Top 4 100w Solar Panels Tested! Renogy vs. HQST vs. Rich Solar vs. NewPowa

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  1. I am looking forward someone who is interested in designing and manufacturing a mass produced plug and play solar/battery/power module for van conversions inside an 80/20 frame I would supply that would be compatible with my patent pending modular storage system. Any suggestions? It’s ridiculous that nobody is doing this already. Even most rich people would trade getting a prepackaged system in one month vs waiting a year or two for a custom system.

  2. I studied EE at Univ. of Colo. for a couple of years and did not absorb much usable information. It cost a fortune. Your presentations give us practical, usable information in easily understood terms i.e. you discard the B/S and give us what we need. Well done Professor.

  3. I ordered an HQST panel from Amazon based upon your recommendation. But unfortunately it was catastrophically damaged in shipment (FedEx). Back to my research for expanding my RV system.

  4. Great video, just a few things to say about the HQST and Renogy solar panels: First, as of today, in 2021, what i saw on amazon as far as warranty, they both have the same power output warranty, however the HQST panels only have a 3 year workmanship and material warranty, two years less than the Renogy's 5. Also, I'm not sure about how accurate or valid this may be, but there was also a comment about someone having problems getting their warranty honored by HQST. Just a thought to consider. Where as Renogy is "Amazons choice" has 5 star rating with over 2,000 reviews and holds what seems to be a more trustable brand name, compared to HQST being a seemingly no name brand that has 4.5 stars but with only 280 something reviews. Considering there is only a $10 difference in price, I personally believe the Renogy panel would be a better choice, especially if the warranty info I found is in fact more accurate and you get 2 more years of material warranty, as in for the actual panel itself and its parts. I might add that this warranty is right up top in the Renogy's description (meaning it's certainly legitimate) whereas I had to search the FAQs section to get an answer as to what the warranty was for the HQST panel.,

    Second, it would be cool if instead of just reading the watts off the solar charger if you could measure the actual volts and amps of each panel because since they are proportional to eachother in determining watts, you could have a panel with high voltage and low amps or low voltage and high amps while both are putting out 100 watts. I believe its better to have a panel that pushes more current (higher amps) considering we only need 12 to 14 volts for 12v systems. Although, Renogy does give optimum operating voltage (22.3V) and optimum operating amperage (5.86A) listed in their amazon details, but that would be under ideal conditions what is possible for the panel, and it would good to know what real life numbers are like. Also in my mind it just makes for a better comparison for a given group of panels for a particular use case. But then again, you obviously know a lot more about solar than I do so I'd like to know your opinion.

    Thanks for all the great info , please let me know what you think. Cheers.

    Edit: After watching more of your videos I've learned so much that I didn't consider before. I'm trying to do my research to build a system for my van build, and you've been a great help. Like my initial idea was to just use a solar generator like a bluetti or something similar, but then I realized it would be difficult to run regular 12v while a 12v fridge is taking up the cigarette socket. Not to mention in the long term it just wouldn't last as long a one of your DIY setups. Plus if I have a better solar system I could simply run a dorm style fridge off of it and save a ton of money over a 12v compressor type fridge which i could in tern put back into the electrical to make up for the extra power consumption. I definitely plan on picking up your book to research further. Also I'm starting to think polycrystalline is the way to go after watching more of your tests, especially if I can only manage to fit one panel on my roof (we'll see after I get around to measuring). Anyway, thanks again for all that you do and please let me know what you think if you have the time.

  5. I know the flexible panels aren't great but would love a comparison on those. I need flexible for portable and not sure best ones to get.

  6. I want to hate you,…..I hate everybody,…..but you're so good at what you do,…I can't hate you. I can't even get myself to "thumbs down" you. Thanks for all the info you put out here,…P.S. Love the hat.

  7. When I started years ago I used Renogy mono panels and then I switched to HQST panels mono. Now I just use HQST poly panels without problems.
    I have noticed that the Renogy and the HQST panels performed the same for the last few years with same dimensions. I think that both panels are from the same manufacturer and they just put different labels on them.
    I test my panels individual with my voltmeter having them disconnected from the solar system to get an accurate assessment.

  8. Any chance you have an extra panel you've reviewed that's 100 watt with a mp4 adapter for the 300 watt Golabs. I'll pay you for it. Was looking for a fold up. Just looking for something to continue my experiments with my grandchildren with solar until I can afford the panel I actually really want. If this is inappropriate, I apologize.

  9. Is there any update on this information? I have 3.5KW of Solar PV on my roof and want to install more panels in my back garden with a battery to get off grid.

  10. Great comparison, I would be tempted go with a larger panel produces more power, aside from the mounting holes on the HQST.

  11. freaking awesome I hope this video is a great 1 because I'm already giving you a TU! Dont disappoint me I haven't the time, I need to get solAr ASAP on my roof & what about rICH cigs flexible foldable 80 watt panels no drilling ..ANYONE?

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