Solar power revolution in South Africa

An ongoing energy crisis in South Africa is impacting the livelihoods of millions of people. While widespread blackouts are costing the country millions, they’re also paving the way for a new generation of entrepreneurs. CBS News correspondent Debora Patta reports from Cape Town.


  1. What this report didn't tell you is that the govn't gave that black solar business preferential subsidies over White entrepreneurs.

  2. One year later, loadshedding is still a problem, Eskom getting more and more increases, government taxing solar energy suppliers to death. Is electricity really the issue or who pockets the most money?

  3. South african goverment now want "Home owners" who have grid tied solar to pay A higher electricity tarrif on the power they use …while paying Nothing to the "home owner " while they produce the free power to the grid … SA goverment do not pay you for the electricity you produce ! And they want to charge more to the people who produce it !!! Is that not madness !! The grid is collapsing on the daily the goverment calls it "Load shedding" while the rest of the world calls them rolling blackouts …. due to 1 thing corruption and the ANC

  4. And now eskom is going to penalize everyone using solar. These wankers only know how to steal. And if they can't then they invent a method!

  5. wow somalia have averge of 3100 hours of sunlight/ year. africa is rich in term of natural. but lacks education. my prediction is since africa lies strategic location( bordering 2 continents) it would be backbone of economy in future.

  6. We are going to have to begin serious conversations about the REAL problem with lack of progression of renewable energy. Until we start discussing this real block, it will continue un-abated. I have made it my mission to begin to help people understand what and who the real enemy is, (the fossil fuels industry)and exactly how we can fight this enemy effectively. Wanna fight? Lets get it right! @t

  7. Ever seen Lord of War when the plane lands in the middle of no where? Probably going to happen with those solar panels..

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