TOTAL COST Of Our 13kw SOLAR POWER SYSTEM | Powering A Modern Home With Solar

Today we are going over the full cost break down of our solar power system and the time it will take to recoup our investment costs. If you are interested in the build of our system you can find numerous videos documenting the entire solar power system build in this playlist:

Feel free to join us live at this Friday (March 5th) at 6pm EST to ask us any questions you may have.

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We are a couple who are building our own home from the ground up in the mountains of West Virginia. After living near the city our entire lives we finally decided to sell it all, pack up our 3 kids and live in an RV on our 73 acres while building our own debt free, off-grid house and learning to live a more self-reliant life.
Our house build is documented entirely on our main channel “Wild Wonderful Off-Grid” and our family life vlogs can be found on our secondary channel “Wild Wonderful After Show”