The beautiful future of solar power | Marjan van Aubel

The sun delivers more energy to earth in one hour than all of humanity uses in an entire year. How can we make this power more accessible to everyone, everywhere? Solar designer Marjan van Aubel shows how she’s turning everyday objects like tabletops and stained glass windows into elegant solar cells — and shares her vision to make every surface a power station.

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  1. Your idea have a grate contribution for the humanity. But people do not think about Earth. No one think like me and you.

  2. This isn't anything that makes sense…
    This isn't anything green or renewable…
    It's DESIGN and it doesn't increase efficiency at all !!
    Swarovski in front of a solar pannel just means great overheating and a lower efficiencyoverall ! PEOPLE REMEMBER THAT LABORATORY TESTS AREN'T RELIABLE AND CAN BE MANIPULATED! in a lab you can cool your pannels with a refrigerating unit or feed them a specific light wave to make it looks efficient… it's not what happens UNDER THE SUN.
    Stain windows or just windows for a greenhouse meas your vegetable will have health problems and will need more nutrients … SO MORE CHEMICALS AND MORE PESTICIDES
    Using a soil less water saving system that saves water until temperature rises and air becomes dry… than you would like to have 5 cm of dry land to protect humidity of your roots… AND THOSE CHEMICALS AND PESTICIDES NEED WATER TO BE PRODUCED …
    A greenhouse that stores water from rainy seasons it's way better …
    Edit: if Swarovski wants to bring inside solar lights to make a candelier they can use a century old technology :
    It's called "glass fiber "and it transport lights for kilometers!
    I planned that system in elementary school with pencil and crayons 🖍😅 just think how much it is easy and intuitive!! But no… we have to spend thousands to make a crystal that sticks to a less than a dollar cell to increase efficiency… it's basic math: stick 2 cells near each other and save thousands.

    There are lots of way to improve this solar technology but ALL of this aren't one

  3. The life spans of both solar panels and their batteries is quite low (less than 25 years), further the re-cycling of solar panels and batteries produces over 80% waste!
    That is, this waste will need to go into landfill – and with millions of spent solar cells and batteries this could be a problem!

    The future probably lies in the extremely safe option of Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (LFTR) and a host of other molten salt reactors. Coupled with the new generation of battery
    storage options and the plentiful supply of Thorium on this planet (to date, approximately enough to power the earth's population for 4,000+ years!) it would be good option!

    The first LFTR installation (modelled on the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Molten Salt Reactor, U.S.A.), will be commissioned within the next five years somewhere other than the U.S.A.!
    The U.S.A. seems to still favour 'traditional' nuclear reactors since they can produce the by-product Plutonium which is used to create nuclear weapons! VERY SHORT-SIGHTED and STUPID!!!

    Also LFTR has almost zero carbon footprint, creates by-products like desalinated water, medical isotopes, targeted alpha therapy for cancer treatment and produces copious amounts of hydrogen!!!

  4. What do you do at night? What materials are being used and where are they coming from? Sounds like a big net negative impact to the environment.

  5. Very exited about beautiful, artistic and high efficiency solar panel product , will be funny to hear the news about people's window is short circuited🙉

  6. She believes in solar democracy but the people with the money don't! They want to keep this model of engineered poverty with all its problems. Due to the fact it makes them even wealthier they want a blade runner or expanse future not a Star Trek TNG one even if somehow. FTL was made to work the mendacious entities would still find a way to make the poor/powerless starve.

  7. Folks … let's make something clear here … Solar energy will not replace fossil fuels in all its forms as it is used today … However … the story is like this … that is, solar energy is very "expensive" but do you know that the production of CO2 when you burn fossil fuels is not yet part of the electricity bill? … If you add the fossil fuel pollution to the total cost … then … maybe solar power is not that expensive … At some point … you have to do your own research and come to your own conclusions . Again … here in Puerto Rico we have a lot of sun all year round … but we also have a hurricane season … Therefore our solar panels must be installed to withstand winds of around 150 MPH … two years ago Completed an experimental project … stop by Comments are welcome. Thank you.

