The truth about solar panels – do the pros outweigh the cons?

The truth about solar panels – do the pros outweigh the cons? Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code MATTFERRELL. Solar power has seen record growth over the past decade, created an incredible number of new jobs, and is one of the most affordable forms of generating energy. But with all of those panels popping up across rooftops and open areas, what happens when it comes time to replace them? And do the environmental impacts of manufacturing solar panels outweigh the benefits?

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  1. Well being a Solar owner this is now what I am facing on August 2,2021 we had a power surge from our electric Co-op company.It fired our surge protector box and 22 Microinverters on our solar panels our solar company said that our Microinverters are not covered under warranty for this type of action by the Electric Co-Op our Surge protect box was covered under warranty but not our Microinverters something wrong with this picture.Our Electric Co-Op told us to file with our home owner's insurance told them so this means I have to pay for your fault to my solar system so for no luck finding a lawyer to take any type of action.Our solar system is still down today so we are now at the mercy of our Electric Co-Op Company.

  2. Where are all the cons this video was to present? Missing in action. So, here are just four I thought you would have mentioned.
    One con is that fire fighters in our township said they won’t go on roof with electric solar panels to vent a house fire? Of course when insurance companies heard that, it became hard to get coverage, and cost much more $$$ if you did. You may also be denied a mortgage. A neighbor had solar roof panels for decades and found they where considered ‘hazardous waste’ when it came time to replace them. The county would not allow them in the garbage landfill. They required special disposal costing many $$$. Because of these reasons it may also be difficult to sell your home with solar roof panels on it. Make sure all these added costs are figured into your calculations, else don’t buy.

  3. What about the battery waste at the end of its life?
    The solar panel itself might not be impacting the environment so much, However, the batteries did.

  4. So we aren't going to mention energy storage or batteries at all? Are we not going to mention the vast amount of land needed for solar farms to meet energy demands versus something like a nuclear plant? The line where he says "there is a good reason why governments are pushing solar energy" had me laughing real damn hard.

  5. SunPower is merging with a company called "Wall Box" they will be offering a complete package, for your home, and an EV charging station for your car.

  6. What's your take on floating solar farms?
    I live in Las Vegas and Lake Mead is Dropping fast. Therefore it is producing less power. Couldn't they put a floating solar farm in the area just in front of the dam to help offset this power drop? It would help with evaporation, very little, since Lake Mead is soo large.
    What about storms?

  7. It would be good if you did a side by side comparison of LCAs.
    Nitrous oxide emissions from coal are more massive per kWh than the total inputs for solar and wind. That just one small type of pollution!
    The ash disposal from coal is 1000x more massive than total inputs for solar/wind.

  8. Sunpower are awesome cells with a very long track record of performance. My only gripe with them is they don't make small ones say 5 to 10 Watts. I don't like large panels all your eggs in one basket.

  9. Folks make solar too complicated. If you live a life that works with the assembly, then you don't need much storage. Use a normal tank-style water heater so the panel assembly remains under steady load. Water heat is your largest energy user in the home. As for cooling, sensible home design reduces cooling needs. You don't need a solar roof either. A solar awning is easier and safer to maintain.

  10. Solar needs to go on roof tops .
    Not cutting down trees to install on the ground.
    If you have solar, you need a battery too.

  11. The answer to solar and wind turbines is that they are now unnecessary. We now have the ultimate and cheapest green power device with none of these problems, in the SAFIRE GENERATOR. This is what we need to negate all the problems of all competing green energies. It produces almost costless electricity and therefore hydrogen from new FUSION NUCLEAR and is now immediately upon us. We have recently taken a new step to advance the physic of medium temperature plasma fusion power production by enabling chemistry of the atomic nucleus, or "nuchemy" in the newest FUSION NUCLEAR POWER technology. We are passing the chemistry level where we interacted with the atomic electron shells and are moving on to manipulations in this "NUCHEMY" atomic nuclear era when we interact and multiply nuclear protons. We have rediscovered the lost work of the alchemists and can make new elements with different atomic weights. This was ably demonstrated in "THE SAFIRE PROJECT". Quanta are important. We now have enough energy to manipulate the atomic nucleus much more easily by creating a compartment, or what is a local region of plasma containment so reactions at this atomic nuclear level can easily take place. This is about to practically enabled a really fantastic and cheap new era of energy production for the whole of mankind. This with hydrogen, so free fuel obtained from water or atmospheric moisture anywhere in the world. This new fusion nuclear SAFIRE GENERATOR is at the industrial commercial production final development point as of now and it can retrofit older and decommissioned power plants. The energy argument and other power methodologies are all now virtually irrelevant as we have new and very physically and economically powered practical and local community level fusion nuclear power. Solar roof plus Teslawall battery may be the present way to go domestically but megapack batteries and multiple storage technologies interconnected with an expanded ugly grid have a less certain requirement when you consider new any-scale community based and 24 hr reliable and self-fueling fusion nuclear in the form of the "SAFIRE REACTOR". Learn all about it at "AUREON ENERGY.COM". Then learn the newer EU Theory and plasma physics at "THUNDERBOLTS PROJECT.COM" and you will be permanently reeducated with this advanced newer EU theory that will allow you to understand more about the astrophysics of our whole universe and all within and you will be more informed and can teach your peers.

