UK solar panel installation upgrade using Solaredge inverters – Smart Energy Pt 1

The solar PV installation market in the UK has matured. We visit a UK solar inverter upgrade project, by electrician Sam Featherstone of Oval Renewables, which is using Solaredge inverter technology. We find out how Solar edge can be used to increase the electricity generation from solar panels and monitor performance.

Solaredge inverters can minimise the problems associated with panel shading and faulty panels. They also allow end-users and electricians to remotely monitor solar pv system performance.

We also discuss the electrical installation aspects including isolation, series wiring of solar panels and installed Kw ratings. Installation to BS7671.

See the next video discussing how the solar panels are linked to a Sonnen battery storage system.

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  1. Considering how unpleasantly hot a loft gets I wonder how long the inverter will last up there
    Surely a loft is not a sensible location for kit like this if it is to last a reasonable amount of time?

  2. Hello morning. If I want to do course for solar system installation. Can you please suggest me some course provider other than some college please… thank you

  3. Great video we installed solar for the first 3 years but then gave it up when Fitt was not very good I am interested in the battery set up and this one seems a good set up.Can I ask being grid tied do u need to tell supply authority u have added a battery or not as I have heard people say the supply authority have said no you can't add a battery to that system ?

  4. Just got my first quote back for an 8.9KWp system to be installed on my house in Aberdeenshire. 320W JA Solar Panels, 10KW SolarEdge inverter / optimisers, GSE “in-roof” mounting kit. Once I get written confirmation from building standards that I don’t need a building warrant, then I’m good to go ahead with a purchase order!

    Just need to adjust the quote to get a hot water immersion heater controller included – that’s energy storage worth maybe 4KWh per occupant.

    Overall though, I’m looking at a 13year payback without an EV in the equation. Once I get an electric car however, the payback gets even shorter. The futures definitely electrical!

  5. Cheers for this, I have been researching "which renewable energy source is the cheapest?" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Senarper Salient Secret – (should be on google have a look ) ? It is a good one of a kind product for discovering how to have free power in your home minus the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got amazing results with it.

  6. great video, my system cut off while away for 12 months now my batteries will not charge, cannot find any company to check and reset my inverter

  7. When I had my array installed about 8 years ago I was limited by FIT conditions to 4kw max panels and 3.6kw inverter. Have the rules changed to allow more panels as this example on 5.7kw or does the owner not get FIT payments? Cheers. P.S. just recently found the efixx channel having enjoyed GSH for a while. Enjoying both channels guys, keep up the good work. 👍

  8. was there a gateway connecting the inverter so the customer can monitor the each panel energy production or it was hard wired?

  9. What is the point to waste so much money just to reduce the fraction of your whole energy consumption(electricity), just for a fraction of this summ you can do:

    1) use solar panels as summer sun windows shield, it will reduce overheating(AC use)

    2) connect solar panels directly into a heating element of the boiler, boiler with 200 liters of the how water is 14 kwh($150) = 1 tesla power wall($3000)(and dead in 15 years) and you don't need any $6k invertors/controllecs for that

    3) buy a washing machine/dishwasher with a hot water feed and actually get cheap electricity from it,(80% of washing machine/dishwasher power use is heating)

    4) insulate ceiling for additional 200mm of the insulation and install heat recovery ventilation(it alone will provide x3 more saving than a chemical battery for your TV and gaming PC

    5) renovate your electronics and refregerator for A+++ class

    6) buy a good road bicycle for a work/study commute, it is more about your health than about driving costs, doctors does not have cheap cure for a chronical health problems

    So, for the same money you can reduce 30-50% of your whole energy spending instead of the 2-7% for the electricity, yeah, let's buy a lot of chemicals just to run the old tools in a poorly insulated houses!

  10. Thank you and greetings from Algeria. I have a question please regarding protections against high voltage and short circuit? Iam wondering why the installation does not have a fuse for the DC part and a surge arrestor?

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