Solar Powered Air Conditioner Discussion for Gridtie or Offgrid Systems

I bought all of these AC units with my own money. This is what I use (affiliate links):
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Mr. Cool Diy Friendly Mini Split:
Midea U High Efficiency Window AC:
Grid tie tesla solar system:

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  1. You guys are right, I should have bashed my goodman AC's more. Only reason I use them is because they were free. They are garbage, and seer 13 is awful. The fact that my window ac is more efficient is just pathetic. I totally agree.

    And there are some higher seer rating ac units out there, but they cost a lot of money. If you guys have better recommendations, let me know. The units I bought are what I found to be "best of the best", but I would love to be proven wrong.

    I also did not plan on buying such a large house. But it was the only one for sale with an insulated workshop. I don't even use the house for anything.

  2. Hello Will, Would you know the max Watts on the 3 units? Pioneer, Mr. Cool & Midea U? I seen the Pioneer 36K BTU could use 5.6K Watts max when heating & 3K Watts max when cooling. The SEER is only 16 for the Pioneer and Mr. COOL 36K BTU units. The Smaller units are more efficient up to 22 SEER. Best Regards, Ron

  3. I bought a Mr Cool 4 / 5 ton split system heat pump, seer 18 for my 2600sf house last year. I bought a scratch and dent unit, only the front and side of the condenser unit case was bent a little. I also got the special line set from them which enabled me to have the 10 year compressor warrentee with a diy install. The line set has a piston in the ends so there already sealed and you dont need to pump them down. They come precharged. The hardest part was removing my old air handler and dragging the new one in. This new condenser unit has a variable speed compressor and it keeps the humidity in south Alabama around 50% inside in the summer. The compressor sits under my bedroom window and I cant even here it over the air ducts blowing air. It also has dropped my elecric bill min $50 a month. Its a great system. Complete including hoses $3200. Free install (me). I also installed a Pioneer mini split 18000 btu 18 seer in my office 5 years ago, $850, I already had the lines. You cant hear the fan unless you get close and listen for it. Another great unit.

  4. Hey try Zamna Climate mini split air conditioner and heat pump. They are ACDC, accept direct connections from solar panels.
    You'll get them with precharged linesets, they're DIY like Mr. Cool and they're a USA 🇺🇸 company.

  5. Were I living in an RV, I´d just combine solar with a good diesel generator with enough capacity to charge the batteries and run the air conditioning and appliances. Using biodiesel of course. Problem solved.

  6. Anyone interested check out alpine air. I bought thier blue ridge ductless minisplits. The biggest is 22 seer and the two smaller are 38 seer! I'm not affiliated with them. Just found them and started using them. I liked them so much we started using them on rental properties we own.

    The 9000 btu 38 seer diy kit is $1300.

  7. Great content! I’m looking at going off grid and must thank you for sharing your knowledge about solar energy and everything “in between”.

    And I love your black kitty! 🐈‍⬛ I have one too , they have the best personalities. My Cat Ruger has his own YT channel! Meow 😸

  8. Absorption cycle air conditioning is a better choice. The hotter it gets the better it works and it does not use a compressor.

  9. Question, what's the depth of the BACK of your Midea, the part that sits outside? I have permanent bars in all my windows (brownstone) and I'm hoping I have enough room for one. I've been eyeing them for months. Thanks, great video

  10. Sadly it’s illegal in Europe to install these systems yourself because they decided to not allow it because of dangerous high pressure co2 gas that will destroy the environment. Can’t wait till they forbid transportation of refrigerators by non certified workers. Same with high voltage but here i’m certified till 12kv so that just works always 😄

    I did go with Samsung for my mini split.

  11. Hi, I am just now getting into solar and I love your channel. I was curious about the Midea 8,000 BTU what I would need for solar and batteries, it sound like excellent AC unit..

  12. I really like your choice in Mini-Split units. Both Mr Cool and Pioneer come out of the same factory. We have a couple Pioneer units up near Mt Charleston NV cooling a radio com-site and they have not missed a beat in the years they've been up there. We installed them and turned them on. Still working perfectly. Cheers neighbor!

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