SunPower Solar Panels: 2021 Expert Review

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Here is SolarReviews’ expert review on SunPower solar panels for 2021. In this video, we will break down every score SunPower received in our expert ranking system. This will give you the information to help decide if SunPower solar panels are the right option for you.

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  1. Sunpower flex panels show severe sundamage before 3 years. Surface gets damaged by UV. Surface layer starts to crumble like all bad plastics do. No warranty excepted. Rip off

  2. Sounded like some damage control going on there instead of about how SunPower is a good brand to buy and why.

  3. Had 10 maxeon 3 panels fitted last October, in April the inverter went bang, 2 more inverters fitted also went pop, many tests later found an earth leakage issue with the panels. All the panels were removed from my roof and tested individually to find all were faulty. Sunpower have refused to honour the warranty saying there is no issue with the panels although multiple electricians have tested them against new panels. When I finally get a resolution I don’t intend to put sunpower back on my roof.

  4. We just signed the contract for a sunpower system. All the warranty is under Sunpower, maxion wording was there only to explain the panel technology in it. System is expensive , but still less expensive than my monthly electric bill of $945 a month . Good video!!

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