The Ultimate Jeep Accessory! Solar Power!

In this video, I will be installing the VSS solar power system by Cascadia4x4 on my 2014 Jeep Wrangler unlimited. This product is a total game changer. Never have a dead battery again! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Which battery are you using? I have it installed just like yours but my battery drains in the South Florid Sun. My fridge cycles on and off around 34watts. I'm using a Yellow top which the Cascadia does suspect is the issue but my Noco Charger charges it right up with no issues. The battery does start the Jeep and even works great on Heavy Winch Pulls. My lights are Steady Yellow and Fast Flahing Green in the sun. When the Sun his my Cascadia panel the voltage doesn't jump up to 13.1 like yours seem to. it stays exactly where it was. so lets say its down to 12.4. it will just stay there and slowly drain. I do notice the battery drains slower with the panel on. I'm getting 20volts on the meter, and my Jackery 240 test shows I can get 45 watts. Haven't been able to see more than 45 watts on the Jackery. Not sure it can handle more than 45watts.

  2. I've seen a few of your videos. But this is the WIN. I'm now a Subscriber. What a genius invention! I have heat louvers on the hood of my JKU. If they could incorporate some heat louvers with the solar panels it would be a double win! I've got the Solargizers for my batteries. I like this much better. More amperage and it would help reduce hood glare from Lightbars as well as add a bit of color to the hood. A bolt-on version would be preferred though. I do have some concern of intrusion from around the nozzle holes.

  3. Enjoy your videos, thank you for your service! The reason I subscribed is because you offer laid back non douchy videos and you do not overkill them with talking and talking and talking… thanks brother!!

  4. I like it! Now we need to find a way to charge the 4xe battery pack with this… In less than a month+

  5. I rather have the heat vent I installed instead. I really do not like the look of a heat vent very much. But it is the best low cost modification I have ever made.

  6. This is stupidity in a box.
    If you know anything about electronics or PV you would know that heat and electricity don't mix.
    the engine produces heat right?
    Ok mix that with the doped semiconductor elements of the p.v. = disaster it will fry that 3mm sheet in the 1st use 😅 but once the solar cell reaches 140-160°F it will not charge correctly or at all these 3.6 run above +200°F.
    the optimum working indirect temp of any solar cells is below 125°F.
    You are better off setting up a system on the top of the roof shell.

  7. I'm not a fan of the solar wiring exposed and through the hood on panels like this. I like wiring to all be hidden. Gives a nice clean look all around. But would like to see how this holds up in areas that gets snow.

  8. Is the vinyl undercoating necessary? I don’t see the point if the panel adheres to the space around the vinyl wrap anyway

  9. What is the purpose of the clear plastic wrap vs. just applying the solar panel directly to the hood? I'm assuming this might protect the paint on the hood.

  10. That VHB tape sticks like a champ, providing you clean the surface area as recommended! I used it to stick solar on my roof and let me tell you it holds very strong and I’m able to drive 70 mph no problem!

  11. $450 for 100 watts to make your jeep look like total shit, Seriously? Engine heat will have double sided sticky panel flying in the wind day 1

  12. would be much more effektive if you will measure the Amps instead of the Voltage coming down from the solar Panel 😉

  13. can we get longer cables to route the pos/neg cables from the hood to the trunk of the jeep? I plan on connecting one to an aux battery in the back to power up a fridge and compressor.

  14. Nicely done 👍 but I’m guessing it would be a nightmare to replace the solar panel if it’s faulty

  15. I love the concept but I don't think I'd go for a hood mounted option, much more likely try to do something on the roof in the back.
    The hood gets so hot that it will dramatically reduce the efficiency and lifespan of the solar cells 🙁
    Plus, idk if I could get over the fear of it somehow coming lose while driving and ending up in my windshield lol.

  16. First Reading of the solar panel was 20.4 with the hood down the reading was 13.6, why did you mention stronger.

  17. Great video. I’ve been really considering this and your video convinced me it’s a must add mod. Cheers!

  18. I luv using solar, and this is another great application. One thing about this panel, they should treat the edge the panel with a nice edge molding.

    I really enjoy all of your videos, even if the musical interludes need to be removed (even my 14 year old tells me to turn the volume off each time you insert your "music"). Ditch the music for all your speed time shotsand your videos would be 100 times better.

  19. 17:43 "The sun is in my eyes…" If only there were some type of headgear to keep the sun out of people's eyes… Great product though! I want one for my jeep.

  20. This will NOT work in Arizona when ambient temperatures are 120°F and with underhood engine temperatures of 200°F meaning surface temperature of the duble walled hood will be at least 180°F way over any solar panel operating system usage.

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