Vegas' Heliostat: The Solar Panels That Power Casinos | How Cities Work | Spark

Electronic billboards, data storage and even mobile phones are all pushing up demands for electricity in our cities now an army of engineers is trying to wean these cities of energy produced from fossil fuels.

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  1. Hey nice fella, you didn't tell us were we could find the salt that's only found in a few places in the world that use for the power. We need to know 🧐😂😏

  2. These things are awful. I live in Las Vegas and I drive past these every time I drive Interstate 15. I read several articles that says looking at these can cause eye damage so people driving on the freeway have to be careful and turn their eyes away from looking at it. Another article says about 28,000 birds get vaporized every year by accidentally flying into the path of the light rays. Pilots don't like it because of the possibility of eye damage. You can look this up by searching for BrightSource Glare Hazard. BrightSource is the name of the company that built these.

  3. Drove by this location a few weeks ago while on a trip. There were three towers lit up very bright. Nice work!!!

  4. I wish all the countries take advantage of natural resources like sun, wind, water, geo, so get rid of pollution.

  5. Why not have the turbine on top of the Tower so you dont have to pump in and pump out the salt,with this ur not losing the heat and you will have double more heat for the turbine

  6. Instead of using thousands of mirror, why dont just they build a giant magnifying glass to heat up that tower/water to generate stim.

  7. Hey greenies. Demand for electricity is being pushed by indoor grow operations. 5% of electricity is for growing marijuana. Just think of the demographic of pot smokers. They are now world class hypocrites.

  8. This is a game changer of everything we need this in philippines to stop depending on bullshit oil market. They make our world hunger because of this assholes tried to control wealth. Now u will see ur end..

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