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We finally decided to get Tesla Solar! Luckily, we got ours in 2020 when it was much cheaper. However, now the price has gone up! Is it still worth it in 2021?

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  1. Im in monterey california and started my online application last Sept 2 where I also uploaded all the photos they needed and my electric bill last August. Then by Sept 7 I signed the HOA letter they sent me, it was this late coz I still need to verify this with my HOA before I sign and the HOA replied late too 🙁 , then Sept 9, they sent me a Solar packet which I also signed the same day, I was just wondering why until today I have not received their proposed design layout for my system ? or is it just normal that it takes them weeks to design it ? also, I sent a message to the person in charge thru my Tesla account to follow up but no response yet, is this really this hard for Tesla when it comes to communication ? though it shows in my tesla account 6-11 weeks for installation I just hope this gets done by December so I can still include this on my tax filing for this year.

  2. The house I'm contemplating solar is 5000 sq feet 2 stories and a walk out basement. I will adding Air conditioning and would like to have ability to charge EV even though I don't own one yet. Any suggestons on getting adding generating capacity? I also saw something on Tesla's website about not allowing too big of a system. Thanks

  3. Nice video. I couldn’t hit the “like” button tho bc your background sound, sounds like my Alexa alarm and that really messes with me since I’m a third shift nurse. I kept finding myself hitting pause to see if my Alexa was going off upstairs. Other than that, keep up the great work!

  4. I am filing a complaint with the NYS Attorny General office tomorrow. I am told this is the ONLY way Tesla will move your PTO up the list. Your advisor is just there to obsorb your anger at lack of communication. I only found out about operating in "Off Grid Mode" (OGM) thru a Tesla forum thread. My advisor didnt advise me of this, DOH…….. So in OGM I can do every thing but sell excess power generated back to utility. I can at least cahrge my batterires, charge my car and power home with out need for utility power. I generated 30+ kwh today and have charged Powerwall+s to 75% and also charged the M3. 🙂 I would say if you have enormous patience and roof isnt to complicated that investment in Tesla SGR w PW+ is worth the cost as it should pay back. Other wise it isnt ready for the general public but the pay back should b worth it for those with the fortitude. The install teams were fantastic BTW. NO issuses with the roofers or electricians.

  5. Hi folks. I had a 11.6kwh solar glass roof with two Powerwall+, Physical install was completed June 26th. I AM STILL WAITING FOR MY PTO (9-6-21) (permssion to operate). Untill the latest update last week I was NOT ALLOWED to turn on system. I orderd a Model 3 when roof install was complete. I took delivery of the M3 two weeks ago and I am stil waiting for my PTO, Communication from Tesla is NON-EXISTANT unless you pester your adviser and contact the PRE PTO team thru support which is a PIA and gets u NO WHERE.

  6. no trust in Tesla solar customer support, after 5 months, they still have not been able to get me approval. This is almost 3 months after all approvals, This video is advertizing for tesla. Do not believe this as customer support is worst I have ever seen. And I have been President of business council

  7. Hitting 10 months in and I'm still waiting for Tesla to install my panels and battery. The Advisors are terrible. They've cancelled my projects a few times earlier last year because of Advisor quitting then the second time they think my roof is qualified. They canceled without telling me. Terrible experience. We will see how long more I have to wait.

  8. Awsome your tesla solar got installed Dec 10 my Birthday, I'm considering getting solar, but yes now you have to purchase the Battery 🔋

  9. Power walls for many of us with dependable utilities is an unnecessary expense. In the years I've been living here possibly the power has been out for a total of 2 hours :)! Power walls cost around $12,000 from TESLA (Musk's company). However, the solar panels for the roof are an incredible bargain. I'll be getting all the power I need for my home (no EV charger) since I'm using a hybrid car for a cost of around $10,000 and a total price of less than $8000 after the tax break. My payback will be under 5 years :)! Tesla, Musk's company, will PROBABLY be around years from now when you need your solar panels serviced, not so other solar install companies (despite their pleadings that their suppliers will cover maintenance even if their install company goes broke). With Musk undercutting all the competition by a huge amount it's a no-brainer to go with Tesla (Musk's company only since there is at least one company that is using the name TESLA). Thanks for this review!!!

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