The Rise Of Solar Power

Solar power is on the rise. You can see the evidence on rooftops and in the desert, where utility-scale solar plants are popping up. The picture is not all rosy, but if the recent past is any indication, solar power is going to help lead the transition to a carbon-free future, and it might do it faster than we all expected.

Elon Musk and Tesla promised solar roof tiles in 2016, but the industry might not need an upgrade as its grown significantly with the solar panels currently available. You can see the evidence both on individual rooftops and in the utility-scale solar plants increasingly popping up in deserts across the country. In the United States, of all about 30% of the new power capacity added to the grid in 2018 was from solar.

But the picture is not all rosy. Solar power (and sunshine) is intermittent and the price of lithium ion batteries, one of the most popular current storage solutions, is still relatively high.

These are real problems that the industry needs to tackle if solar is going to reach its potential. However, if the recent past is any indication, solar power is going to help lead the transition to a carbon-free future, and it might do it faster than we all expected. Watch the video to learn more.

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The Rise Of Solar Power


  1. It's always amazing on how many people actually believe in global warming. In the 80s it was global cooling now it's warming. And according to the so called expert's we was supposed to all be dead many year's ago from warming and cooling and etc. And now again they are saying we have 7 year's left.

  2. "Most states have Net-Metering Laws…"
    Oof, not Texas :/ My utility wouldn't pay us a cent if we were to install solar panels.

  3. Right now in the summer of 2021, the news is full of glowing reports of advances in Fusion Power. I choose solar, and I can not understand why Fusion gets such a free pass with respect to its public image. Fusion is just another way of boiling water, and as long as the steam turbine is used to produce electricity, then this big problem should be kept front and center in the public consciousness. The problem? Any steam turbine releases twice as much heat energy into the atmosphere as electricity produced. And if warming is the problem, then how the Hell is the dismal thermal efficiency of Fusion the solution? And why do we Solar folk continue to allow them to ignore it? Super source of real information on this is the little Dover book, Understanding Thermodynamics, by Van Ness. He has a whole chapter on power plants.

  4. How about convert the electricity from solar panel into hydrogen, then burns hydrogen to produce electricity and water?

  5. There is nothing green about solar, I fact it's currently just as pollutant as other energy sources. It's just in a different form. These panels are not forever lasting and will need to be replaced sooner rather than later. And guess where the will end up…… in a dump potential contaminating our ground and water. In fact the process of building them also has the results of pollutants, so how is solar really any better than nuclear or fossil fuel. No matter what we will end up pollutanting our environment.

  6. The answer to solar and wind turbines is that they are now unnecessary. We now have the ultimate and cheapest green power device with none of these problems, in the SAFIRE GENERATOR. This is what we need to negate all the problems of all competing green energies. It produces almost costless electricity and therefore hydrogen from new FUSION NUCLEAR and is now immediately upon us. We have recently taken a new step to advance the physic of medium temperature plasma fusion power production by enabling chemistry of the atomic nucleus, or "nuchemy" in the newest FUSION NUCLEAR POWER technology. We are passing the chemistry level where we interacted with the atomic electron shells and are moving on to manipulations in this "NUCHEMY" atomic nuclear era when we interact and multiply nuclear protons. We have rediscovered the lost work of the alchemists and can make new elements with different atomic weights. This was ably demonstrated in "THE SAFIRE PROJECT". Quanta are important. We now have enough energy to manipulate the atomic nucleus much more easily by creating a compartment, or what is a local region of plasma containment so reactions at this atomic nuclear level can easily take place. This is about to practically enabled a really fantastic and cheap new era of energy production for the whole of mankind. This with hydrogen, so free fuel obtained from water or atmospheric moisture anywhere in the world. This new fusion nuclear SAFIRE GENERATOR is at the industrial commercial production final development point as of now and it can retrofit older and decommissioned power plants. The energy argument and other power methodologies are all now virtually irrelevant as we have new and very physically and economically powered practical and local community level fusion nuclear power. Solar roof plus Teslawall battery may be the present way to go domestically but megapack batteries and multiple storage technologies interconnected with an expanded ugly grid have a less certain requirement when you consider new any-scale community based and 24 hr reliable and self-fueling fusion nuclear in the form of the "SAFIRE REACTOR". Learn all about it at "AUREON ENERGY.COM". Then learn the newer EU Theory and plasma physics at "THUNDERBOLTS PROJECT.COM" and you will be permanently reeducated with this advanced newer EU theory that will allow you to understand more about the astrophysics of our whole universe and all within and you will be more informed and can teach your peers.

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  8. Very well Educative on the latest trends and development!! We still have a long way to go here in africa

  9. How about we invest and research more into nuclear energy because it takes up much less land, resources, and it constantly generates electricity.

  10. ALL usable energy on the planet is solar. A small fraction of it is usable in real time…most was 'stored' over the last billion or 2 years. And it is not 'renewable'…at least until a new sun is put together by gravity and "we" (who won't exist) or something vaguely resembling humans happen to evolve on a habitable satellite of that star.

  11. Californoa governments wants to ban house solar roofs now

    Why? Corruption,bribes from oil and gas companies

  12. If US households consume 800 kWh per months, versus UK at less than 500 kWh, the US could cut emissions massively by reducing consumption without having to incur the cost of adding more solar than is necessary?

  13. We don't want a carbon free future. Carbon is what all life forms on earth are based on. If there is no carbon, plants could not make their food, and therefore die what we eat? Lichen? Fungus?
    Without carbon the whole global biosphere would collapse as all living things rely on it. What is it you are really trying to tell us? Even you talking on this video produces carbon because you exhale. So what are you really saying about carbon and do you even have a clue about science? Or are you a sociologist?

  14. There's channel on here called DIY solar, Will Prowse and this guy is always checking for more economical solar power solutions from batteries to different solar panels, BMS, etc.

  15. Solar energy is more than just having a shinning sun at top of your house, it also depend on the type of light spectrum, the day light hour, the formation of cloud, the type of solar panel, and few other factors, it is no way human can just depend on solar power alone to meet all their energy needs.

  16. I think Nevada would be a great place for this project. Why not? Basically everything north of Las Vegas is barren desert.

  17. It is a scam, try and research the amount of energy it takes to produce this technology, the final products use more carbon fuel to produce than the amount of power they will produce over their lifetime, you have all been lied to once again. This is not green energy , it is all highly reliant on fossil fuels to produce it. What a load of rubbish was the molten salt generators, they are not even in operation anymore, what a total waste of fossil fuels that project was.

  18. Solar power operates on forced taxpayer transfer payments. This means it doesn't work. With trillions of dollars ripped off taxpayers it will make no difference whatsoever other than to tear up a lot of natural habitat. Good ideas never require media brainwashing.

  19. God bless the basis of modern prosperity: the oil and gas industry.

    Reject the eco-hoaxers, they are attempting to impose Third World living conditions on everyone.

  20. Compared to US, solar is so cheap in India. Some of my friends already have solar on their rooftop.

  21. at firstly i was so suspicios on whole solar power thing but free electricity tto own personal use sounds alluring and whole thing to run my stuff with out always relying on big brother imagine if you coud convert that much solar energy that you coud roast meat on owen with solarpower or turn sauna on sunny day how epic that woud be

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  28. "that's enough for 64m US homes". Or 190m European homes. Or 270m homes from other countries than the US and Europe.

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  31. do any of you a$$ holes know how a solar panel is made and how much fosil fuel and mining it takes? no! there is no true green energy! all a leftist lie. these propagandist wont tell you. CORN POP!

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