The TRUTH About Solar! 4 Year Review

I’ve had my solar panels for 4 years and it’s time to look back and see what I would and wouldn’t do again. If you’re interested in learning more about solar, check out Energy Sage

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  1. With Enphase micro inverters, you still have to have a control box that will have to mount somewhere. It is about the same size as that SolarEdge…

  2. Ben,
    Great video (as usual) but Energy Sage is a reality for the US residents. Some of your followers are on the other side of the World. Is there something similar that is international in scope?

  3. You said .31/kw? OMG. I’m around .09-.12/kw. So my electric bill would be tripled there. That is crazy. I’m glad I don’t live in California. I can’t believe you said .31/kw. 😮

  4. As someone who installed a 12 Kw solar panel system 2 1/2 years ago I strongly endorse Ben’s advice to put the largest system you can manage on your roof now. My system is adequate for my present needs but recently I’ve replaced an old HVAC with a heat pump, which means I will be heating and cooling with electricity from now on. I’m located in Southern California so this is not inherently a problem, but it will involve additional electric consumption over the course of the year. In addition, I currently have a plug-in hybrid with a 17 kW battery that I will likely replace with a full EV in the next few years. This will come with a battery three or four times as big. As a result I am currently in talks with my solar contractor to add another 3 kW to my existing system. Had I thought far enough ahead (or had the benefit of Ben’s advice) I would’ve installed this extra capacity at the outset. Apart from this initial miscalculation I am totally satisfied with my solar panel system. I’m on track to have the system pay for itself in less than six years.

  5. a permit to put solar panels on your roof? what the hell. California logic, push everyone to go green, require new buildings to have solar panels. Then charge people for putting panels on their roof…

  6. It’s good to see how solar energy works but it’s also good to know where the materials used to build them are coming from and in which condition we’re getting them
    Drcongo provides 60% of the world materials used for solar energy including electrical transportation
    But in which condition we get those materials?
    Millions of people already died from conflicts caused by army groups sponsored by multinational companies with complicity of the so called powerful nations
    Are we going to stay quiet and let those innocent people being killed just because we want to drive a nice car or having electricity in house ?
    We all concerned about what it’s going on right now in east of Congo
    Take time to think how you love your family and the pain you would have you to loose your love one
    Me and you we can give hope to those people who have been rejected and killed for no reason

  7. But what about the cost of replacing the inverter at year 10 or 15 and replacing the panels? Are those costs included in your calculations?

  8. Great video! What about when you have to have shingles replaced? Will having panels on the roof cause problems with leaks, or do you think the panels will prolong the longevity?

  9. Solar panels or solar power is not a renewable energy or Eco friendly technologies meaning good for environment. Far from it people think it's glass🤣. Sometimes it's worth if you have a business What it is ,is governmental scam sponsored by governmental requirements. Rather than a cheap us made coal that emiting way less gases into the atmosphere. Than Chinese/Russia quart's production which pollutes 100 times more than the state of California

  10. It’s 31 cents per Khrushchev in Cali? Wow you’re getting fucked! It’s 12 cents in ny aka triple the time to break even

  11. I’m sure solar is somewhat feasible in a place like California.
    But in a place that’s a lot colder, and especially cloudier.
    Nope 👎
    I want to know what your total cost was, including all the extras and power walls.
    I really don’t have to know.
    Because I know that most Americans couldn’t even begin to afford this.
    And then it’s REQUIRED! to live there???
    Must be another reason people are leaving California in droves.
    And after last February,
    I wouldn’t be crowing about Texas’s ideas on power grids either.
    For all the noise out there about going “green”,
    natural gas is still more cost efficient.
    And it still keeps coming, even if the regular grid is down.
    Dollar for dollar 💵
    It still wins.

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