The Mystery Flaw of Solar Panels

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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Dylan Hennessy (
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
Sound: Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster

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Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

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  1. Sir Real Engineering
    Hello and Greetings
    Instead of Teaching What gone into creating Solar Energy or for that matter Present crisis From Batteries Much More Juice Demanding

    Either SolarEnergy Or the StorageBatteryStorage to increase or to last 1000 miles is frought with too many players and still new players are entering

    I know we all had our Arrogance in some level In What we all achieved

    But then #Toyota believes still in its #Hybrid #Prius
    If I am not wrong They seek permission of Fuel driven Vehicles Where US government is planning to go for all electric by What ever years It does not matter

    What #Toyota Arguments in peak hours of heat waves plus While Consumers for cooling systems such as #AC's demands higher plus EV's charging points gets less electricity to get charged by owners of EV's are true just imagine

    Consumers needs growing so EV's emeged

    But then calamities changing heat waves is a serious causes of or from #ClimateEffects or What ever we each believe in

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    Y all see I came here to give or say right paths to no doomsday

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    I often here at the end of your video you gone to get trained to update the knowledge so you can share by understanding the topic in debate for a better understanding to arrive for by all stake holders

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    Yes we all ready had have that capacities to manufacture for few applications Where we stopped exploring much more possibilities of discarded DC motors

    Why don't bring it for multipurpose applications
    Such as House hold fans running on electricity EnergyGuzzelling

    If the same run on lesser volts batteries which can be charged by solar than Coal fired Electricity

    So every thing where electricity to run Electric motors convert into DC Motors so some percentage of Draining Huge Electricity by these can be reduced the huge growing demands for more Clean energy dependence increased to our maximum level

    SolarEnergy is available

    What we never explored are less energy consumption electric appliances one example I cited

    If I say there are plenty abundant such possibilities with lower efficient Solarcell can be charged than blaming the solarcells efficiency's is we are not able move any further with our Efficient or not solarcell tech

    But developing equal matching electrical appliances

    To have maximum benefits for our highly future demands growing time

    Don't we adopted #LED's?

    Why not Electric Motor conversion to DC motors

    Two huge benefits we have here bringing this technology to its new life for The Rich or those unfortunate's having no electric connectivity since ages While World advanced we may brag and stop exploring other viable ways and means

    Thus the pressures on Huge Energy demands from #CleanerEnergy are best utilized

    So we all meeting The #UN's #SDG GOALS
    To say this right It took for me go around and around on the same subjects WHEN IT IS NOT ANY ROCKET SCIENCE

    Any individual illiterate from rural India can manage his her cleaner energy needs with the same less efficient solar panels if made available much more energy efficient DC motors and other electrical appliances Imagine for your self

    If any of your IMAGINATIONS DON'T





  2. Why do renewables need subsidies if they can force fossil fuels out of the market through technological advance?

  3. Yeah it converts 20% of sunlight but it converts it to DC. You then have to induct it to create AC for use.

    Guess what? You loose more converting DC to AC then AC to DC.

  4. as someone directly working with crystalline solar cells (I know most of the authors shown personally!) I must say you over-emphasized that this was a mystery problem. It was well known for years and there have been other countermeasures developed (like high intensity light illumination aka "regeneration" etc.).
    Gallium doping is taking over but that's also not even close to being new knowledge.

  5. 40 years and there has not been any real improvement in the panels( the non photovoltaic component) Installing them is insanely primitive and cumbersome. The frame is sub optimal, so is the glass. The maintenance of a panel has never been addressed and the electrical connections are 19th century .

  6. I'm sorry, what? Solar panels are 20% efficient at best? Why are we using them and not nuclear, again?

  7. People wanting this technology to flourish, need to keep all the variables in the discussion.. namely heat produced by large solar farms and the close competition with natural gas. Making electricity from substrates of silicon is very attractive in the sense that it is passive in nature, nothing to do but harvest your 20 something percent energy every day without moving more than a thought.. but there is more to the story, like manufacturing, efficiency degradation over time and real estate required for implementation.. nobody ever mentions the amount of heat produced by these farms, especially while maintaining their "Global warming" narratives. Some quick math will show that if you are harvesting a whopping 40 percent from your solar panels in a fantasy configuration, the other 60 is heat.. at 1Kw per square meter at high-noon on the equator. So if you claim to have a 1Mw solar farm, 600Kw is just heat! Actually 2047285.2 BTU/hr for 6 to 8 hours a day.. that can be as high as 16,378,281.6 BTU per day of operation. This would be equivalent to burning 15,794 Cubic feet of natural gas every day.. I can generate over 1.8Mw of cheap, clean energy just with the heat that solar wastes in thermal losses every day!.. and the next time someone tells you CO2 is "bad for the environment" is simply confused, CO2 feeds the flora and fauna of this planet… So stop mowing down green spaces for solar farms and ridiculous tesla factories.

