The Most Overrated Aspect Of Solar – Stop Worrying About Solar Panel Efficiency!

In this video, I will explain to you why solar panel efficiency is highly irrelevant to all but the most space restricted uses. We all hope that solar gets more efficient over time, but with only a few percentage points between an average panel and a highly efficient panel, it is not worth the extra cost. #solarforbeginners #solarpower #solarpanels

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  1. FAQ:

    Q: You don't think that efficiency is a worthwhile goal or advancement?
    A: Yes, I do, over time. The point of the video was that at a certain point in time, when a buyer has to make a decision, they only have certain options available and, when choosing among those options, efficiency is usually the least important specification. However, I do support R&D advancements in efficiency so that maybe someday panels will be small enough to go on vehicle roofs and hoods and produce a meaningful amount of power.

  2. I would argue that efficiency is indirectly important, to me anyway. A drive for efficiency drives the technology. For me, being ground mount required, I would rather have an output equal but take up half as much space within my yard (and let's face it, ground mount is pretty unattractive). So, while upgrading and building out my system, I have three factors….panel size, rating and reputation of manufacturer. I would love to have the smallest array possible with the highest output for my application, but high efficiency panels are not in this guy's budget.

    So, for me, efficiency and the focus on efficiency is important because it drives the technology and helps to pull the prices down to a more reasonable level for high, or at least, higher efficiency panels.

    Just my two cents in my scenario, everyone's is a little different.

  3. I think it’s also important to talk about efficiency in terms of light performance. Efficiency as rated by the manufacture is a product of one or more standard testing models. These models have very specific and bright lights in an ideal situation. No real world use has light similar to ideal laboratory environments for more than a few minutes a day. Efficiency as the sun is rising and setting is very important in those low light scenarios. Some manufacturers have started to describe their low light efficiency’s but there is no standard way to describe it. Some panels of the same size and wattage with the same stated efficiency will produce almost 30% more power over a whole day then another panel. When that is taken into consideration you come much closer to real world usage. To me this type of efficiency is what we need to standardize and report to consumers.

  4. why do you not include lifetime efficiency and degradation over time and why the more efficient panels usually have less degradation over time? its like your missing a key point on higher efficient models and trying to improve the efficiency of solar panels per panel size but also from loss over time.

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