Tesla Solar Panels & Powerwall 2 Installation Complete Overview

Tesla solar system installation finally complete. In this video I’m going to go over the whole solar system and the Tesla Energy app. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. Currently waiting on permission to operate my system.

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  1. I only see the line from powerwall to my home grid, but no line from the solar. Tomorrow is inspection day. Is that expected, does the solar only turn on (in the app) after inspection and utility approval?

  2. @Super Tesla…First time seeing Delta Inverter. Only seen “plain wrapper” Tesla Inverter or SolarEdge Inverter in these Tesla installs. Is the Delta just Tesla’s “plain wrapper” one with flashy cover? Is the Delta a string inverter? Does it use optimizers in panels? Are you able to monitor production of INDIVIDUAL panels? Thx for doing videos and sharing information.

  3. @Super Tesla …Storm Watch feature. Is it true batteries will “fill from the grid”? My understanding is utility does not allow this.

  4. NIce video. I heard there is some fixed charge "Customer charge" from utility company. If you don't mind, can you please share yours?

  5. With your powerwalls, since you have two AC units, will the tesla system let you alternate between Either units as long as only one is being used or it is setup that you can only use one unit? I will await you reply and thanks. Looks very nice by the way!

  6. Tesla panel 14000 instalation 9000 solar on roof 20000 only for 10 year no no no generator natural gas 5000 installation 4500 total + permit and extra material 1000 think about generator 30 amp honda 3500 intallation 1200 yes

  7. Be sure to follow up and maybe show a few electric billing cycles before and after along with the cost of your system.

  8. Hi,
    I live in Florida and I am also exploring Tesla Solar Panels.
    Here are some of the questions I have:
    Any idea which company Solar panels Tesla has installed?
    What is the max watt or kW each panel generates at any given point of the day like 330w, 370w?
    How is the Efficiency and Productivity of the panel?
    What is the warranty? Other companies like SunPower are offering 20+ years of warranty.

    Does each panel comes with an Inverter like SunPower?
    How long it took for Tesla to install after you ordering?
    How is customer support for Solar panels?

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Like your setup. What solar panel models did you use? With panels and 2 PWrwalls, what kind of cost would someone be looking at after installation?

  10. I JUST turned mine on yesterday. Our timelines are very close.

    Protip: Keep your powerwalls off until the electric company comes by, you'll thank me later. You'll want your solar to hit the house and the powerwalls and stay off the grid on power up.

    Another tip.. the delta inverter takes about 5-10 minutes to cycle, don't panic when the app doesn't switch to solar and feed your house/powerwall.. it will.

    8.16 / 24 panels / 3 powerwalls

    West texas 302 days of sun every year on average, PTO @ high noon. Placed the walls at 5% the first night, no issues.. off grid ever since.

    Enjoy it!

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