  8. കിടുക്കാച്ചിയേയ് , പൊളി ഐഡിയ , താങ്ക്സ് ഫോർ ന്യൂ ഐഡിയ 💥👍

  9. Nevermind solar panels are made of extremely toxic materials. Also nevermind that solar farms require extremely large amounts of formally nature habitat to be viable. Solar is not the answer. It is an environmental disaster in the making!

  10. Affordable and aesthetically pleasing solar panels in our windows could be the next step in our transition to renewable energy sources accessible for everyone. Beautiful idea. I love it!

  11. improve efficiency and reduce costs… design will follow naturally. My father decided to move back into the land from the city to a farm. He has no electricity but from a few panels tonpower a few light bulbs and charge his cellphone. He us building one panel at the time. Believe me … how beautiful is not a factor in his decision to be able to have electricity at the moment!!!

  12. Charging a phone sounds nice but imagine the resources it’s using to give you 10 hours of time to use your phone for entertainment (most likely). Huge waste. We need to power Heaters and Air Conditioners, and if you want water; a dehumidifier (pulls water out of the air). I agree with previous comments as the appearance is the least of concern when we are just charging phones or a small LED. We need big power and storage can even be a water tower, it doesn’t need to be a battery. Potential Energy solutions need to be considered.

  13. Like Solar. Really I do. Think these projects are interesting. But we’ve gotta deal with facts too. Solar isn’t going to save us. Too diffuse. We need to start viewing real solutions as beautiful too. I’d like to see someone this enthused about making Nuclear Energy integrate with culture and society.

  14. What a idiot.
    Best to believe in Engineering.
    NOT some idiot from the art Department. Pie in the sky idiot.

  15. One thing I did no understand:
    She wants to power LEDs with Solar? Why? Is it about the Frequency of the Light that lets Plants grow better? And can this be profitable at all?

  16. The largest nuclear bomb ever detonated was the Tsar Bomba which was exploded on October 30, 1961 by the Soviet Union. It released an amount of energy equivalent to the conversion of 2.3 kilograms of matter into energy. 2.3 kilograms is equal to about 5 pounds.
    Thermo Nuclear Bomb Energy Output
    E = m c**2
    E = 2.3 KG X 300,000,000 m/sec X 300,000,000 m/sec
    E = 2.07 X 10**17 Joules or Watts
    CO2 Energy Absorption
    Earth Surface Area = 5.1 X 10**9 meters squared
    Earth Radiates 340 watts / m**2 /year on the average
    Total Energy from Earth in one year = (5.1 X 10**9) X (340) = 1.7 X 10**12 Joules or Watts
    If we assume the average energy of a thermonuclear bomb at 1/2 the Tsar bomb or 10**17 Watts,
    then all the infrared heat radiated by the Earth in one year, 1.7 X 10**12 Watts, is still 58,800 times
    smaller. Obviously, CO2 doesn't even come close to absorbing every watt coming from Earth.
    The peak absorption band of CO2 is 15 microns which represents a temperature of -112F. The Planck
    distribution falls off rapidly after 2-3 microns going to shorter wavelengths or higher temperatures.
    I would be doing you a favor if I said that CO2 absorbs 1% of the Earth's radiated energy…………most of it is absorbed by clouds and water vapor which swamps the CO2 absorption band. However, if I assume CO2 does absorb 1%, the amount of energy produced by an average Thermonuclear bomb detonation is 5.88 million times more than all the energy absorbed by CO2 in one year.

  17. "Transparent Solar Glass"… Are you madlads even serious?

  18. „I work in the triangle of design, sustainability and technolgy.“ Lol. How about AFFORDABILITY. The more power from wind and sun, the higher the prices for the customers. Germany already has the highest prices, 30 ct per kWh. But all she cares is: „Why are they so ugly?“

  19. The energy used to build the solar panel for the hut would be more than the energy that would ever be used in the hut.

  20. Solar does not provide ‘free energy’, as some people believe. The panels are incredibly resource dependent and demand mining of many rare elements, which is environmentally destructive. Also, they have a limited life span- 25 years max, but often as little as 10 years. Then what? Well, they are not easily recyclable and contain known carcinogens. They therefore fall the same fate as the rest of our discarded junk, with much shipped off to poor countries.

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