That's Why Phones Still Don't Have Solar Panels

Smartphones are one of the greatest things to happen to humanity. You’ve got a palm-sized computer with you at all times! …Also making them one of the most annoying things ever! You know, that computer requires power, so you constantly have to charge the thing. So, why don’t we just make smartphones solar-powered?

It seems like a great idea in the making! The limited time you can use your phone without plugging it into a socket can cause a whole slew of problems. As for the sun, it’s always there, it’s an endless source of energy, AND people already use it to charge batteries! But with smartphones, it’s not as simple as it may seem…

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The heat can cause a fire! 1:15
Where solar panels could be installed? 2:00
What about solar-powered calculators? 2:52
The weather matters too 3:39
But there used to be phones powered by the sun! 4:12
Wonder-film 6:05

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– Modern phones are vulnerable to extreme temperatures, especially when they’re scorching.
– Smartphones start to strain as soon as the temperature reaches 95°F. They get warmer and warmer, and all the electronics they’re packed with eventually become overheated.
– The heat from the sun can lead to battery leakage, which can cause a fire!
– Another problem with solar panels is deciding where to install them.
– Calculators don’t need nearly as much power as your cell phone does. They don’t transmit tons of data, take pictures and videos, or make calls.
– The ideal conditions for charging your solar-powered phone would be a clear sky and bright sun shining directly on the panel.
– Still, lots of manufacturers are looking for ways to make solar batteries work for cell phones.
– In short, any company that’s tried to come up with a functioning solar-powered phone encountered the same problems.
– And even if the whole phone was covered in solar panels, this would still fail to make your device work for as long as electrical charging does.
– Still, producers haven’t lost hope, and they keep upgrading solar-powered phones.
– They’ve now invented a special film that changes light into electricity. This see-through film could be installed in smartphones between the display and touch screen.
– Light could pass through it, and it would collect energy from the sun’s ultraviolet and infrared radiation.
– You wouldn’t even notice that your phone is charging, AND you could carry it anywhere while it does!

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