Stupid-Easy Solar for Going Off Grid, RVs and Boondocking

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  1. hello how does the solar connect to the RV I know you have an inverter but how does the connection for your lights and refrigerator work

  2. I just visited your blog. You know for stupid videos I am really impressed about your lifestyle. Your lifestyle looks stupid to the working class man. Its quite lets say. Different approach to life. What I like though is Its got more to do with something about coffee the word you say And crime. I love that word crime. Its perfect for my system. Used in the right mtheods of thinking. Mine is about being a movie star. There's nothing wrong with crime as long as its legal an no one really loses from it. What do you think ?

  3. I have been researching solar for our RV, reading books, reading on line info. So nervous to go forward. What you have is exactly what I've been looking for, but was afraid it would be to difficult. Who makes your portable, what's it called…. must have. Thanks for the video.

  4. They make Solar panels that can mount on RVs that can supply all of your electrical needs!! The Solar panels can keep the Rv's Battery charged and supply electricity for all of your devices!!

    Some small Solar portable panels you can mount to racks, poles, etc to mark them semi-permanent and to get them in a better position to get a better sun angle when the sun is shining and thus be more efficient. Also by mounting them temporarily to a rack, pole etc, it makes them harder to knock over in windy conditions, and also make it less likely someone will trip over them by raising them up higher off the ground.

  5. may be a little late on here, but my wife and I use the internet pretty much all day to run our business so we need a constant internet source… after looking at my internet router i realized that the router takes 12v. 0.5a? i think? anyways so i just cut the plug off of the adapter and wired the router directly to the battery. It's been working great for a few months now! haven't noticed any voltage loss in the battery, since it doesn't have to scale up the power to 110v and then back down to 12volts. and it doesn't seem to hurt the router when I'm charging the battery at w/13.8volts 🙂

  6. What good are solar panels when the sun goes into grand solar minimum and when volcanic ash fills the sky as well? Just thinking how anyone can survive what's coming when going off grid will be next to impossible.

  7. New to solar energy. Researching powering mini house. Would I need battery to hold charge of purchasing panels shown/listed on amazon?

  8. I subbed. I'm a minimalist. I live in a city now in an owned house but we plan to buy land and go off grid. I want to set up a nice small house for us but I want land to hunt and fish and build my own personal house like a survivalist would. I want to use all low tech for everything including heating and cooling, refrigeration, hot running water, waste disposal system, all can be done with no electricity.

  9. It use to be "off-grid" meant in the middle of Montana but this guy with flip flops and the farm in the back ground is the new 25 year old son in moms basement…

  10. Did you know that you can use your car as a power generator if needed? I hooked up my portable jump starter with a built in power inverter to my cars battery then hooked up an extension cord to my 48" TV. There was a power outage and I was missing a football game so I came up with this solution and I was able to watch the entire game while the car was idling. Of course your inverter will have to be rated for the appliance your trying to operate.

  11. those 2 panels aren't even close enough to charge that bank of batteries you showed. not possible. you need bigger stronger panels… a way better charge controller. those batteries were huge. try draining those batteries down to 45-50% and then charge them… see how long that takes.

  12. Watching your videos and they answer some questions but, I am getting a little confused over the output of the solar panel ie 100 watt. You said they were 12 volt so I got that but, I did not hear what the wattage was. Can you put together a video showing the number of batteries, number of panels, and what I can run all day? You mentioned you would be upgrading so more panels means what more wattage? Not sure how wattage and running an appliance works. Thanks

  13. Because of the high price of the electricity in Puerto Rico and the latest event I'm going on solar sistem combine with a power generator and an occasional light power from the state. But looking forward to an off the grid sistem. Your videos have help me a lot and as soon as I go with it I will make a video and send it to you. Thanks.

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