St. Eustatius: 100 Percent Caribbean Solar Power

Caribbean Island St. Eustatius becomes independent from fossil fuel. SMA Sunbelt Energy has installed a solar hybrid system that allows the diesel generators to be shut down during the day time.


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  1. The pride of the Caribbean when it comes to solar power …Statia did it …

  2. Can this be done on st Thomas and the rest of the USVI ? Much larger island and population but we need help please

  3. This is a beautiful and honest example of integrating diesel gensets with solar and batteries on an isolated island with everyone and everything getting better because of the synergies. It is interesting to see inside the lithium storage banks and to see the real figures for a 23% saving from solar added without the batteries. It appears that SMA have a happy customer.

    The solar panels are so cheap now and this project has survived a storm so I would guess that more batteries could be added and the system might scale a little bigger but the diesel is still needed for occasional weeks without strong sunshine

  4. I'm about working on a 3MW project in Africa. The clients insist on a storage. I need your advise on it and possbly patnership..

  5. well done but this isn't the first place. There is at least once coastal british island that is 100% renewable using wind & solar

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