is back because I hadn’t watched it and saw your first post and was so sad 😭 but yay for YouTube being a goof for a minute and it not actually being removed 🥲

  7. I had the same thing happen as you, I read a lot of negativity about Solar Power before I had the opportunity to listen to it from A to Z.
    But damn, the opening track The Path hit me like a truck and the entire album definitely didn't disappoint.
    Yeah, it's not a Melodrama pt. 2 like a lot of stans expected, but would you really want it to be? Not really. People change! Enjoy the journey or get off the ride.

    Great review!

  8. At some point, anyone who actually listens to "Solar Power" from the beginning to the end, is either tone deaf or just simply lacking in the ability to appreciate art if they don't understand that this album is the greatest "Thank You" any recording artist has ever given in a set of songs. I don't see the point at all of comparing Lorde's work with anyone else's, let alone comparing what is current with what she's already done. Complete waste of time. Enjoy the magic of a gift given free from all that and you will find yourself genuinely rewarded. Bask in the glow of someone who puts her personal life, the story of the planet's fate, the feeling of being different and not allowing on's self to become indifferent into a well thought out set of lovingly rich songs. 

    All this and so much more in the lyrical and sonic infusion of the ballad and the beat. Such a journey. Such a cause. And such a voice. There is a world we have yet to win. Ella has given us a history and a flow all in one beautiful bundle of songs. A heartfelt soundtrack to an age gone by and at the same time for an age trying its best to arrive in time to lift us onward to a place where life is better than a dream. I don't know how she does it. I don't even know if I want to know. But I do know that I always, always, want what she brings. "Solar Power" is a blessing. This is what I get from your reaction. Smiling and crying are acts of emotional beauty. Not many artists can give us that so readily. I want Lorde to make more music, even if it's just to witness your reactions.

  9. the reviews on this album are so weird, you have one side that hates this album and calls it boring just because it's not melodrama 2.0 and it almost sounds like they want lorde to BE depressed and sad so that they can relate to the lyrics. And you also have people like a theneddledrop and his comment section who are criticizing lorde for making a happy album "in times like these" which is so ????? if anything i think a lot of us needed an album that was hopeful and happy about the future instead of depressing and dark and grim.

    And there's also another side of the reviews which are totally misunderstanding the meaning behind this album, saying that the entire album doesn't make sense bc they THINK lorde said that it was satire when in reality she only talked about mood ring being a satire to wellness culture, the rest is just her genuinely feeling happy, reflecting and learning about her past.

    And then there's me who completly loves this album, i don't think it's the best that she has done and i think she will come up with much better albums in the future (even better than melodrama) but this isn't a bad album AT ALL. And comparing it to melodrama feels unfair since both albums are very different from each other with different concepts

  10. to me, Solar Power initially felt a little underwhelming given the expectations we had for her comeback, but it really grew on me fast. i think if another artist had released this album they wouldn’t have gotten as much backlash as lorde did. sure, conceptually its not the strongest and it can sound repetitive or boring because of the sonic similarities between all the songs. but it seems like people were never even willing to try and give this album a chance because it wasnt the “melodrama 2.0” they were expecting, which is ridiculous to me; obviously Ella has grown as a person and that is going to reflect in her artistry, the same way melodrama was drastically different compared to pure heroine. lyrically this is such a beautiful project and it showcases her talent in the sense that she can do something so different and still make it good… so IDC i really like this album

  11. Hey lovely! I really enjoyed this reaction, thank you for making such great content. Not to mention, I adore Lorde so much too 💖 I wrote some poetry inspired by Lorde's music & made a Visualiser video. Pls do check it out on my channel if you don't mind 😊 I'd love to chat! Thanks!

  12. I know this album is supposed to be happy but I also sobbed my reaction was similar to yours it's like so beautiful 😭😭😭 I also think The Path it's my favourite, I can't pick between that and Stoned at the Nail Salon

  13. SO TRUE BESTIE! I just DON'T GET THE MIXED REVIEWS like i get that it is not everyone's cup of tea on first listen, it is indeed a grower, but this album is SO well put together, cohesive, and the storytelling and production are literally CHEF'S KISS!!!!!! Every time you listen to it you hear something new. It has important messages, nostalgia, happiness, it has IT ALL. I love it so much, this is art

  14. It’s less instant and boppy than her previous albums. But she’s said that she’s let expectations go – so do the lukewarm reviews make any difference? Not really. It’s a success. ‘Music Box’ by Mariah Carey was panned by critics and is one of the most legendary 90s albums. Success isn’t necessarily a matter of critical success or commercial success. Artistic accomplishment goes far beyond.

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