  12. So many people are being bent over and shafted by these Solar energy company's, its cheaper to by your own generator and F*** the power companies . My generator runs on LPG And I by my LPG Gas once a year at the summer cheap rate , saved $2,000.00 per year for last 3 years.

  13. I wish solar was a great option, but there are a number of barriers to overcome. First, the initial cost; the only folks that can finance solar are the top 25 percent or so. Realistic payback times are likely 10-15 years, so you're asking a lot of people to wait a decade for the investment to pay off. Second is that it's not a 24/7 source; you have to have another option. I can see that later in my life, energy infrastructure will be modified to accommodate solar's constraints.

  14. this comparison has nothing to do with reality. Because during the night you have less light that during the day and in the winter less than in the summer, a solar plant in fact requires having storage capacity large enough to pass the night, a few cloudy days, especially if we talk about a few cloudy days in the winter. When we add the storage cost in money and energy and environmental cost the things aren't so rosy anymore. If solar can't cover 24/7/365 and we have to maintain gas power plants and gas supplies and so on enough to take over when solar fails then it's a fail. We cannot speak of solar plants as a solution to replace fossil fuel until we don't have a storage solution.


  16. I live in an earthquake prone zone. All major furniture and my big appliances have seismic restraints. I am very concerned about loading my roof with the added load of solar panels. They are very heavy.

  17. Is there a similar comparison that also takes into count the batteries? Is it really and apples to apples comparison without including them? After all you can at any point strike a match and get power out of fossil fuels whereas with solar the conditions have to be right. Not many solar powered nightlights without a battery. Does the impact still hold up or does it become a little less clear?

  18. At the surface solar looks amazing but the truth about recycling is they are very complicated to recycle and the automated machinery to recycle them is not cheap. there is no way to continuously draw power from solar panels and obviously energy storage for them is not very practical.
    the reality is that we need to rely on numerous different kinds of energy and one of the main ones needs to be nuclear.
    public perception has strayed so far away from this but the fact of the matter is that nuclear energy is one of the best forms of energy by which are society could rely.

  19. Recycling solar panels? Or give them away? I'm sure there are plenty of areas of the world, with plenty of land, that would appreciate low cost / free solar panels, even if the panels aren't producing as much electricity as they used to.

  20. Unfortunately, solar and wind have one big problem – unreliability. Latest freeze in Texas teach us just that. If you don't like die, you still have to rely on hydro, coal and nuclear.

  21. What about the impact on the environment and heating the earth up? In southern California hundreds of birds have been killed because of the heat damage to their wings as they fly over and fall to the ground. Also concerns are being expressed about plans for solar power stations in the African Sahara heating up the climate with gkibal impact. Does this type of heat from home solar power systems on homes in the United States?

  22. It seems to me that when you decide to add solar generation of power to your home your basically paying your energy costs upfront. People move frequently for different reasons and that investment is left behind. Figuring in the cost of a new roof if needed anytime soon is another expense for the project. I think it might be better to have local government, schools, shopping malls, industries and others generate their own solar power to reduce demand on the grid than to have every homeowner pay the expense. Of course, the wrong thing to do would to have electric utility providers reduce capacity as a back up source will be critical.

  23. They don't have to push me, I got a monthly fee with the electric company, of 18-20 some even lower for the next 25 years, and average 25-35 kW daily, consumption average during winter is 4 kW a day, summer around 25 kW with ac running 24/7 for a few months, also built a LiOn battery backup system just in case power goes down that I can brew my coffee. No complaints here folks, try it you might like it. Is not everything we can do but is a good start!

  24. Solar and wind power would have gone NOWHERE if it wasn't for the $Billions that the US govt alone has dumped into it. And where did that money come from? That's right…YOUR pocketbook! Of course, none of that money is ever considered in the Levelized Cost of Energy anaylsis. Is it?? Hmmmmmm…

  25. At every step of a solar system there is an opportunity for lost power sometimes considerable. Solar IMO is many years away from being ready for prime time and affordable.

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