Volvo Lithium Battery Tear Down for use in Off Grid Solar Power

We are tearing down a giant lithium battery that came out of a Volvo car. This came out of an EV (electric vehicle) or a hybrid vehicle. It’s a very impressive piece of engineering. Ben is using this battery to power his house with solar panels and a Sol-Ark 12K inverter. The modules work well with his 48v system, however, because the cells are 16s, they have a little higher nominal voltage.

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Video Links:

Bens Sol-Ark 12K inverter:

Bens Battery Bank:

Video describing cell arrangement (16s, 14s, etc.) in more detail:

Link to Bens Channel:

To purchase similar batteries, go to Use discount code DAVIDPOZ for 5% off your order. This code is also an affiliate code, so it helps out this channel. Thank you.


  1. I'm a owner of xc90 t8 (2021 early model). I'm just wondering if 11.6kwh battery can be replaced 18.8kwh battery physically. As I heard, new xc90 recharge t8 (MY2022) has 18.8kwh battery inside. I want to upgrade if possible.

  2. Good afternoon. Is it possible to replace the volvo xc60 battery with the volvo xc90 battery??? since the battery has a larger capacity ???

  3. They didn't die!
    Aren't car manufacturers preventing third party repair because you'll die when you touch the battery pack?

    Surely they aren't lying?

  4. I’m glad to see someone using these batteries in a different way. You both are much smarter than me so I’d have to pay someone to set it up for me and that would probably run the cost way up. Good job guys..

  5. Def not user repairable and that is what it is all about ,electric cars wont be around for long

  6. Uhm yeah, about touching those two large power connectors at the front of the battery (same side as coolant pipes), you don't want to do that without running any diagnostics and isolation measurements first because the pack CAN be defective and the contactors could be closed by welding or other damage. That means you could get shocked by 400V and a loooooot of energy. Beware.

    If I remember correct theres 16 cells in each module totalling 96 individual cells in this pack. You can take them all apart by unscrewing the bolts that runs through them. It means you need to break apart the interconnect board that each pouch is welded to. The board connects the CVTN that monitors each cell. Fun fact each cell is allowed to diff 11mV, otherwise its deemed defective. A coolant leak would be evident by the green/blue coolant being everywhere, it crystallizes when it dries up. Usually it's easy to repair and replace. But these packs rarely leak. The moisture you see is condensation because the pack was opened. There's a rubber seal between the lid and the bottom.

  7. The superior chemistry of Lithium Iron Phosphate should have been deployed by Volvo. Or Lithium Titanate which is in use in CCP land.

  8. Wow $132/kWh… Now I'm torn I was about to look at some SBS 190F industrial pure lead AGM batteries for $100 per 1.1kWh roughly (190AH)

    Any advice from anyone why one battery technology would be better for solar energy storage?

  9. Hi
    Pleas advice if we can upgrade prius nimh hybrid battery to lithum ion from ford fusion???

  10. Hi David!
    Watching your nice channel from the Netherlands for a few month now.
    Always fun to see how things are done!

    Okay, then this job.
    OMG, I almost turned around.
    I'm an electrician and when I saw this…
    Promise me something after looking this video about the deepdive of high voltage car batteries from Professor Kelly!

    Normally I would agree one and a half hour is way too long to stay interested and focused, but even I have to admit, his videos are damn interesting!

    Let me know David!!

  11. Let me correct you on the layers of copper plate in bus bar that is for current flow not for vibration.
    If you increase surface area of a conductor current also increase because of electron increase on surface of conductor more the free ectron more the current flow.

  12. With all those water connection failure points, I can see why it may have leaked. The cooling is not elegantly simple. I like the Bolt battery cooling system much better.

  13. heya oh yeah 1 more trear down of a big battery I love to see it. I would love to do it also my self but still don't know how to get me 1 greatings from the other side of the pound

  14. Do you think a cars alternator would charge a u charge valence battery from battery hookup?It doesn't have to be a full charge but enough to run an inverter for some camp lights/shower pump?Or would it be better to use a pwm controller and a 80watt panel?Those are my options and the stuff I have other than the battery.Im trying to go as small as possible on my camp stuff but need an additional light weight cheap alternative for my power needs other than lead acid I carry on my truck rig.we are going to be using a small car for kayaking trips rather than my big truck we use for hunting trips.Any ideas/thoughts are greatly appreciated.thanks

  15. Save the contact relay they probably have arc suppression inside they might even be solid state switching 🙂 Toshiba maybe Siemens or a vacuum mechanical relay nice for batteries in a basement have fun 👍 🤔

  16. Better check your Daly BMS units to be sure they will balance at less than 4.1v per cell. Most BMS's balance at the high end of the charge.

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