Tesla Solar and the Scam Solar Panel Business

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  1. Hey everyone quick note: I made a small blunder in the math at around 17:30 (the rest is perfect; all of the 12-13 scams are still valid everything is still accurate). The only difference is the loan payment which I miscalculated by about $50. Sorry! So bottom line on the error: It's about $50 more to buy with a loan vs lease, but then you own the panels.

  2. One thing you need to be aware of is, for example, installation of these large cells on the roof with large screws can destroy your roof and the repair is expensive.

  3. Kevin, Thanks for your effort, however, please update this video with the latest information about TESLA. I just got the shock of my life, thankfully before I signed the contract. Get this – Even when you purchase a solar panel system from TESLA with cold hard cash, they keep the SREC right just like a leased system. In other words you pay for the system but they reap the benefit for the life of the system. Please note that they DO give you a lump sum amount credit (deducted from your purchase price) at the time of purchase. They DO NOT give you any other option. This seems like the WORST of both worlds (lease or purchase). So BEWARE of going with TESLA.

  4. Kevin. You say at 8:15 that we do not set you lower then the tier 1 of electric bill…..
    How is that when every neighborhood I have SERVED is 23 and 24 cents as the base teir 1 and we set them at 15 and 16 cents ( depending on veteran or costco membership ) … it's just simply cheaper per killowat.. our rate increase is 2.9 percent each year. On a 100 dollar bill that's 129 in 10 years…. with Edison's and PGandE their rates are like 10 14 15 18 percent . And ita only going up. How is solar a scam? When you buy solar its 26 percent tax cash back at end of year…
    How is solar a bad investment ? Only if you plan on moving in 3 or 4 years. Ok so you are educating me about the lein I didnt understand that but still a UCC1 the PPA is not a sum of money you owe it's just a new bill. I guess I get it if some wierd power efficient people buy a new house and they dont use the electricity much . But just sell to people who want to utilize the solar and be transparent and you shouldnt have an issue selling right? Aka sell to people you trust 🙁 … why sell to someone who runs you the wrong way. Oh well

  5. I see why u put up these videos because when it comes to selling homes with solar u just have to work harder for your commissions! Idk 🤷🏽

    The truth is
    Men lie’ women lie’ numbers don’t!
    millions are going solar because it WORKS!

    Why don’t you put up a video about our utility companies robbing ppl with their insane rates!

    Solar will be around for a long time and getting better and more popular as time goes by!

    Stop your crying and Take it like a man!

  6. Problem, Tax Credits are a scam too. You need to owe tax equal or greater than the credit to get that credit.

  7. Wish I would have seen this earlier. Signed a contract 2 weeks ago and it’s between a $1,200 cancellation fee or just going along with it

  8. Mostly video is for Americans but do go with a reputable company that will most likely be around for the length of the warranty.

  9. SREC’s and the tesla VPP coming out lower your break even and are a reason to over buy more KW/H than you use today.

  10. Another "style over function" coming from Tesla. If instead of those tiles that aren't very efficient capturing the Sunlight, you went with a common Solar panels, mounted in a pole with a tracking mechanism. Your power input, would be drastically enhanced. Plus the fact, the panels are easily replaced if damage, having a standard size.

  11. Hey thanks man, very insightful. I have a low eletricity bill and a chance to buy a small installation in cash (goal is to increase the value of the house) and the maintanence fee is there.. wll try to opt out of it!

  12. Especially smart of Tesla, the 30% tax credit. I don’t know if the solar division really falls under Tesla the car manufacturer – but if so, as you said the lessor gets the federal credit. So they can apply those credits to offset the taxes from their auto sales.

  13. I just purchased a home with a PPA from Sun Nova. I can say that all 13 scams are true. PLUS , the solar system ISN'T WORKING! "Power = 0W" It has a random fault and hasn't made power for 3 months. If you are thinking of buying a home with solar PPA, deduct the buyout cost of the panel lease from the value of the home. I know Sun Nova won't come out to fix it until the lien is completed. It's a scam.

  14. I don't think Enphase or Solaredge would come out there and replace the microinverter or optimizer. Wouldn't you need to hire someone the get on your roof and replace the equipment?

  15. Your dumb. The note is against the system. It doesn't need "cleaned up" have you ever even bought a property? It is noted in escrow. Id it has value so if the enitre house and property and rights are sold such as the solar system, all have to be paid up with the transfer unless you transfer the loan attached.

  16. Hey Kevin. If you become governor. Fight the utility companies to make them remove the "True-Up" charges. After one month after I paid my annual "True-Up" of $2400.00 plus dollars, it is already at $500.00 plus dollars. This sucks!

  17. Zero interest car loan has the finance charges rolled in …. My “ $0” loan was offered
    $2000 cash back – So my loan cost me $2000

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