Top 7 Mistakes Newbies Make Going Solar – Avoid These For Effective Power Harvesting From The Sun

People make these 7 mistakes over and over again when they decide to buy their first solar panel system. Learn from the thousands of people I have interacted with over the years and my own painful experiences learning the hard way. #top7solarmistakes #solarmistakes #solarpower

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  1. FAQ:

    Q: Refrigerators do not run 24×7, moron!
    A: Yes, I know that. But they CAN run at any point around the clock and that is the point. Because they run on and off all day they will obviously require power during times when the solar panel system is not producing energy and will thus require battery power storage. And batteries are not included with most beginner solar kits that people start with, such as the Harbor Freight 100W kit.

    Q: Refrigerators don't use 600W, moron!
    A: Not continuously, no. But they can use much higher than that for a split second when the compressor motor kicks on. So a small fridge that only requires 100W when it is running may require 600-1000W to start up and that load may be inductive, which further complicates the requirements on the inverter.

    Q: Why can't I just look at a power bill for my energy consumption needs?
    A: Because most power bills do not give enough information to accurately design a solar panel system that can completely offset your energy demand and give you energy independence so you are not beholden to the power company or if you want to go off grid.

    Q: I don't care about going off grid or energy independence. I only want a net zero power bill! So my power bill is enough.
    A: That will work perfectly fine… if you account for the net metering purchase and selling rates AND those rates never change. And that isn't going to happen. Public utilities have proven for many years now that they are less and less willing to pay much for excess solar power in cogeneration relationships and they are in complete, unilateral control over that net metering relationship and can change your rates at any time. But in order to properly do the math, which will be complicated, to achieve a $0 net bill for the year you HAVE to know your energy consumption rates at different times of day. And that information is not available on most power bills. Thus, you will need a device that can data log your real world usage for a period of time so you can accurately forecast.

  2. Hello i have a question. How do i calculate size of an inverter when i know what kinds of stuff i will use. Here is my problem, we swapped nearly ALL electrical devices to decrease power usage. It now looks fine, right now my home is not consuming more than 200w, no way (7W light bublbs, few devices on stby, 30W for TV, 50W for pc, 70W for fridge). The problem is, big devices like water heater, or hair dryer, electric owen, washing mashine. Like if i run them all at once, should i consider going all devices at max power for inverter? Because as you know im sure, here is example; washing mashine is chilling on 40W, but like 4 minutes she is going 2000W (when heating water).

    Should i calculate then total peak power and go with that inverter? That looks i will need 10kW, but in reality i will use that only let's say 1% time of inverter's life.
    We have only 2MV power usage during the year, but those peaks are a nightmare.

  3. STAY AWAY, these panels are a giant waste of money, Remember buying solar panels, electric cars, are just foolish electric cars & solar panels are NOT going to change the weather, You would have to have the mind of a 4yr old child that believes in almost anything is true Santa, tooth fairy, The Easter bunny, But grown adults should be able to tell truth from fiction. It seems Liberal Democrats just do not get it. Liberals are the children of our Nation!

  4. Our living quarters are attached to my shop. In my shop I have a electric forklift that may get used a half hour a month. It is a 36 volt battery/ 640 AH. I was thinking of getting a 36 volt inverter and utilizing this battery for subsidizing power in lieu of the power company. I’d love your thoughts, or comments from your other subscribers.

  5. Ahhh, …. Sun hours! Didnt know that one. Very good.
    I plan solar PRIOR to cutting back my usage. This way I will have enough, and more than I need after cutting back. Plan for the future unknowns.
    Remember: Its better to have and not need, than to need and not have. 🙂

  6. Nope I still haven’t a clue what I need. I want a solar generator with batteries and solar panels that I can put in my yard. I want to be able to connect the panels to the generator to run my freezer and a fan or small space heater. I don’t know what I need or who to buy from

  7. solar is a good idea but i live in the uk so during winter there not much sunlight
    Energy2green – Wind And Solar Power System – *#1 Home Energy Program @t

  8. I find a good rule of thumb is 50% off your panel capacity. IF you have 1000 wats of panels, expect 500 watts of avail power at your outlets at PEAK SUN during the day.

  9. #5 is by far the most important and common mistake. If you are reading: shadowing can be really bad, even on small areas of the whole installation (like you know, chimines, antennas, ..gotta be careful!).

  10. i got estimate for grid tie 3 KWh solar panel system priced at $12,443 before 26% federal tax credit. I live in Ohio. What do you think, is this deal good or bad?

  11. Hi, I have 4 us 6volt golf cart batts and a 325 watt solar panel, a 1000watt renegy inverter and a 30 amp epever mppv charge controller…it's a week old..i run a 32 inch led TV and a bell receiver and a led bulb at night.. when the batts are fully charged, I can't get more than 2 hours out of them .when it says 12.4 on the chargr controllel I shut it off..why can't I get longer out of the batts…thanks..

  12. Thanks for sharing this information….it's very useful. I have a question, can you charge a single 12v battery with a 300w solar panel with a voltage rating of 36v?

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