The truth about solar power – storing energy

Solar Power and renewable energy sources are getting cheaper by the day and in some cases are the cheapest methods for producing electricity. But there’s a major downside that needs to get solved before renewables can really take over. That’s how to distribute power evenly over time, so things like weather and peak demand aren’t problems. There are solutions to this underway, and in some cases already here, so let’s dive into this.

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  1. Can we do anything about the demand curve? In the evening, what do people use so much electricity for? Could it be done during the day instead?

  2. Its the biggret mistake to regard renewables as a problem.
    They are not a problem, they are a solution.
    THE solution.

  3. I am old enough to recall that it was videos and dissemination of information this that made people believe in the internet.
    Not porn and cat videos!.
    Refreshing to watch a smart person explain something simply. As Einstein said "If you cant explain something simply, you really dont understand it."…or something to that effect.


  4. Awesome! Lithium is not the way to go the mining is absolutely detrimental to the environment. I do like the idea of hydrogen.

  5. If new houses are built super insulated with passive solar features, like a solar greenhouse or trombe wall, heating can be drastically reduced. Just adding double mylar storm windows, thus creating 4 layers of glazing has cut our heating needs in half, plus I'm planning to make insulated window covers for cold nights. I know of someone who generates electricity from both solar panels and hydroelectric, as he has a small creek with a large vertical drop that runs all winter but dries up in summer. There are all kinds of possibilities, like masonry heaters and rocket mass heaters for those who burn wood – they burn clean and very efficient.

  6. In a place like where I live, solar and wind power sound ridiculous to even think about, simply because we use heat pumps and A/C like all the time .. so for renewable power solutions to take place, we need to make energy consumption way more efficient ( especially in climate conditioning ) .. here, a single house consumes an average of 17700 WAT just for A/C !!!
    I see that phase shift A/C technology is outdated and there’s gotta be a whole new tech, like chemical , electrothermal ( which is unfortunately even less energy efficient, as by now ) …
    solar panels are great, but they need further innovation too, so they might get cheeper and more efficient …

  7. Maybe our president in the US could provide funds for education in renewable energy to those areas that will be hit with decreased demand for coal. Don't give them false hope for a fading future.

  8. Wind generated power is a visible negative to the landscape. Solar's biggest problem, in my opinion, is NOT irregular or inconsistent power generation due to weather or length of day. The biggest issue is photovoltaic technology as it currently exists only captures 15% of the power the sun is providing. Yes, battery storage technology improvements will be a big gain, but if a photovoltaic can be developed that even yields 30%, you will accelerate feasibility in terms of cost and footprint and wider adoption as a viable energy source.

  9. Spanish thermosolars keep producing electricity 2 hours after sunset. Most of the year, that's enough to help powering the evening peak.

  10. In Germany the coal industry is fighting the renewable energy industry, unfortunatelly with the help of the government. the gov doesn't give a damn about the agreement they signed in paris 2015. They say: the industry will suffer from to excessive climate protection efforts. but the industry is allready suffering from climate change (recent BASF news), and will continue to suffer even more. I just cant understand this stupid behavior.

  11. There was this company use sunlight to heat oil and use GE turban to generate electricity , have you hear of ? How is the efficiency of that solution?

  12. RMI Sells energy savings to some pretty conservative companies/industries because RMI might be crypto ecologists, but to the corps, money is money!

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