The Dark Side: The Truth About Solar Power In Winter – SolarQuotes TV Ep. 6

The truth about solar systems in winter and how they perform in your city. Plus, can a Tesla Powerwall cook a human? – a battery powered sauna battle. Also, making solar work in Tasmania, heat pumps, solar panel angles and more in the winter edition of SolarQuotes TV!

0:00 Introduction
0:32 Does solar power make sense in winter?
3:09 Field test: man vs Musk – sauna battery battle.
8:06 Holiday cabins powered by solar panels
9:59 Getting solar energy right in Tasmania
13:08 Heat pumps – so hot right now
15:53 Ned gets dark on a “rubbish installation”.
17:04 Ask Finn – winter and solar panel tilt
17:54 Ask Finn – solar payback calculations
19:03 Ask Finn – more on panel angles
19:37 Solar system performance in winter across Australia
25:05 NABERS 10-star home in Adelaide
26:22 Cheaper energy efficient homes

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  1. Hey Finn! Great presentations, entertaining, wide ranging and very informative! Just getting ready to get a 5kw system put in here in Canada and your info really helps sorting through the options and considerations. Cheers for that.

  2. Regarding heat pumps: Almost everyone I'm asking says that if your home doesn't have under floor heating, heatpumps are not worth it, because the radiators require much higher temperature water where heatpumps are not efficient. However, according to websites of reputable companies making heatpumps like Panasonic there are heatpumps that work well with only heating with radiators at high temperatures. I'm guessing some models are better for radiators, others are optimised for efficiency with floor heating. The question is: Is this true? If so, what should I be looking at when choosing a heatpump for radiators? Is there some specific technology, or coolant used or something?

  3. heat pumps are shite when it cold it has an emersion heater hidden inside it comes on it is not only heating your hot waster but also heating up the heating sytem ,UK energy prices have shot right nmy bill has gone up by £700 pa and that is just the start rises go on to 2023 .
    Ok if you are a paid installer =loads of money but if you have a couple kids and if lucky the bloke has a job you just end up broke feeding the bills ! /UK

  4. Thanks Finn, very useful. Wish I understood hot water heat pumps last year when I had to replace a failed system. I successfully used SolarQuotes this year to install at 13k system in Canberra. Do you have any recommendations for companies to help with improving the thermal performance of our house.

  5. I don't think air temperature inside the sauna you were in was 76C or 105C for that matter otherwise the nature of this show would be very different.

  6. Fin its hard to work out but from your hot water heat pump segment, (I have a gas boiler hot water system) I understand heat pumps are better than traditional electric, but how do we figure out if its cheaper to generate the hot water with gas or electric. Currently I'm with Amber Electric as my energy provider and price per kwh is not so simple, prices fluctuate every 30 minute, ie today I haven't been able to turn the heater on all day, and its a chilli 11deg here in Melbourne. My current live price right now is 45c kwh. Gas seems to me to be cheaper to run per day over switching to an electric system. Or should I look at going greener by switching my boiler to an instant gas hot water system in stead, and concentrate all my dollars on saving for that solar system i want to put in.

  7. In June 2021 my all electric home in Melbourne with 13.25 kWh solar, 9.8 kWh house battery and 75 kWh Tesla produced 656.76 kWh (57%) and exported 279 kWh (43%). Of the 445 kWh consumed 377.19 kWh (85%) was produced by my solar panels and 68.21 (15%) was imported from the grid. I am home during the day on weekdays and part of the weekend. Solar is definitely worth it in my mind.

  8. I'm in SE Queensland, on a sunny winter's day my panels can produce just over 40kWh but during heavy over caste this can drop to below 6kWh. Our only source of energy is electricity with a solar thermal hot water system and my bill for the winter quarter is looking like it will be below $20.

    Solar works in winter.

  9. We've almost made it through our first winter in our Reservoir, Melbourne home. We've only just got wall insulation pumped in yesterday. We got a 6.27 kWh system in high summer this year and have almost managed to pay for our gas bill over winter with the credit. New stop is getting off gas for indoor heating and hot water. And maybe upgrade our portable ikea induction cooktop.

    Solar certainly works in this Melbourne winter!

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