  8. Well why don't we use multiple layers that capture different wave lengths of light. I believe the Mars rovers solar cells have this system.

  9. What if solar panels were applied or built as a sphere or box, with the side facing upwards being translucent, trapping that solar light inside, to bounce around?That could maybe double the output, adding complexity. Absorbed heat is also useable, if transferred to a steam electrical generator. Why waste, at powerplant level? Oh, another thing, reflected light would only add energy to our weather phenomena , on a global scale. Having a hunch that can't be good…. unless controlling where light is reflected, priming earlier clouds etc before them becoming hurricanes…

  10. I know I am old but you need to slow up. you give me a headache listening to you. When people talk so fast tends to make me not believe things you say. Just saying RC

  11. They also lose about 25% when in the inverter that converts DC to AC. Hey millenial nerd that is about 130 nuclear power plants! You probably didn't know that is my guess.

  12. Question: How do they calculate the total amount of solar energy hitting the surface of the earth to begin with, and how do they know there's only a 20% conversion ??
    Still 20% energy from nothing (well, after manufacturing), is quite remarkable, when you think about it…

  13. You failed to mention that silver is critical to the channeling of the free electrons to the electrical wire out of the solar panel. Silver is the most conductive metal and is integral to the solar industry in making long lasting efficient solar panels. Manufacturers have reduced the amount of silver but there is a limit where they quickly reduce efficiency & durability. Substitutes will be very difficult due to silvers portfolio of amazing properties & substitute costs.

  14. Nice video. Here's the short and skinny on solar power (for home or industry).

    Any time a product comes along and you see a flood of commercials for it, door to door sales for it, kiosks for it in malls and other retail environments, the kid down the street who could never hold a job but was constantly trying to sell vaccuum cleaners, shoes, encyclopedias, etc., suddenly bugging you to try it, RUN!!! Solar power may, and just may, one day have some real and longterm application in the life of your average sentient being but, for the foreseeable future, it is as worthless as a fidget spinner with froze-up bearings. JUNK and utter FOOLISHNESS.

  15. “through technological advance”… and massive tax incentives…30 seconds in and you've already showed your bias. Nice.

  16. SOLAR HEAT FROM 1943: My house, in Florida, had a solar powered water heater installed in 1943. The solar unit was a steel box, about 3 inches deep, with a sheet glass on the face. (This box was about 12 feet long and 2 feet wide, but these dimensions can be as big you want.) This box had a 1 inch copper pipe that zigzagged though out the box, with about 3 inches between the rows. There was also a sheet of copper lining the back side of the box. Both the pipes and the coper sheet were painted black so as to absorb the heat of the sun.
    The box was placed at a 45 degree angle, facing to the south. The pipe then went to a normal electric water heater, which heated the water on cloudy days. This was a simple, but efficient, system that was still in use when the house was sold in 2009.

  17. 4:10 – Silicon monoxide and titanium dioxide passivation/anti-reflective coating is no longer used. The upper surface is nitrided, which both passivates the surface (renders it non-reactive) and achieves low reflectivity. It is the nitride which gives the blue tint to most solar cells. There are black cells, but the black is merely cosmetic and incurs an efficiency penalty.
    For more information:

  18. Yep, solar and wind, it's a nice fantasy. Works for small stuff. Fails on large scale..this is why California is now saying please refrain from charging your electric vehicles. Hmmm….and they plan on doing away with gas powered cars.
    We're going to "save the environment" by completely covering it in toxic glass panels, bird frying mirrors and giant desk fans. *sigh…frickin' nolobes.
    It's not Star Trek.
    "Mr. Scott, how long for you to develop fusion power?"
    "It's nah more than a theory Cap'n! It could take years!"
    "You have one hour!"
    "Aye" (pulls his already developed Mr. Fusion out of the bottom cabinet, spends 58 minutes polishing off a bottle of something….green….)

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