Space-Based Solar Power

In the future, vast solar power satellites may beam energy to the Earth from space.

This is the first episode in my series “Resources from Space”. You can watch the other videos here:

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  1. Brilliant video, many thanks! Space solar power has seemed feasible for decades. What is the human race doing?

  2. It would be interesting to see actual projected figures for the amount of energy this could produce. Our local tv transmitter 15 miles away radiates 100kw ( admittedly omnidirectionally ) which produces ,if you are lucky 1.3 x10 -8 watts at the aerial socket on a TV (using high gain aerial). As received signal drop dramatically with distance this is an enormous loss. I don't doubt it can be done but as I imagine we are hoping for megawatts if not gigawatts at the receiving end the amount at the transmission end must be mind bogglingly huge.

  3. Energia assim sofreria grande perda ao ser redirecionada a terra pois seria filtrada pela camada de ozônio e mais,porém se construissemos uma base na lua ou em vênus que abrigasse um reator quântico emissor de elétrons por um buraco de minhoca criado artificialmente(usando o efeito centrífuga do vácuo quântico comprimido e girando a uma velocidade absurdamente grande criando a quebra da parede temporal) para conectar a uma base aqui na terra que teria. Receptor quântico de elétrons para suprir toda necessidade energética da humanidade pra sempre ou por alguns bons milhões de anos enquanto o sol durar!!!
    Não adianta viajarmos a velocidade da luz pois quando voltássemos aqui já se passaria bilhões de anos porém se criar um buraco de minhoca artificialmente grande poderíamos viajar entre o espaço tempo sem sofrer a perda desproporcional onde um dia viajando a velocidade da luz seria como anos e anos aqui na terra aí seria inútil mandar uma nave pra ela voltar daqui a milhões de anos com novidades viável pra terra,kkkkkkk não vale a pena nem os neurônios queimados rsrsrs
    O tempo é como uma folha de papel onde só precisamos quebrar sua parede consciente que nos limita a ser tragados pela gravidade e assim o tempo nos castiga,

  4. weapon??? No, this is what you use to melt the ice caps on mars. This is a tool for terraforming. It can also be used to give earth free wireless energy if used correctly.

  5. I would think that a based system maser would be more efficient than a near visable light laser based system the lower frequency radiation would be less susceptible to being blocked or diffused by the atmosphere and from what I understand we can build more efficient rectenna's for recieving microwaves.

  6. Yeah. Space will rule out all of our (mental?) problems we have on earth. There is not even nearly 10 percent of the easy usable energy used that we already do have on earth. Now we are planning to use an extremely risky and complex technical solution to transport additional energy with extremely high-energy-beams down to earth to use this as additional energy form?
    Economical (/mental?) aspect: Looking outside I can not even see 2 house roofs with an solar panel (either solar collector or solar panel) mounted on it. There is plenty of room left to install panels directly on our facilities without having any further effect on usable room. Another form of using already existing energy, in that case heat, would be usage of heat pumps. How many heat pumps do you know being located in your neighbourhood? How many zero-energy-houses do you know nearby? Technology for it exists since more than just a decade. And finally, why are our governments all aiming to some energy delivery companies that do get subventions to build up some facility but support to the local people get's cut more and more? Why are we not even using that capacity that is already delivered for free directly to our roofs and environment? Could there be possibly some financial intersts and lobby behind?
    Ecological aspect: From climate aspect – all energy, regardless if it is fossile energy or energy we redirect from space to the earth, is additional energy that is converted on earth. And by converted I mean this energy will be converted into local heat*. Even electricity will be converted into heat – think only of your computer, your TV-set, your phone charger getting warm, your electrical car having to control and maybe even cool down the batteries in both cases, for charging and driving… Having said this – what's the point of "saving the climate by using solar power" if we even concentrate *more solar power by adding solar power from the space to heating up our environment on earth?
    Will it be safe?: From security/safety reasons – I am not even thinking of intentionally using that energy beam as a weapon. But sometimes things go horribly wrong in space, when collisions with meteorites or space junk do happen. How do we guarantee that such a collision won't turn the space facility to direct it's beam directly to our cities? And we are honestly expecting that high-power-beams being safe technology?
    And with all of above we did not even think of how to distribute all that big power to where we really need it, the losses from transportation, the amount of resources we will have to use for transportation and so on.
    Looking at all of this questions one may ask: What is the real purpose of this space located power concentrators? Maybe some form of new "cold war", now no longer using nuclear power as a weapon but solar power? USA called it "SDI", the Strategic Defence Initiative in the 90s (Reagan/ Clinton era). Didn't they tell us: "High energetic lasers being able to reach every point on earth will be so powerful weapons, nobody would be keen enough to attack? Now you tell me what that form of power plants would be? I seriously doubt that the real intention would be saving our environment on earth!

  7. A 1-kilowatt solar panel on earth is approximately 10 square feet. The 3-kilometer diameter rectennas have a 7.07 square kilometer area and produce the same about as approximately 1 square kilometer of these 1-kilowatt panels, thus making the land area cost much higher than if we just covered the planet with panels.

  8. Should be hard the maintenance 🤔 if it fails can be a big problem 🤔 I still believe that those alternatives aren’t the best, is a good idea 💡 definitely but I would choose more the geothermal than this , both are really hard to build…… but for Mars colonization is a plus I believe 👍

  9. It is probably a laser weapon, but i would ask Philips (CD) to built the lasers because it would take a lot-of tracking and adjusting for it to focus it's beam. It's a concept, i understand. We would be better of putting the resources in play to develop new solar materials with higher efficiency to be used on earth. In line of this concept i don't understand why we think of large array's of solar flat-panels ? You can not adjust the orbit of these satellites, it would take enormous reserves of (gas) energy on the satellites themselves. Therefore inflating a balloon the size of a soccer field is easier to do in absolute vacuum of space. The balloon material should be able to transform the heat through heat exchanges and store that in (a motor) momentum (Rotating Flywheel). The balloon will of-course rotate counter clockwise and the other side of it will be exposed to the sun etc. etc. Because we can't suck the energy out (Through a Laser beam) the balloon will go ballistic and be destroyed by centrifugal forces. End of experiment.

  10. It's A very effective weapon indeed maybe someday memories will return but for now, let's hope it was only a bad dream 🙂

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